Astonlee Veterinary Hospital

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Newport Pagnell
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  • Small Animal Veterinary Hospital.
  • Excellent facilities.
  • 96% success rate in Dog Cruciate Surgey.
  • 24 hour service at our own premises with our own team.

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Clinic reviews

5 Stars - 19-10-2016 - Brenda

Last year my 14.5 year old dog was having trouble walking and occasionally fell over. I took him to Astonlee where we have been clients for many years, it was suggested we try laser treatment on the dogs back and hind legs as it is non invasive and would not have any possible side effects of drug treatment. We decided to go ahead with the laser treatment and were amazed at the results, there was immediate improvement on the dogs mobility after the first treatment, it continued to improve with each subsequent treatment and now just over a year later he only requires a top up treatment every four to five weeks and has a good quality of life at age 15.5 yrs. as expected of a dog of this age he also has other health problems that are being successfully treated and are under control. I can highly recommend laser treatment for any animal it would be suitable for, and commend Astonlee for embracing new treatments. I have in total 7 animals registered with Astonlee and have always found every member of staff, receptionist, nurses and vets, helpful and friendly, whether it is for a routine vaccination or an emergency situation, like the one I had last year with another dog who developed a possibly life threatening hernia, he was operated on by Paul immediately and as the dog is a chihuahua it was a delicate procedure, the dog made a full recovery thanks to Paul's impressive surgical skill. I have no hesitation in recommending this practice.

1.4 Stars - 13-09-2016 - Jayne

5 Stars - 24-05-2016 - Rose

I have a Syberian Huskie who's over weight at 46kilos, who damaged his cruciate ligament, after contacting Paul he was brilliant he talked us through what he was going to do and how long it would take, l did not think my dog would be the same after this, but what a difference in Repairing his leg and Not having to cut his bones which is what we was told by other vets. My dog is now 100% his old self that is all thanks to the staff and vets. Also l would like to mention l did have my dog insured and yes they paid the bill, however l recently got a renewal notice and find that l was going to pay the price for claiming as it had doubled, so l went to astonlee's and asked for details on there own insurance and amazed l was going to be saving at least £20.00 per month, so please contact them they are there for your pets and you not just after your money.

4.8 Stars - 05-04-2016 - Julia

The surgery offered at Astonlee was half the price of the bone sawing/metal implant offered by my own vet (and without the risks involved if it went wrong). I decided for myself to go to Astonlee because I couldn't bear the thought of the TPLO surgery. Its 18 months since the op and my dog is brilliant - took a bit of time for the limp to completely disappear but now back to normal with no bones sawed and no metal implants!

5 Stars - 25-12-2015 - Miss Frank

The most worthy 80 miles I have driven. We found astonlee when looking for a veterinary surgeon on the Internet, and I am so pleased we did. We looked at several types of surgery and this option was by far the best for all involved. The other choice included sawing the dogs bone and adding metal pins and double the recovery time. And this left the dog without a working knee! As I type this my 44 kilo American bulldog is asleep and healing well, 3 days after surgery with vet Paul, he is toe touching and able to get outside. I would recommend this veterinary hospital and procedure to anyone with a dog who has a cruciate rupture. They are very concise, informative, caring and helpful and best of all my dog is getting better and better!

5 Stars - 15-11-2015 - Mrs Hermon

My husband and I have been taking our cats to this practice for over 20 years and have always been pleased with the care and attention our cats have received whether just for routine vaccinations or out of hours emergencies (which we have had a few over the years). Highly recommend this practice and really pleased they have the International Cat Care Gold Standard as a Cat friendly clinic.

5 Stars - 09-11-2015 - evagrey

I've got to say during a very worrying time with my beloved dog, Tinkerbell',I can say we are both being treated with sensitivity. Tinkerbell is a very small King Charles who was a bit over weight. During the course of a few weeks she lost over half her body weight. She needed the toilet after every meal it was soft and yellow and she was always hungry. She has had many tests and treatments which has shown no fault and had no affect. However the senior vet has not given up and thanks to his vast experience has put her on steroids (as he has said he has seen this in the past with her breed and has had some good results with this method). So far, toilet still the same but not so often and Tink is slowly putting weight back on. So due to the vast and combined experience Astonlee have I 100% recommend them.

1 Stars - 07-11-2015 - IBE

Took my perfectly healthy dog as it was distressed by fireworks, the socalled vet on duty assured me they will be looking after her and to return in the morning only to be called a few hours later and be told that she died (they say it must be an underlying condition !) been taking my dogs there for several years but the practice has grown and became just a commercial operation. very efficient with billing but nothing else. They charged me £280 for letting my dog die. the vet on duty in off houurs must be a trainee vet ! no sour grapes here I must have spent tens of thousands of pounds over the years with this vet. I suggest if its out of hours do not take your pet there it's dangerous .

Vet Response

We sympathise with the loss of such a beloved pet and are dealing with this in private. However, it might be helpful to say a few words so that everyone can learn something from this sad experience. Fireworks can cause severe stress. Whilst it is extremely rare for a dog to die from events triggered by fireworks it is possible. It is not always possible to save a dog from acute illness, but we continue to believe in maintaining our own out of hours services for events like this which require our help, and we are genuinely the only practice in the area which continues to do this with our own staff at our own premises, and this means that our clients know where to come in that night time emergency and we have the clinical records which can be very important particularly with older dogs. We are an RCVS approved Veterinary Hospital, and have a member of our own team on the premises the whole time to provide care for our patients. It is not always possible to know of an underlying condition that may threaten the life of a dog even if extensive investigations are carried out before the event. However, we do offer a senior health check with extensive blood tests for dogs and cats which are 'apparently well' for just £63 to try to discover underlying conditions (price correct at November 2015). We are quite a big practice having grown from small beginnings, but I like to think we still have a big heart. Having the ability to attend your own vet practice out of hours is a passion we at Astonlee have chosen not to abandon, and we know just how important that can be not only for the patients who are the 'big success stories having saved their lives in dramatic circumstances', but also for those situations when sadly we cannot save the life we care about. Being there for you is an important part of what we do for you and your pets.

5 Stars - 06-11-2015 - Jo Naylor

I'm an out of area client for Astonlee but came to them for specialist surgery for my rottweiler. I cannot be more pleased with the outcome of her surgery. Yes, its been a fraught time but if you adhere strictly to the aftercare then there is light at the end of the tunnel! I was drawn to the surgery that Dr Paul Manning offers as I felt it was less invasive (no foreign materials used) and more natural. So far we are almost at the end of our three month period and already doing 30-40 minute walks everything is done on lead at the moment but she has coped well. One very satisfied owner. Thank you.

1 Stars - 03-08-2015 - tracy