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Every Vets4Pets veterinary surgery is equipped with the latest in technology, which means we can offer your pets the personalised care they need.  At Vets4Pets our aim is to treat every pet we see like we would our own, but don’t take our word for it, come along and ask for a practice tour to see for yourself.   


Pet Health Plan

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Opening times

Day Opens Closes
Monday 8:30 am 7:00 pm
Tuesday 8:30 am 7:00 pm
Wednesday 8:30 am 7:00 pm
Thursday 8:30 am 7:00 pm
Friday 8:30 am 7:00 pm
Saturday 8:00 am 2:00 pm
Sunday Closed Closed

Clinic reviews

5 Stars - 17-01-2017 - Becky

We came when our pup Denny was 8 weeks old he had his first lot of needles and was in quite a bad way if it wasn't for the staff here at vets4pets and recognising his symptoms God knows what would of happened to him there amazing people alway at the end of the phone for advice and our two newbies cleo and Luna will be in for there needles asap

5 Stars - 16-01-2017 - Diane

Couldn't of asked for better......Thankyou....Sasha a 12 year old Rottweiler laid to peace at home with her family :)

5 Stars - 03-01-2017 - Doreen

I recently had to make the heart breaking decision to have my senior dog but to sleep, they fit me in the same day that I rang for a appointment and could not have been more kind or caring both to me and to my dog , so I would just like to say a big thank you for helping me through this awful time.

2.4 Stars - 22-11-2016 - Shelley

I brought my chinese hamster (Martin) in to have his teeth trimmed as they don't wear down on their own. I have previously taken him to the Vets4Pets in Birmingham so expected the service to be the same here. Not only did the vet seem reluctant to even do anything to Martin as he is very old, he tried to charge me more than £50 for a 5 minute procedure! (Martin is very well behaved, he doesn't bite and he is very compliant when being treated at the vets, I have had countless comments on what a 'lovely little chap' he is.) I paid no more than £30 in Birmingham, usually around £22. Martin needs to have his teeth trimmed every 3 weeks, I can't afford to pay £50 every time and can't understand why the price is so different in two Vets4Pets surgeries so I will not be returning to Vets4Pets Preston. It has been 3 weeks since my visit and I have just taken Martin to a different vet where they charged me £20 for exactly the same consultation and procedure. I can't believe that Vets4Pets Preston tried to charge 2.5x the price of the other vet, the price is extortionate.

5 Stars - 03-11-2016 - Melissa

If it wasn't for the great team in vets for pets Moor Lane I wouldn't have my cat today. My cat fell very poorly early on this week and the staff was able to get my cat (Streisand) in as soon as possible and diagnosed so he can get better. The vet Lulu helped me come to terms with what had happened and what treatments/ diet and care my beloved cat would need. Dan, another vet was also lovely and was able to make light of the situation. The vet nurses was extremely kind and understanding of my concern for my cat. Everyone treated my cat with alot of respect and professionalism which must of really helped him recover. A big thanks to the whole team, and I feel fortunate to of been able to take my cat home later on in the week, so he can be nice and comfortable.

5 Stars - 04-08-2016 - lynn

My dog( Lucky) was rushed to the practice from another Vets 4 pets store following smoke inhalation due to a fire in our home, he was in acritical condition, the staff were fantastic with both my dog and my family, it could not have been easy for them as my family were obviously very distressed, they showed nothing but compassion towards us and the care they gave my dog was second to none. They kept us up to date at all times on his progress and we were allowed to visit him during the day, they gave us all the time we needed to be with him and their honesty with Lucky's progress was greatly appreciated. When the time came for us to make the decision to continue with his care or to put him at rest they exceeded in their understanding and comfort, we were allowed to be with him in his last seconds of life and for that I will be eternally grateful. I cannot thank all the staff enough for their care, dedication, compassion and commitment to my pet and family.

1 Stars - 11-02-2016 - Mr Watson or Wilson or whatever the vets call me

Starters during my complaints procedure the head vet could not even get my name correct. The summary of the story goes my Labrador had some lumps, we visited vets4pets on 3 occasions (I have the names of the vets but currently won't be shaming them). The very first visit we paid for the worlds worst advice from a vet. Rather than telling us this visit would go on his medical records, his lumps therefore would become pre-existing conditions and therefore not covered under future pet insurance so get them checked out now as your covered by your insurance. We were told I believe they are fatty lumps don't worry about them! Just keep a eye on them. 2 visits followed and the lumps got slightly larger and the vet then told us they would need checking out. Me being gullible think well we followed the vets advice we will be fine and covered. More fool me! Well the insurance won't pay out as its now a pre existing condition since the 1st visit. We really got value for money on that 1st consultstion. Any semi competent vet should have advised this would forever be on his records and no longer be covered so get it checked out now! So where are we now? Part way through a complaints procedure whilst my dog is possibly in pain with potentially cancerous lumps as we don't have the 7-8 hundred pounds to have these lumps biopsied and removed. Gutted we ever used them

Vet Response

All vets have a duty to record full case notes for their patients so that they can maintain appropriate continuity of care over the life of the animal. This is especially important where a client decides to move to another vet who will never have examined the patient previously and will rely on the notes for the clinical history. The choice of insurer is totally up to each individual pet owner and is not a decision where a vet would or indeed should offer advice. In this case the vet acted entirely properly and with sound clinical judgement. And as would be expected, their examination and professional advice were recorded correctly in the patient's notes.

4.8 Stars - 29-01-2016 - Sparkles

My little pooch Kylie has had her jabs,Booster, & Chip at this surgery and they made her feel very calm she was very scared at first but they calmed her down. She also attended a puppy party where she could interact with other young dogs and received a Puppy pack which she loved. I would recommend this surgery to anyone who lives in Preston unfortunately I dont live in Preston anymore so is unable to visit them anymore

5 Stars - 29-07-2015 - lynn

I would like to thank all the staff at Preston Vets4pets for all the love and care they gave to my little puppy Holly while she was having her operation all the staff are so friendly and caring I wouldn't think of going anywhere else so once again Thank you very much Kind Regards Lynn Salisbury

5 Stars - 17-06-2015 - Hugomartland

I can't express how much they treat my dog and me with so much respect, thank you so much for your patience and help with Hugo. I would never go anywhere else. Thank you. Xxx

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