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12 Brook Road
Rayleigh Weir


  • Great value vaccinations and neutering 
  • Affordable 24 hour emergency service
  • Car parking
  • Highly trained and caring staff
  • Permanently low prices


Opening times

Day Opens Closes
Monday 9:00 am 8:00 pm
Tuesday 9:00 am 8:00 pm
Wednesday 9:00 am 8:00 pm
Thursday 9:00 am 8:00 pm
Friday 9:00 am 8:00 pm
Saturday 9:00 am 4:00 pm
Sunday 10:00 am 2:00 pm

Outside these hours we run our own 24hr emergency service.

Clinic reviews

5 Stars - 08-05-2017 - Emma dumont

The Easter weekend my poor old dog was poorly. Had great advice although it wasn't good news. They was there explained everything made me comfortable and trusted the vet and her honest opinion. Let me stay with my baby until the end. Very dignified and caring. Cannot thank them enough for being there for me and my family. We now have a rescue dog I've just registered with your vets as 100%have faith in these guys Thank you for everything. X

5 Stars - 02-03-2017 - Tina

Have just been to have all of my nine rabbits vaccinated and would recommend your vets to everyone. Really wonderful staff.

4.8 Stars - 27-02-2017 - Garry

I can't praise the night staff on Friday night enough Our 13 year old greyhound suffered a stroke late Friday night and we rushed her to Raleigh and the compassion and professional of the vet was second to none at our very sad time We were allowance time to say our goodbyes .It really was a very stressful time that was made that much better by a very good compasanate vet ,Due to the situation we never found out her name but would like to thank her for the bottom of our hearts for being a true proffession

3.4 Stars - 09-12-2016 - Judy

Happy with the treatment that my dog received so far Insurance wise is awful. In 2 separate transactions I have spent over £500 yet the vets refuse to go through the insurance for the money forcing the owners to fork out all of this money. Not happy and definitely will not be returning after check up

Vet Response

We are sorry to hear that you feel unhappy with this aspect of our service. Unfortunately, due to ever-increasing unpaid vet bills we have to be strict with regards to our direct claims policy. We do not state that we cannot do direct claims or guarantee that we will do them. There is a protocol for direct claims in place that all staff have to follow. If this cannot be fulfilled then we do not claim directly. All insurance policies are between the pet owner and the insurers. As a veterinary clinic, we have no say in whether your claims are justified or not, as we are not aware of your terms and conditions of your policy. Therefore, as a business, we do not want to take unnecessary risks. We are pleased that you are happy with the level of care and services that you have received for your pet and should you wish to discuss anything further please email us on the following address:

2.2 Stars - 25-11-2016 - Hayley

I had been with this vet for nearly 4 years. One of my cats needed a major operation due to a blocked bladder. The whole team, especially the nurses, were totally amazing and supportive, caring beyond belief. A couple of years later my cat was very poorly again. Taking him back to the vets it was clear I was seen by a young newly qualified vet who was only interested in making money. My cat was diagnosed with diabetes which was very worrying and stressful for me let alone my pet. The young vet informed me that cats could cure themselves with a strict and controlled diet and the right dose of insulin. When I asked for more information about this a week later he informed me "oh I only told you that to get your hopes up". STRIKE 1. After many tests costing a pretty penny I was told blood tests would be needed every 2 weeks at a cost of £80 and involve leaving my cat at the center for the whole day. When I questioned the fact that I could not afford this I was told that this was not actually necessary every 2 weeks and could be done every 6-8 weeks. STRIKE 2. On 3 separate occasions after visiting the vets, where I never left without settling the whole bill, I was informed of outstanding fees due from me. When asked for further information I was told, on all 3 occasions, that they had made a mistake and my account was actually clear. STRIKE 3. Whilst I understand YourVets is a business and all businesses need to make money, I believe they were more interested in how much they could get out of a pet owner than the actual well being of the pet. Such a shame when my previous experience was so positive and all the staff were amazing. I subsequently changed vets, was informed my cat would not need a day stay every other week for a blood test, blood tests would be needed every 3-4 weeks at a cost of £13.49!! Shame on this company!!

Vet Response

We are extremely sorry to hear that you are unhappy with the service and treatment provided to your pet by the YourVets team. We take all complaints very seriously and would request that you place your concerns in writing addressed to the clinic either via letter or email. We would be happy to address all your points once we have all information from you to enable us to do so. We look forward to hearing from you. Michelle, Yourvets Rayleigh Clinical Director

5 Stars - 21-11-2016 - hayley

i have been with your vet for two years now, and after dealing with many money grabbing and uncaring vets, i can honestly say this is by far the best vet in the area. When taking her in for her injections, they take the time to to give her a check up, and you can tell the staff generally love animals. Not only this they never try to make you spend money you don't need to, which is a rarity in the vet business. I've called them twice for my dog regarding minor health problems, and they've given me such good advice and put my mind at ease when other vets have told me to come in to get her seen. I just want to say a special thank you to laura who was working the emergency shift on sunday the 20th, really professional, friendly and caring

5 Stars - 22-10-2016 - Claire

I do not normally write reviews, however one particular member of staff at Rayleigh went above and beyond in my opinion on 17th October 2016 to help me and my dog. After a big confusion over a Pet Passport and details subsequently found out to be incorrectly filled in by another vet practice, which caused me great upset, a vet Ashley Sinnett from Your Vets saved the day and contacted many people on my behalf and looked up information online too, to resolve the incorrectly filled in Pet Passport for the Rabies vaccine. I am now able to go on holiday with my dog on time, a big thanks to Ashley :0)

4.8 Stars - 29-09-2016 - James

Your Vets Rayleigh were caring for my Springer Spaniel since we got him in 2010. In 2015 he was diagnosed with Kidney failure, given 4 months to live. sorry nothing we can do. But after I pushed one of the Vets, Tomas, had an idea of a treatment that would keep him going. After this Tomas gave him an injection of EPO every fortnight to keep his Red Blood cells up. This gave us and him another 12 Months that we didnt think we would have. Sadly he recently lost his battle. With out the care and attention of Tomas and his team at Rayleigh we would have given up a year ago. Thanks Tomas.

5 Stars - 15-09-2016 - Nick Payne

I have been meaning to write a review for the last few weeks. Its in relation to a visit to discuss my mothers dog Lola who is like a family pet. Lola was suffering with back condition and Tayla recommended a vet at your company. Following that discussion we were recommended to Dick White where we then met with a top specialist Gunio. He not only operated successfully on Lola but had empathy as well as the skills to make our little baby well again. Please pass our thanks to Tayla as without her advice we may not have had such a wonderful outcome. I would highly recommend your practise to anyone that needs professional service and conducted in such a caring way as Tayla showed. Kind regards and best wishes. Nick Payne.

5 Stars - 12-09-2016 - Terri

I travel 40 miles to use this vets as I know I can trust their opinions and know my dogs are going to receive the best treatment. Their prices are always transparent and certainly not a rip off like some of the vets more local to me (Mersea Island). The staff are very professional but also friendly to humans as well as their animals. I just wish they could open a branch just a little bit closer! :-)

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