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West Midlands
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  • Great value vaccinations and neutering 
  • Affordable 24 hour emergency service
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  • Highly trained and caring staff
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Opening times

Day Opens Closes
Monday 10:00 am 8:00 pm
Tuesday 10:00 am 8:00 pm
Wednesday 10:00 am 8:00 pm
Thursday 10:00 am 8:00 pm
Friday 10:00 am 8:00 pm
Saturday 9:00 am 4:00 pm
Sunday Closed Closed

Outside these hours we offer our own 24hr emergency service in Coventry

Clinic reviews

4.6 Stars - 25-06-2017 - Dave

My last visit there, we had to have Laursen put to sleep. We knew it was coming and was dreading it. Thankfully he was still food orientated, he didn't suspect a thing whilst he was put under. Hardest and most heart breaking thing I've ever had to do, but thankfully the ladies were great and we was able to spend time with him afterwards and was shown a back door to exit. Personally, I didn't like the card that we had received a week later. If it had been a lot sooner, then it would have been better, but not 8 days later. We had just finished grieving and the card had me in tears again.

5 Stars - 05-06-2017 - Worthy

I had to make the distressing decision to part with my treasured dog. I couldn't see her suffer any longer. I dreaded taking her to the vets. When my son and I arrived at the Your Vets we couldn't have been dealt with in any better way. The receptionist Leigh was so compassionate taking us directly to a private room to avoid waiting in reception. The vet Victoria Goodman came to us and was really professional but very understanding of our distress. She was genuinely concerned for our welfare and that of the dog. After the decision was made she made the process easier by explaining fully. She actually said "tell me when you feel ready, no hurry I have all night". I know vets are busy but these words were very comforting to my son and myself. She then said. "you can stay with your lovely dog as long as to wish to say goodbye". Meanwhile the receptionist Leigh arranged our payment etc. without us having to leave the room. For privacy we were taken out through a private door to avoid walking through reception/ other customers. In my time I have had to say goodbye to numerous pets but I have never been treated and cared for in the way Your Vets treated me. I cannot recommend them more highly. Thank you for this excellent service.

4.8 Stars - 03-06-2017 - Ben

Today,was one the hardest of my life saying goodbye to my darling Westie of 13 years. When she first became ill, you handled her and us with grace, professionalism and sincere empathy for her troubles. Today, we said goodbye. You were so gentle and kind and made sending my little girl to heaven as easy as possible. I go home to a 17 year old Lhasa apso who may struggle without his best friend but I know we can call on you with whatever we need. Thank you for being so kind and considerate. What a wonderful practice Wythall is!

5 Stars - 30-05-2017 - Yvonne

Visited this morning with my dog as emergency, seen promptly by Victoria who did a thorough check of Micha, treating him with friendliness and respect. Took thorough history, explained what she thought was wrong and prescribed appropriate medication, offering advice and a plan for future treatments. A very satisfying visit and consult for both Micha and myself. Thank you.

5 Stars - 15-03-2017 - Julie

We sadly had to say goodbye to our choc lab on the 3rd of march, although we had expected it to happen sooner than later it was still a difficult decision to make. The vet (Sarah) I think went through all the options possible but quality of life wouldn't get any better so at the grand age of 12 we said goodbye. The care she and other vets over the last few months of treatment was wonderful , she gave us plenty of time to say goodbye and we was by his side as he left for rainbow bridge. We collected his ashes yesterday so have some comfort again. Thank you again from all the family x

5 Stars - 24-02-2017 - Neil Martin

Thank you once again for showing your compassion today. Having just said goodbye by to our white boxer Kia, she was 10 years young. Having lost Cooper our other White boxer only 2 months once again showed what a kind and caring bunch of people you. Thank You from all our family.

5 Stars - 05-02-2017 - Alfies' s owner

Sadly We had to make the decision to allow my beloved cocker spaniel Alfie to go to sleep. He had reached the grand old age of 16 and was starting to struggle with his joints and was falling and was incontinent. It took a long time for us to come to this decision and we had supported him in growing old . When he appeared like he was not enjoying life any more we realised this was our duty to let him go in peace and with dignity. We h ad pre booked the appointment with the very friendly professional staff and explained the situation. We did this so we could spend a final week with Alfie cuddling him and letting him know just how loved he was. On the day of the appointment Fri 3.1.17 we informed staff we were here but due to the level of my distress we were allowed to sit in the car to give Alf his finall cuddles and to spent quiet time without getting him stressed amongst other animals in the waiting room. We were called from the car and went through a side entrance for privacy. The vet who greeted us was so kind and compasssionate . She asked for Alfie's background and events that led us to make our decision. She was calm and professional and explained what would happen and she was lovely with Alfie and accepted our decision and agreed that his quality of life was now very limited and difficult. Alfie remained calm and seemed happy his tail kept wagging even when the put in the cannula. We weren't rushed at all and the vet continued to explain exactly what would happen. Alfie fell asleep cuddled in my arms surrounded by the people he loved the most, I am sure he was happy and was not scared by what was happening as it was so calm and gentle. We were then allowed time on our own with him to say our goodbyes. RIP Alfie. I want to thank the staff for their support and professionalism and the lovely way in which they dealt with our beloved dog they made a very difficult situation much more bearable and I could not wish for a more peaceful gignified end for Alfie. Thank you all so much.

5 Stars - 10-01-2017 - Niki

Excellent service from CĂ©sar today. Explained our options and gave us clear, professional advice on what to do next with our puppy. Could not recommend highly enough! Thank you so much.

5 Stars - 07-01-2017 - Lou

My son's hamster had Cushing's and it was time for her to be put to sleep. The receptionist on the phone was very caring and said they would make a time for hamster to be seen, regardless of appointment availability. On arrival at the reception, the receptionist guessed who I was and arranged for me to wait in a private room. The vet nurse who then dealt with us was very professional and respectful. Once the procedure was finished she showed me out a side door (I was quite upset). I appreciated the caring, non-judgemental way I was treated by the staff at this emotional time. Thank you for allowing our much-loved pet to pass with dignity.

5 Stars - 06-01-2017 - pat& cliff

cannot thank you enough. for the fast biopsy results and immediate contact,on all phones & left messages. it put our minds at rest. thanks pat & cliff

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