Abington Park Veterinary Group @ 427 Wellingborough Road

427 Wellingborough Road


We are open 7 days a week, 8.30am to 10pm with no extra charges for weekend work. we run our own 24 hour emergency service using our own staff from our own surgery. We undertake all small animal work from vaccinations and neuterings to more complex procedures such as complex orthopaedic surgery, MRI and CT scanning. We undertake referrals in orthopaedic and soft tissue surgery, internal medicine, dermatology, endocrinology, cardiology. 

Pet Health Club

We encourage pet owners at all three of our practices the opportunity to join our Pet Health Club scheme. This is a great way to spread the cost of your pets routine veterinary care over the course of a year whilst cutting the cost of preventative treatment and enjoying discounts on some other services and products. Please click here for more information

Opening times

Day Opens Closes
Monday 8:30 am 10:00 pm
Tuesday 8:30 am 10:00 pm
Wednesday 8:30 am 10:00 pm
Thursday 8:30 am 10:00 pm
Friday 8:30 am 10:00 pm
Saturday 8:30 am 10:00 pm
Sunday 8:30 am 10:00 pm

Clinic reviews

2.4 Stars - 09-05-2018 - Stebbutt

5 Stars - 03-04-2018 - Ruth

The quality of service at Anington Park Vets is excellent. Nothing is too much trouble. My own very elderly cat has been helped through numerous life threatening conditions. In particular, Giuseppe, who has cared for Sisqo for over two years, has done more than could be expected to help my much loved pet. Giuseppe's complete professionalism and empathy deserve special mention.

1.4 Stars - 24-11-2017 - Debbie

4.8 Stars - 09-02-2017 - Vicky Barrett

Good service and friendly staff, I have been coming to this vets for many years now. Very impressed with Giuseppe,who has recently been seeing my dog,highly recommend! My dog is very special to me, I think he has gone over and above what I expected, fantastic.. grazie!

3 Stars - 22-12-2016 - Chesk

1.8 Stars - 30-11-2016 - Topmarx

2.2 Stars - 03-11-2016 - Stefanie v B

5 Stars - 27-04-2016 - Steve Montgomery

We have used the surgery for 16 years. Our cat recently injured his paw and required emergency surgery. As always the practice staff were very helpful and professional and I would highly recommend the practice.

5 Stars - 03-02-2016 - Sarah Richardson

Unfortunately, my beloved cat Murfi had to be put to sleep on Monday after a relatively short but aggressive illness. I would like to thank Guiseppe in the first instance for his empathy when he delivered the fateful news to me, just four weeks ago, that it was unlikely she would have long left. Secondly, I would like to thank Marta for her consideration when she visited my home to euthanase Murfi. I would also like to thank the nurse who accompanied Marta, and all the nurses who looked after Murfi when she came in for the initial tests in January. A big thanks to all http://www.vethelpdirect.com/reviews/submit.pngat Abington Park Vets!

3.2 Stars - 04-11-2015 - T

On the 11th October 2015 our family dog Bailey became ill with sickness. We took him to the vets as soon as they opened. Bailey was given a range of injections to stop illness and any pain and came home. By 12 that day he was not able to walk,crying and looked in pain so we rushed him back. We got told to call 10am the next day on the Monday. We called but got told Bailey needed an ultra sound and more test were needed but the vet was in consultation and would call us back. I fully understand this. However, we heard nothing and after 4 more calls throughout the day and being told the Same thing. Noone called us back to inform us why our dog had to have ultra sounds etc so we were fearing the worst all night. The next day my husband went up to the vets and the vet informed us that no one had passed any messages on!! Since then forms for insurance were not sent but we were told they had been by the receptionist. I got a call to say they had been misplaced. My concern is the lack of communication between department's and disregard for the stress it caused and is causing. We will be seeking alternative veterinary care.This is the second time this type of service has occurred.

Vet Response

Thank you for your review, we take all our comments seriously, if you could call us or arrange a suitable time to come in, we would be happy to discuss this matter further. Thank you
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