Afon Veterinary Centre - Neath

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  • Afon Veterinary Centre has been established for over 85 years
  • Genuine mixed practice working with pets, farm stock and the odd monkey
  • Out of Hours Service with full access to medical history
  • Emergency phone line operated by our own veterinary team
  • We run informative health clinics, giving advice for your pet
  • Our Vet Nurses have set up and run tailor made training programmes for puppies dogs


Clinic reviews

4.8 Stars - 09-01-2018 - Lacey lace

Updated response I an unable to delete this post so I thought that I would add an updated version. I'll start by great news that alfie is still going strong be it hes deaf and his eye sight is starting to fail ..but he's still going good for 13 years old :) Obviously this is mainly due to the quick response and treatment of Richard and the team... I apologise forany offence caused, I completely understand it was a unique case.... and i would happy to information share with the intense research i found relating to animals and bees during alfie treatment that i found helped. My children and i was upset at the time of my first review....since then afon has been great working with us and helpful and fair. I do not feel in general any staff were inexperienced at all, I only meant in this unique case. Communication was always very good and obviously their best interest is of the animals... I would trust them with the care of all my other animals as I have done for years... I also take back thefact I said the vets are no good for emergency situations this was unfair statement as I now feel that my case was particularly complex and does not reflect on their work or competence. I hope we could work together knowledge sharing for future bee cases.... Once again i apologise for any offence caused to Richard and the team at afon Vets. :)