Ashman Jones Vets

22-23 Walcot Buildings
London Road


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5 Stars - 07-12-2018 - yes

I recommend this veterinary practice when ever the subject of vets comes up

4.8 Stars - 28-01-2016 - Kevin Moore

I've had lots of experience with different vets and I can honestly say Ashman Jones are amazing, especially Murray and Sophie. My black Lab had terrible skin problems which another vet put down to either allergies or a suppressed immune system. After many visits at great expense, the problems got worse so I decided to get another opinion. I'd heard great things about Ashman Jones from a friend who runs a cattery, so I Booked an appointment for Lucca to see them. Right from the very start they were great, they sorted out his ear mites and did a skin scrape which showed he had Sarcoptic mange. They gave him ivermectin injections and malaseb shampoo to calm the skin, within a couple of months he was cured. Murray recommended evening primrose oil, which I still give Lucca and Bruno my other lab as a supplement. I have not looked back, their coats are soft and glossy, and their skin is calm and free from itching. This Vetenary practice puts our beloved pets wellbeing first and profit second, unlike some Bath Vetenary groups I could mention. I have all the receipts and written consultation diagnosis to back this review up and I would never use any other Vetenary practice.

4.8 Stars - 23-09-2015 - Cathrine S

Without a doubt the best vet I've ever used. All the staff know me and my pets by name, they're always happy to give advice over phone or email if you're unsure about anything, and you really feel like they care. Best of all, they focus on making it a positive experience for the animals. My dog absolutely loves going in to see them (she'll drag me in if I try to walk past), she loves all the fuss and treats, and she hardly even notices the treatment part because she's so happy. That in itself is worth a little bit of extra money.