Beechwood Veterinary Group - Crossgates Surgery

132 Austhorpe Road
West Yorkshire
LS15 8EJ


Beechwood Vets in Leeds provides a professional friendly service covering all aspects of veterinary medicine.

  • Puppy and kitten vaccinations.
  • Routine and emergency services.
  • Neutering.
  • Dietary advice.

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Clinic reviews

4.8 Stars - 02-04-2017 - Jordan

My dog has just had an operation with Beechwood vets and they were very caring towards my pet and kept me in touch several times that day which was nice as it assured me that she was doing well. Would recommend to a friend :)

5 Stars - 03-03-2017 - Amrjit

I have been with this vet for nearly 2 years after changing from another vet in rothwell, they are very gentle with my cat Oscar, advice is excellent and the vets are really friendly, reception staff have excellent communication skills and always greet you with a smile

5 Stars - 25-10-2016 - Melissa

5 Stars - 05-03-2016 - Gareth xena natalia

We had to take our cat xena for a spay it was done in a fast manner and beechwood kept me informed all the way through the procedure. Staff are really friendly and helpful and make you feel welcome and to be honest my cat came back a new loving cat so whatever magic the staff did keep it up tour the best Thank-you for the bottom of our and xenas heart.

5 Stars - 19-12-2015 - Vicky clancy

All members of staff at Beechwoods are very friendly towards, me, my family and my dog Charlie. He has many conditions and visits the vets many times a year. We are always given fantastic service, any questions we have are always answered no matter how small they are. I will always recommend Beechwoods to friends and family, I trust everybody at Beechwoods with Charlie, and he trusts them.

5 Stars - 14-09-2015 - Timothy Mitchell

When we were looking around for a new vets due to the poor standard of care we were receiving form our old vets we found Beechwood. The standard of care for our dog is excellent as is the professionalism of all the staff. We can not find fault with the practice and after our old vets it vay so reassuring to fine a vets who listened to our concerns and addressed them. Thank you Beechwood vets

5 Stars - 20-07-2015 - DU

I've used Beechwood now for around 6 years since moving to Leeds, after trying another local vet I was not happy with. Far from being money grabbing, they have been honest and open with me around the cost of treating my cat, who has a thyroid problem. I've been given great advice, been given treatment options I can afford and always received wonderful treatment by all of the staff. In all, I would recommend Beechwood.

2.6 Stars - 14-12-2014 - SG

We used this vets for some years but left after the charges began to increase and poor customer service from one of the branches. Neil was a really good vet and we trusted him with our cat and he was always great with us, but the admin staff around him were less than helpful in their manner and the fact that we were never given an invoice for how much things cost so what we thought would cost £25.00 suddenly ended up twice that. If we get another cat we would probably go elsewhere, because like others have said, the costs are high and the customer service is questionable.

Vet Response

I am sorry that you feel you received poor customer service and that you were not given an estimate for the cost of procedures. We try and provide as much continuity as possible and if clients wish to see a particular vet, such as Neil, then this can usually be arranged. We feel that our charges are within the average for the Leeds area and try to be as fair as possible to clients so it is disappointing that our staff did not explain properly to you how the costs were calculated. If you bring a future pet to Beechwood please ask to be assigned to a particular vet and we will try and provide a more positive customer experience.

2.4 Stars - 29-11-2014 - Not great

We used this practice and were quite happy with it for a couple of years, but then noticed that the prices kept increasing to the point where we felt that the motive was becoming more about money than the treatment of the animal. For one 5 minute consultation cost £25 back then, and this was before any medication was given etc. Not sure how they can justify this but all vet's practices seem to be unregulated as it pertains to costs and animal lovers have no other option than to use them. The reason for this review? We have friends who are about to move to Moortown, so I thought I would check if things have improved and by some of the posts, it would appear not.

Vet Response

We are sorry that you feel that our prices have increased over the past few years. From your review, it is unclear when you last came to the Practice but the price of an initial consultation is currently £25.75 for a 10 minute consultation. This fee is to cover the many overheads involved with running a veterinary practice. Our consultation fees have increased over the years - this is in line with our increased outgoings and unfortunately these increases have to be made to ensure the business can survive. We haven't increased our vaccination costs since July 2011 to try and help pet owners with the cost of vaccinations. We feel that our Practice fees are within the average price range of vets in the area.

2.8 Stars - 25-11-2014 - DS

This practice is becoming a money making machine, so my advice would be to look elsewhere. They hit you with charges that they don't disclose and the minute you mention that the dog is insured then you know they are out to pick your pockets. Everything is charged at high rate and whilst they are not a charity, the sense is that all they are interested in is making money. Trying to get advice from them on the phone is a none-starter, instead you are always told that you need to see the vet hence another consultation fee which lasts less than a minute, and the tablets that you could get on the internet for £3-4 suddenly cost £30+. Some of the reception staff at crossgates and chapel allerton can be really dismissive and rude. My advice, go elsewhere.

Vet Response

We are sorry that you feel the Practice does not offer value for money. Whilst we do our best to discuss costs in some cases it can be difficult to cover everything in an estimate and unforeseen costs can happen. Asking a client about insurance at the start of treatment helps us to provide the best course of treatment for the pet whilst staying within the client's means. When pets have insurance, this can open up different avenues of treatment such as referral to specialist vets and this can be another reason why we discuss insurance early in the consultation. We do not feel that our Practice charges everything at a high rate and feel we are within the average price range of vets in the area. It is difficult to give advice over the telephone as the Vet cannot see the patient and could potentially misdiagnose a problem. For example, what was previously an eye complain 6 months ago and diagnosed as conjunctivitis may not be the same diagnosis on another occasion and dispensing the same medications could cause further problems. Unfortunately, we are unable to match the cost of internet drugs. The internet pharmacies can actually purchase drugs at a cheaper price from the suppliers than Veterinary Surgeons. The main reason for this seems to be that they can buy stock in very large quantities enabling them to negotiate better deals with suppliers. They are also running these pharmacies with very minimal overheads and so can sell products with a very low mark-up on them. Veterinary Surgeons have extremely high overheads which include staff wages, staff training, new equipment, building rental and utility costs to name a few. If you would like to make an official complaint regarding your treatment with us, may we ask that you send this in writing to for the attention of the Practice Manager.
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