Boness Veterinary Hospital

125 Bedford Road
MK45 4LP


As the only Veterinary Hospital in Bedfordshire, and with the only Physiotherapy Centre, you can be assured that your pets will receive the highest standards of medical and clinical care. We have over 100 years of veterinary experience in our friendly team of vets, Supported by 10 qualified registered veterinary nurses, trainees and reception team.

Probably, the finest care in the world!

Clinic reviews

4.8 Stars - 14-04-2017 - Michelle

A big thank you to Julia and the team for looking after my beagle when she needed a nasty operation. A phone call from Julia after the op was very much appreciated and the hospital team were great in reassuring me while my dog was kept in overnight. Aftercare imformation was very thorough and despite the major surgery, my fur baby seems to be doing ok, back for post op check tomorrow!

5 Stars - 11-02-2017 - Queenie howkins

Queenie was realy taken care of i am very pleased with you. You was,nt rough with her. Thankyou very much

5 Stars - 08-02-2017 - Dexter Such

All the staff at 'Boness' are very friendly, efficient and helpful. The Vets and the nursing staff listened to all our concerns and were very patient. 'Dexter' was well fussed and looked after and because of this he never gets stressed when attending the surgery. Thankyou.

4.6 Stars - 01-02-2017 - Thank you

Have used Them for many years, have always had good service from reception staff who are proesssional & accommodating. In the past heather, Julia , Sarah & especially Baldwin have taken great care of our bunnies , & trust they will be well cared for with the lovely nurses we have dealt with too.

5 Stars - 13-12-2016 - Jack and Megs Review.

This vet hospital is outstanding. With high standards of professionalism, hygiene and respect for the animals. The kindness and thoughtfulness shown to pets and indeed the owners is very impressive. We actually always ask to see Jayne , the vet, as she knows our cats very well now, this , other than emergencies is always taken into account. However if need has arisen and we see other staff we are not disappointed. Thank you Julia for an excellent service .

5 Stars - 14-11-2016 - Jo West

Boness always take great care with my dog, and he gets loads of fuss by all the staff

1.8 Stars - 13-11-2016 - claire

Sadly my dog was wrongly diagnosed with kennel cough and treated for such despite showing other symptoms including a heart rate of 200 and resps in excess of 60. He was taken in as an emergency at 2am and by 9am at a different vet heart failure was picked up immediately and fast action to drain fluid from his lungs. Sadly despite trying this twice it was too late and he sadly died 2 days later. Although of course this may well of been the case anyway i feel the distress he was in and my own distress at describing this most unusual behaviour more questions /investigations should have taken place. I honestly feel that because it was the middle of the night the treatment recieved was rushed and most definitely not adequate

Vet Response

Dear Ms Davies-Sond Thank you for your review though, as you can imagine, we are somewhat disappointed with your conclusions. We believe the consultation was somewhat different to your review as follows: Our vet said that Kennel cough was a possibility only - Stanley was running a temperature which could have been consistent with an infection. She particularly noted there was no heart murmur at presentation and Stanley's colour and refill time were normal, all signs we check when examining coughing dogs in case of heart disease. At that time Stanley's heart rate was 148 per minute not 200. Our vet offered a full work up including xrays, which you declined and she warned that further investigation and long term treatment would be needed as soon as possible, the next morning, at your own practice. We think your review is unfair as our vet did not have the opportunity to do any more investigation to be able to come to a diagnosis. The vet gave antibiotics for the temperature and painkillers to help Stanley through till the next morning. In light of the above we think that you might withdraw your review. Many thanks

4.8 Stars - 06-11-2016 - Sally

I just want to say how lovely and kind all of the vets and nurses who saw Mabel and took care of her treated her..When we sadly had to have her put to sleep on Sunday 6 Nov we couldn't have been treated any kinder with complete compassion for our sadness .im not sure who the vet was but he was lovely and assured me it was the right thing to do .They are truly the vets to choose for your pets.

5 Stars - 16-09-2016 - Rcole98

On Tuesday my puppy was taken seriously ill in immensense panic I called Julia's Flitwick branch and explained what was going on immediately Stephanie called Julia who asked me to bring my puppy in to Barton straight away. When I arrived I was taken through where he was examined the vet who examined my Marlo (Linda I think) decided it was best if Marlo was immediately admitted as he was in a very potentially serious condition. I was of course upset by this but Linda had so much compassion and empathy and talked me through every step and test Marlo would be going through. She comforted me massively. To cut a long story short Marlo was kept in for a few days but Julia and her team kept me up to speed every step of the way and got my pup back to health. THANKYOU JULIA AND CO!!!!! Ryan

4.8 Stars - 27-06-2016 - Erinmai

This is the b st vet I have ever been to my cats love coming here even my cat Magic They also do a lot of work for my mums and my charity stray cat rescue

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