• Longest established small animal veterinary practice in Truro, with three full time highly experienced Vets.
  • Vet and Nurse appointments available throughout the day
  • Ample car parking.
  • On site full time Veterinary dermatologist.
  • RCVS accredited Practice.
  • Additional weekend consulting times for non routine cases Saturday 5-6pm, Sunday and Bank Holidays 9-10am and 5-6pm.

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Cityroad Healthy Pet Club

As a member of the cityroad healthy pet club you can save money and keep your pet happy and healthy. Unlike pet insurance, which normally goes towards the cost of emergencies, the club promotes preventative care through routine treatments. To download our brouchure, please click here.

Opening times

Day Opens Closes
Monday 8:00 am 6:30 pm
Tuesday 8:00 am 6:30 pm
Wednesday 8:00 am 6:30 pm
Thursday 8:00 am 6:30 pm
Friday 8:00 am 6:30 pm
Saturday 8:00 am 1:00 pm
Sunday Closed Closed

Clinic reviews

5 Stars - 31-05-2018 - Pete

One of our family dogs was seen today as a referral to Simon for a skin complaint. The practice is very clean, smart and professional. The staff are friendly and welcoming. Our consultation was thorough, with enough time given to understand the condition well. All in all, top class service and care.

5 Stars - 24-04-2018 - Denise

Woody always receives excellent care and attention. Very professional, friendly and always plenty of time to answer questions and concerns. Best Vets I've ever visited.

4.8 Stars - 30-03-2018 - Snowy

Recently brought my 6 month old puppy in to be spayed, such friendly caring and helpful service, staff went out of their way to allow me to pick Snowy up at a convenient time, even though no appointments available. This was really appreciated, thank you so much.

1 Stars - 14-03-2018 - Wendy

ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTED..... we were given a phone call 6:20 pm yesterday ((10 minutes before they close)) to say that my HEALTHY cat had been handed in by a neighbour after they found him eating there cats food.... not only did the vets take our healthy cat in for absolutely no reason but because we couldn't pick the cat up in the 10 minutes they were open for they charged us £31...... mmmmm in it for the money or actually the community???

Vet Response

”Hi Wendy. Thank you for leaving a review Please allow me to leave an explanation for the charges and why we charge. Yesterday evening we had Chase your cat brought in . The kindly person who bought him in reported that they thought he was a stray cay, because he was a frequent visitor inside their house eating their own cats food. We agreed to take him in in an attempt to establish if there was an owner, and then to hopefully relocate them. With any potential stray cat, we are obliged to check them over fully, check for microchip and then if there is , phone the microchip company for the owners details. Once we had done that and contacted your partner at 6.20pm, he stated that he was unable to collect Chase due to having no transport at the time. At which point we agreed to hospitalise Chase overnight, kennel him, feed and water him before discharge this morning. We informed him that there would be a cost involved for this which was made up of the Veterinary surgeon's time for full health check, the veterinary nurses time for scanning and contacting the microchip company, the time to contact you, and of course the hospitalisation fee. All this for £26.21 + VAT which approximates to £31. I hope you can now understand why we charge for this. It would be the wrong thing to do to decline seeing a potential stray cat, which may have health issues, when there is potential to be reunited with an anguished owner who may be fretting that their cat had gone. Please feel free to discuss this further if you wish to by phone 01872 273959 with me Simon Tai or with our practice manager Sophie Anderson.

2.8 Stars - 13-03-2018 - MrP

Just had this dog new and she climbed up the stairs and fell down. So we got her checked out and paid the £47 pound consultation fee plus the ‘pain relief’ medication. We were told to come back to an follow up appointment. When it was clear that she was fine we decided not to go back to the follow up appointment. On the phone my girlfriend was told ‘but you are not a vet, are you?!’ So stupidly we did take our puppy in again and got charged yet again £47 something for a 10; yes TEN MINUTE; appointment. Sure my puppy is worth every penny but that seems to be ridiculous. Just a straight forward profiteering. Will not be recommending this vets!

Vet Response

Hi Mr P, Thank you for the review, It’s good to get feedback whether positive or negative. I have just read Princess’ clinical records in order to get an understanding of her problem. We saw her the following afternoon after she had fallen down the stairs the evening before. She was still lame on her hind left with some swelling around the hock region When we are dealing with a Puppy with a lame back leg caused by a fall, we are always concerned by the possibility of a fracture of the growth plate of the bone. These may not be apparent initially but can be quite subtle in their appearance. If missed then, you can get abnormalities of bone growth and joint issues. This hopefully explains why we recommended seeing Princess again. I believe the swelling was very much reduced but hadn’t resolved, although she was now not lame. We wanted to make sure that she was fine. We do have to charge for this subsequent consultation. Which is the same cost as our initial one. I apologise for the way in which the member of staff made your girlfriend feel. We will be discussing this at our next team meeting. In the meantime, If you’d like to discuss this further, please feel free to phone me Simon Tai on 01872 273959 or speak to Sophie Anderson our practice manager

5 Stars - 02-03-2018 - Moss and Ted Libby

30 years of care and professionalism to both the humans and animals alike.

5 Stars - 14-02-2018 - Alan

5 Stars - 07-02-2018 - Lesley George

We had a wonderful puppy check, he was made to feel very special by all the staff that saw him and the examination was very thorough and Sarah the vet was lovely. Thank you City Road for your superb care and attention.

5 Stars - 27-01-2018 - Chip

What can I say “ I would not allow anyone else to care for my girl” best practice ever!

5 Stars - 09-01-2018 - Helen

This is an excellent practice. Always friendly and caring & Huwie especialy adores all of the nurses!

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