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5 Stars - 02-09-2018 - Figero

I took my beloved cat in 1-9-18 and was a complete mess,the receptionist asked me my name.I didn't even know as I was so numb.Elisabeth came straight out and took me into her room.She was very calm,smelt her breath and said it was kidneys.If she was hers,she would put her down.We held her as she spurred,I was on my knees crying like a baby holding my cat.It took seconds.She put her in my car.They didn't even charge me my consultant fee,only to put her down.Another vet charged me 140 to make her sleep,gkg charged me 50.38.The best vets,they truly were amazing.Later that day my son and his bf was taking a walk.I took a pic of them on a bridge.Later looking at the pic I saw a double rainbow.In Chinese proverb that means a person coming to earth to collect something and going back to heaven.Figeros birthday would have been 3rd set as my sister's anniversary of her passing is the 6th.God works in mysterious ways.And I'm sure that was my lovely sister guiding figgy back with her over the rainbow bridge X

5 Stars - 07-08-2018 - Alaina

GKG Vets are very professional. They were supportive and caring when my mum's dog had to be put to sleep. They were friendly and helpful when my cat had to have an operation and they helped with the insurance paperwork. I highly recommend them.

5 Stars - 24-07-2018 - Mikki

2.8 Stars - 26-06-2018 - Christopher

Vet Response

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. I am sorry you didn't feel our services lived up to our normal standards. I would be very keen to discuss your concerns in more detail, if that is ok with you? The practice number is 01635 40565 and my personal email address is I look forward to hearing from you in due course. Stuart Davenport, Partner - GKG Vets, Thatcham.

5 Stars - 30-11-2017 - Heather

Have had cats for 20 years both in France and here and of all the veterinary practices with which my animals have been registered, this one is the best,caring not only for the animals with love, but soothing the worried owners. Thank you all.

4.8 Stars - 14-08-2017 - Jen

We recently registered with GKG after our previous practice, Vets4Pets, closed. We were initially apprehensive about joining a new practice as we'd been so happy with Vets4Pets, however after our first visit today (for our Schnauzer's leg wound) we've been completely put at ease. Stuart, the vet we saw, was very kind, thorough and knowledgeable. He clearly explained our different options and listened closely to us too, and was very warm and compassionate towards Bramble. The nurse, Liz, was also very kind and helpful and everybody made a big fuss of our poor little pup! Needless to say we're extremely happy to have found a wonderful practice to continue with the high standards of care we'd previously enjoyed at Vets4Pets. Thank you so much!

5 Stars - 27-12-2015 - Adrian

I've been going to them for about 36 years and wouldn't go anywhere else They treat all my dogs with compassion and care.

5 Stars - 27-10-2014 - Pete Staples

Been going to GKG Vets for 32 years first at Newbury and now Thatcham. All their vets and nurses have treated our cats superbly. I cannot fault them and would recommend them to anyone who have a cat. I assume they would be the same irrespective of what pet but we have only had cats.