Grange Veterinary Hospital

Tyddyn Street


  • Full range of veterinary services and high quality pet health care
  • Caring for small and large animals incuding equine
  • Besides our Veterinary Hospital in Mold, we have surgeries in Bretton, Buckley, Connah's Quay, Flint and Hawarden
  • Tier 3 RCVS accredited hospital and registered nurse training practice
  • All surgeries are fully equipped with modern equipment.  Purpose built In-house laboratory.
  • Own 24-hour emergency cover service



Pet Health Plan

At Grange Veterinary Hospital we believe that a proactive, preventive approach to your pet’s healthcare is far better than waiting until your pet is vulnerable, ill or suffering to put things right. We want to make responsible pet ownership simple and affordable, which is why we have designed our Pet Health Plans. Please click here for more information

Clinic reviews

5 Stars - 25-08-2019 - Jett & Storm

My dogs have attended this practice since they were puppies, nearly 7 years. Always found them very caring and professional. One of my dogs is very nervous, the vets always try to make his visit a positive experience and have great patience with him. Recently my other dog injured his foot. He was seen immediately by the vet who treated his unusual injury with great skill!

5 Stars - 06-07-2019 - Brian Barrows

Grange Veterinary Hospital looked after the health of my Labrador Dylan throughout his almost 10 year life. At 2 years old he was diagnosed with elbow dysplasia and surgical intervention was necessary due to severely restricted mobility. He went on to lead and full and active life for the next 7 years. In old age he started to suffer from Arthritis with lameness and considerable weight gain. Grange referred him for Hydrotherapy and over a 5 month period he lost 2.8 kg of weight with greatly increased mobility and motivation. This gave us back our old dog. He used to look forward to his hydrotherapy swims. Sadly 2 weeks ago, he was suddenly taken ill. He was admitted to Grange for observation but became worse the following morning. Peritonitus was suspected and exploratory surgery was undertaken to determine the problem and try to save him. Unfortunately he died whilst undergoing surgery despite the best efforts of the veterinary team. The cause was Peritonitus However, we have the comfort of knowing he did not suffer in his final hours and thanks to the support of the Grange team he led a full and active life despite his arthritic elbow joint. The improvement in his health after 4months of Hydrotherapy had led both ourselves and the hydrotherapy team to believe he would go on for a number of years longer.

1 Stars - 05-06-2019 - Dawn Pearson

5 Stars - 12-04-2019 - Sandy Jones

5 Stars - 12-03-2019 - Grange veterinary hospital mold

Today Tuesday 12th March I took my little dog called lucky to get sprayed in mold the lady who I saw when I was handing my dog over to have her op than jack and Zoe brought lucky to flint vets they made a big fuss of lucky especially jack I was really glad that they took care of lucky and all the vets and staff are very friendly and helpful also they will help me a lot better than most of vets are around also when I lost Hannah my old dog I really say that everyone who new Hannah that they where all upset as I was she was 16 when she went anyway jack and Zoe a very good job you really took care of lucky well done

5 Stars - 23-10-2018 - Louise

"Id just like to say a massive thank to the wonderful vets that cared me over the last 24hrs that got me out of danger & gave me all the love I needed to go home to my family! You are truly special people!" love from Luna

5 Stars - 04-10-2018 - JC

I really can’t recommend this place highly enough. When our usual vet refused to answer our calls out of hours last night. Andy came to the rescue in our hour of need, he basically saved our dog’s life!! His caring, friendly, reassuring and professional manner was outstanding. I highly recommend The Grange Veterinary Hospital.

5 Stars - 29-07-2018 - sm

Charley the Jack Russell is quite poorly and unlike some practices the vet did not push for unnecessary tests/treatments to make money. When we took the cat in for a check up Vicky asked about Charley which shows this practice does care about the animals they treat.

5 Stars - 26-01-2018 - Jenny Bradshaw

The Grange team are brilliant and I’d recommend them to anyone: unfailingly helpful, friendly and it’s clear that they all love animals! Their care and attention is second to none :)

5 Stars - 26-12-2017 - Marc

We have been using the Grange since having our sprocker spaniel Ollie 3 years ago. Nothing has ever been too big or too silly to ask. Our last visit was on Christmas Day of all days. Andy was more helpful than you could ask for. We were really worried about ringing up on Christmas Day and interrupting someone on such a special day. Andy was really helpful and made our Christmas Day stress free by diagnosing and treating Ollie in such a caring, calming and gentle manner. Andy even give me a few jokes to share round the Christmas table! I was so shocked by the price, less than £50 for a consultation on Christmas Day and walked out with antibiotics, pain relief and our flee and tick treatment for the start of next year. The Petplan is definitely worth paying for. Excellent vets and would recommend to anyone.

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