Hall Court Veterinary Group - Dinnington Surgery

1 St. Leonards Close, Dinnington
South Yorkshire
S25 2PQ


  • We give you and your pet top quality treatment.
  • We treat dogs, cats, rabbits, horses and farm animals.
  • Full operative, hospitalisation, X-ray and laboratory facilities.
  • RCVS Accredited Practice.
  • Our own vets provide 24 hour service on site.

Clinic reviews

4.8 Stars - 24-01-2017 - Ian Ampleford

We've used Hall Court for around 13 years. It's slightly further away than our local vet practices and maybe a wee bit more expensive. Neither matters when you receive the level of care that you do with Hall Court. I'd recommend them unreservedly. All of the staff, without exception, are friendly and helpful. They have great empathy with our pets and do their best to reassure.

5 Stars - 17-11-2016 - Jane Palmer

Our vet Stephanie Peat and the staff have looked after our flat coat Jack with professional care whilst he has been undergoing treatment for a malignant tumour found on his pad their care consideration for all of us has been outstanding, and we want to thank her for all that she has done so far and no doubt will be supportive with any further treatment if necessary. Thanks Steph for all your support. John and Jane Palmer

5 Stars - 11-08-2016 - Claire

When my poor cat Bonnie became ill I had to make the tough decision of having her put to sleep. It was such an upsetting time and the first time I had ever had to do this with one of my lovely cats. The vet who treated her is such a lovely man. He showed so much respect towards her and her dignity was maintained beautifully. The after care towards me was so lovely from the vet the nurse and the receptionist, there was also a girl on her work experience who will be an asset to any vet practice some day I'm sure. The compassion given to me and my Bonnie was second to none. I just want to thank everybody. I wouldn't take my animals anywhere else. They are given the same care as you would give a human and that to me is important for people who's animals mean the world to them like Bonnie did to me. A beautiful place!

1.8 Stars - 05-08-2016 - janice booker

5 Stars - 31-07-2016 - Eddie

We've used Hall Court for approximately 40 years, and they have consistently reached high standards.This was especially important when our elderly lab, Yates, became ill over the last few weeks. Despite all our combined best efforts, he had to be euthanised. Always a traumatic event, but through the decision procedure and final event, Yates and I were treated with compassion and kindness by Peter Seymour and all his staff.

5 Stars - 29-06-2016 - Beth

This really good vet they helped my really poorly dog

5 Stars - 30-06-2015 - F Middleton

I have been a customer of this practice for over 30 years. My animals and I and have always been treated in a friendly, professional and courteous manner at every single visit. They have gone the extra mile by delivering tablets personally when my dog was having chemotherapy. Nothing is too much trouble and the advice and help they have given over the years has been faultless. I have recommended them to several friends, who have been equally impressed by the service and have subsequently moved from their previous vets to Hall Court. I cannot thank them enough for their service over the years. Thank you

1.6 Stars - 23-06-2015 - Smudge

4.8 Stars - 17-04-2015 - Jacqui Hopkinson

I have been using Hall Court for over 30 years, for my dogs, cats and horses and like the consistency and continuity of seeing the same vet for all of my animals when possible. I moved away a few years ago and used a nearer practice. However, when I needed my old dog putting to sleep at home, this practice refused to do a home visit, letting my dog and myself down. I rang Hall Court quite distressed, and even though I hadn't used them for a few years, my lovely vet, Peter Seymour, came all the way out to me, straight away, and put Millie out of her suffering while she was asleep on the sofa. This was done out of respect and compassion for my dog who was suffering and shows not all vets are about the money, Peter went above and beyond what he needed to do and I'll be forever grateful. If you want a loyal, dedicated and trustworthy practice, then look no further.

5 Stars - 24-02-2015 - Who lets the dog out?

I do home dog boarding and am registered with Hall Courts of Dinnington for that reason, but used to have my own dog Polo who was registered with them too,they have always been friendly, helpful and considerate to both myself and the pooches :-)

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