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  • At Hillman's we are all dedicated to pet care
  • Looking after pets of the Walsall, Lichfield and Cannock area
  • We pride ourselves in treating every patientas an individual
  • 24 hour emergency service provided
  • Branches in Lichfield Street Walsall, Weston St Walsall, Cannock, Lichfield, Brownhills and Darlaston

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Clinic reviews

1 Stars - 23-11-2018 - Lisa

3 Stars - 04-05-2016 - Adrian

My Partner took our 17 year old cat Izzy to Hillman's Lichield, when she could not put any weight on her front leg. She was advised that the cause could not be determined, but suggested an antibiotic / anti-inflammatory injection. The consultation and injection cost £74.00. She was asked to return the cat for an x-ray the next day. Cost of anaesthetic and X-ray quoted at £500.00. Subject to X-ray results she may need an operation, obviously at additional cost. We were shocked, do not have pet insurance, and to be honest could not afford to spend this kind on money. So we took the Izzy for a second opinion, Consultation / X-ray / Treatment for a dislocation - £ 250.00 To think we even considered having the cat put down. Very expensive.

Vet Response

All of the staff who work in this practice have the best interests of their patients at heart and any recommendation for treatment are based on that. Unfortunately, it is impossible to directly compare one plan for investigation and treatment directly with another and thus just using the price of something does not give a true comparison. For example, different practices use different anaesthetics, standards of staff training, back up services and expertise etc and the relative risks and benefits of different regimes may not be obvious to clients. We always work with our clients to help them get the best outcomes for their pets and would have preferred to have a conversation with the client where cost is an issue to find solutions rather than the client going to another practice.

1.8 Stars - 17-11-2015 - Jasper123

1 Stars - 05-06-2015 - James

Unfortunately there is little to no interest in the welfare of the animals. Recommended useless and very costly tests only to be told after these tests had taken place that more were needed at further cost because the first tests - which they did - were not very accurate. Check your insurance before listening to their misleading advice on cover.

Vet Response

We take all client feedback very seriously and would welcome the opportunity to resolve this client's issue. We have a formal complaints procedure for dealing with issues where our service has not met client's expectations, but it is difficult to try and resolve issues like this if they are just posted on forums like this rather than approaching us direct. In my experience, most of these sort of issues are communication based and so I would like the person who posted this to contact our practice manager, Jacky Hands. However, in general terms I can assure all of our clients that none of our vets are sales incentivised and thus none of our staff advise any course of investigation or treatment in order to increase sales. All of our staff are highly welfare motivated and only recommend what they think is in the best interests of the patient. We never recommend or run 'useless' tests, but sometimes the investigation process can be difficult and it may be that we didn't fully communicate the reasons for the tests we advised. It seems to me from this post that something has gone wrong with an insurance claim. Pet insurance is a very useful thing to have. In fact, despite me being a vet, I have both of my dogs insured! However, it does sometimes create problems, especially if an insurance company decline to pay for a claim where the owner thought that they were insured. It is important for all owners to check the terms and conditions of their insurance before entering into an investigation and/or treatment plan, especially with respect to pre-existing conditions. Once again, I would welcome a direct approach from James so that we can try to resolve this issue, including appealing to his insurance company on his behalf if clarification is required.