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Established since 1904 our aim is to offer a high standard of care and expertise in a friendly and welcoming environment, with a recent refurbishment giving us more consulting rooms, operating theatres and an ultrasound/x-ray room. We have five full time vets, two part time vets. With surgeries in Bovey Tracey and Chudleigh we cover a large area of South Devon. Our team also consists of six qualified nurses, three trainees and several support staff.

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Clinic reviews

5 Stars - 06-01-2018 - Max

The surgery has been looking after our car Max for sixteen and a half years. We unfortunately lost him a week ago due to old age. He has been ailing for a couple of weeks and Val has been helping is to explore every avenue before we decided it was time. I would like to thank him and the team for wonderful care and compassion over the years. It has been a pleasure.

5 Stars - 05-12-2017 - Kim

We saw Howard out of hours with our distressed elderly cat. He treated us and our pet with quiet sympathy and professionalism. He explained our options and allowed us to make our decision, which centred on what was best for our animal. Once it was decided that she needed to be put to sleep he dealt with her with sensitivity and gentleness and I thank him for helping us through a very sad event.

Vet Response

Thank you for your kind words at this sad time. We are very sorry for your loss. Kind Regards Deana, Practice Manager.

5 Stars - 07-09-2017 - Jax

We have just brought our 12yr old ex police dog here after a difference of opinion with our normals vets over alternative therapy. They were excellent with our friends cat who unfortunately passed away very quickly. The compassion shown was above and beyond. We have just finished our first week of laser treatment and the difference is amazing- we will be starting hydrotherapy in a recommended facility soon. Without this alternative approach we would not be in the excellent position we are now with our lovely dog. Thank you so much to you all.

5 Stars - 01-08-2017 - n/a

my cat had a very sore leg could not walk without limping and kept holding it up,phoned I was told bring ernie in this morning at 9,the receptionist was pleasant and happy friendly, the vet was brilliant with my cat who was a bit nervous and anxious so thank you chudleigh vets cant thank you enough.

5 Stars - 16-04-2017 - Toffee

We had to say a very sad farewell to our gorgeous toffee two weeks ago. She had been cared for by Nick Howard and Tizzy all her life. She had three major traumas in her health, the first during her first season when she became very ill and had to be speyed, the second at 6 years old when she developed pancreatitis and again was very ill, and the last was the cruel brain disease that ended her little life. She also had ongoing inflammatory bowel disease from 6 years old, and also two lots of dental treatment, so we spent a lot of time at the vets!!! In all those visits and especially the times when she was very unwell, we trooped in there with our faithful best friend toffee, and I just always knew they would help her, and they would do that in a kind caring and sensitive way. I trusted them implicitly, they never let me down. At the back of my mind I always knew there would come a time when they wouldn't be able to work their magic, and some thing would have happened that they couldn't fix, and when that time came I knew they would help me with whatever had to be done Although toffees final journey was at a specialist in Taunton rather than at kvg, we had had several conversations with nick in that final 18 hours of her life, and he was incredibly kind and sensitive again, as he went through the options with us. Losing toffee has been devastating for us, she was the best dog, and the previous two times in her life when we were so scared we were going to lose her, kvg gave her back to us, but not even they could help us this time through no fault of theirs I will absolutely go back to them when we start our next adventure whenever that is, I cannot recommend them highly enough, and I will always be grateful to the vets nurses and the lovely reception staff. An air of calm and friendly service runs right through the practice, and I will miss going in there Thank you to you all

Vet Response

Thank you for taking the time to review us, and your kind words.

5 Stars - 31-03-2017 - Viv

Standing on the beach close to my home in Teignmouth and giving my little, ageing dog time to snuffle around, 2 other dog owners were talking about a wonderful vet. They told me he was at Kingsteignton Practice in Gestridge Rd. I had been contemplating changing the practice I had used for a long time as I felt the need for continuity which they seemed unable to provide. I knew my little one was in need of dental treatment but had delayed it for fear of her not surviving the operation. Then a friend said “get that dog seen to or she is going to die very soon” and drove me to Kingsteignton. She sailed through the operation and recovered quickly but 18 months later, when she was 14, it was obvious that her sight was fading. Howard Lieberman the Vet confirmed there was a hearing problem too and an enlarged liver. I decided not to submit her to treatment that might diminish what life she had left and we ticked over again for a few months. We managed a holiday and showed enjoyment of rides in her buggy but her eyes were inflamed and causing discomfort. A month later she started to cry and grizzle a lot (heart-wrenching) so I screwed up my courage and booked her in for the dreaded farewell. Howard checked her carefully and tenderly, said she was not in pain merely in need of much stronger reassurance from me and told me to take her home. That gave us another 5 months together but by March when she began to find the corner of the room or yard and try to push through, and other problems were apparent, I took her on the final journey. Had it not been for Howard’s professional yet incredibly sensitive handling of us both, I don’t know how I would have coped. Gently and with dignity, he set my little one free from all that was threatening to close in on her, reassuring me that now was the time. I had made the right decision. So many times, I have been thankful for over-hearing those dog owners on the beach extolling the virtues of this practice. I can recommend it whole -heartedly to all animal lovers - they even sent a hand written sympathy card. Receptionists are always friendly and helpful too and I thank everyone on the team for being the best it is possible to find.

Vet Response

Thank you so much for taking the time to give us a review, and your kind words.

5 Stars - 29-03-2017 - Deborah

Always friendly reception staff and vets always make me feel my dogs are their most important patients. They are always given a thorough examination, we are never rushed out of the door, and they get a treat at the end. There is a loyalty scheme in place that takes money off future visits based on previous ones and the Practice regularly keeps me informed via email of any offers or just useful information that may help keep my pets safe and healthy.

Vet Response

Thank you very much for taking the time to do a review, and for your lovely words.

4.6 Stars - 12-03-2017 - Nigel Tresidder

Kvg have been used by us for 10 years from day one they have been professional and friendly when ever needed.

5 Stars - 12-03-2017 - Strutty

My dog is extremely nervous with vets, but since changing to Kingsteignton vets although she is still a bit nervous she will allow vet to examine her and slowly starting to trust them. Many many thanks

5 Stars - 12-03-2017 - Purdy

In our recent loss of Purdy we found Howard truly professional, kind and honest at all times. Carol, receptionist, is extremely helpful.

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