Kydd & Kydd Veterinary Health Centre

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A veterinary practice in Wimbledon caring for the local pet population, for the last 50 years.  Ideal if you are looking for experience and expertise together with the highest standards of care for your pet.  Over this time two generations of the Kydd family have been providing excellent veterinary care for its clients and their pets.   

The surgery offers preventative health care, a range of pet care products, pet food and full medical and surgical facilities.

David Kydd has a special interest in orthopaedics and in addition runs a successful orthopaedic referral service.

As well as David Kydd there are two other experienced veterinary surgeons and a first class team of six qualified veterinary nurses and three receptionists who all work hard to care for your pets.

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Clinic reviews

5 Stars - 29-03-2017 - Dorothea

5 Stars - 22-03-2017 - Sarah Pennacchini

I came to Kydd and Kydd after a very bad experience at another local vet practice, they are literally next door to my work and I have never met more professional and caring vets and nurses than at this practice. I have been in with my own two cats Savannah and Neelix regularly with concerns and for checkups, they will always accommodate you at the drop of a hat with a huge concern and never make you feel that you are worrying for nothing. From the moment you walk in the door the staff are all nothing but extremely welcoming and knowledgeable, the care they show for my animals is always of the highest profession and they will listen to my worries and questions no matter how small with always a good reassurance and advice on what to do. We also have an office dog Basil who has been in and out on numerous occasions with emergencies at the drop of a hat, they have taken him in and patched him up, the staff all know him by name and I think this really shows how much they care for the animals in the practice that they take the time to get to know them as well as you. I would recommend them to anyone that asks and I would never take my animals anywhere else now. Thankyou Kydd and Kydd team you really are the best around.

5 Stars - 27-10-2016 - Jackie Manion

I took Molly to see David Kydd after she started to limp on her back leg. David knew at once what the problem was after watching her walk and checking her leg.... Cruciate Ligament ! After David had explained what Molly needed to have done we booked Molly in for her Operation. On the day of the operation David asked if we would give permission for him to do blood samples and X-rays to check everything else was in working order.... Glad we did but a bit shocked to find out Molly had a foreign body in her stomach. So the Cruciate Ligament operation was postponed. David gave Molly something to vomit the object back up but this did not work but after listening to David explain and listen to his advise to rebook Molly in but this time to have the foreign object removed - 2 weeks later David removed a £2 coin. After the big Operation on Molly stomach David advised us to wait a while before he done the Cruciate Ligament on her and explained that Molly leg would not get any worst by delaying the operation. Well I'm pleased to say Molly had her Operation last Thursday and every day she is improving. Molly has been back twice already to check that everything has gone to plan David and myself is very pleased with Molly's progress. I have been using Kydd & Kydd for over 45 years and if I moved away I would travel back to get David's advice on any pet which I own as I totally trust him, and would listen to any advice that David would offer..... All the staff at Kydd & Kydd are so friendly and very professional in everything they do you could not ask for better !

Vet Response

Thank you very much for your kinds words. All at Kydd and Kydd.

5 Stars - 06-09-2016 - Isobel

My wife and I rescued a Mastiff cross ( Isobel ) from the RSPCA back in 2013. Unfortunately Isobel had, had a very bad start to life and somewhere had been abused both physically and we think mentally. When we adopted Isobel we knew she suffered with her rear right leg but it wasn't until eighteen months later and approximately £5000 pounds lighter we found Kydd and Kydd who identified the exact problem and promptly put it right. This practice is one of only two professional animal care centers we visited ( 16 in total ) over the eighteen months where from the first telephone call my wife and I were put at ease and believed it was genuinely all about our dogs welfare. David Kydd was available 24 hours a day after Isobels major surgery which we can confirm having had to call and receive calls regarding her welfare and current condition. David performed an operation for cruciate and lateral ligament repair and using the most up to date technology ( 3D printing ) a TTA to repair and replace her knee joint. This practice is second to none, all the staff are caring, considerate look after the animals like they are family. Questions are answered in a way that is easy to understand and puts you at ease, at no time did we feel under pressure to leave because there was someone else waiting with a booked appointment. Two weeks ago I needed to call David to discuss a problem we had with Isobel that may or may not have been a recurrence of the original operation. This call was after three visits to our own vet who could not diagnose the problem Isobel had. One telephone call to discuss the original names of various pain relief Isobel had been prescribed after the operation found us with an emergency appointment early the next morning for a look at Izzy. After an examination, X-ray, blood tests and a couple of other general checks Izzy was back at home and 48 hours later with prescribed medication was back to her crazy self the dog we love. I'm not sure what awards there are but all of the staff here deserve some recognition for thier devotion to the cause of animal welfare. Thank you all so very much and a massive thank you to Davids wife who must be a Saint to put up with his total dedication. Thank you all

4.8 Stars - 22-12-2015 - Mary

We recently had two female rabbits spayed and we found the whole experience was dealt with so professionally. We had to separate our rabbits at 6 months as one of them was attacking and biting the other one and it became clear they needed to be spayed! The problem is now totally resolved and they are friendly towards each other again. The vets and nurses were excellent and we felt very well supported when we had concerns about their progress after the operation. I would not hesitate to recommend this practice.

5 Stars - 17-04-2015 - Fiona

To all the Staff at Kydd & Kydd Thank you for all your help and love with Tegan. Without your excellent care and attention she would never have made such good progress. Also to David Many thanks for all the care & attention you have given Tegan. I think she will make good progress from now on, which is all down to your skill. We are very grateful. From Fiona & Tegan (Rennie)

5 Stars - 09-04-2015 - Mrs Katie Whiteside

I cannot say enough about the wonderful care our two year old dalmatian, Elmo, has had under David and the superb team at Kydd & Kydd! He recently underwent cruciate surgery (his second operation in less than a year); not only was David extremely thorough and careful in explaining the details of the operation, but he has gone on to follow Elmo up extremely closely to ensure his recovery is as smooth as possible. I have been amazed at how quickly our spotty boy has gone from strength to strength, and now would not take him anywhere else for treatment. This superb team care for each animal that comes through the door as if it were their own! Thank you!!"

5 Stars - 24-05-2014 - Matthew from Twickenham

You could not have handled this better. Our dog had a serious injury, requiring considerable expense in time and money to fix. You handled this impeccably, making the right recommendations quickly, explaining everything in a way we can understand, emphasising important things that we MUST do, and assisting with the insurance claims. I simply cannot think of how, realistically, you could have done anything better. Top marks!

5 Stars - 19-02-2014 - Ernie

I seriously recommend this vet. I love them all!

5 Stars - 12-11-2013 - Karina & Kuro

From day 1 we have always felt treated professionally and at high standards. The vets are highly knowledgeable and have answers to all our questions. My dog Kuro-Scottish Terrier has had some incidents in the past, from eating a stone and needing surgery to a bee stung! Their reply has been always fast and assertive. This gives us peace of mind because we are sure our little doggie is always in good hands! Thank you!

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