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5 Stars - 28-07-2016 - Maggie

I decided to have my bitch spayed using the keyhole method. I began to think that she had other ideas as there were two occasions when the operation had to be delayed as she was lactating slightly. Eventually she was given the all clear and the operation went ahead. Jonathan, the vet was totally professional in both the clinical procedure and the way that he put my mind at ease throughout all the visits. The operation was so successful that I don't think that my bitch was even aware that anything had been done to her apart from having a bald area and having to wear a very smart body suit for a few days. Within a few hours of getting her home she was wanting to play ball with her big brother!! I can certainly recommend this procedure to anyone who is having their bitch spayed and would certainly recommend Jonathan to carry out the operation. We all know that any operation carries risks but I must admit to being far less nervous with the keyhole method than when my last bitch was spayed conventionally.