Medivet The Vets Enfield 24 Hour Veterinary Hospital

673 Hertford Road


Just like our branches, the Medivet Enfield 24 Hour Hospital provides a dedicated local service to clients, offering a comprehensive, quality service at affordable prices.

In addition it is staffed 24hours every day, providing a round the clock service for hospitalised inpatients and consultations for new cases, both routine and emergency. It also acts as a referral centre for other local Medivet branches.

As a part of the Medivet family, your pet will have the benefit of the skills and experience of over 200 vets throughout the company. Our staff aim to provide a welcoming and professional environment for both pet and client.

We offer both diagnostic and surgical care as well as a wealth of additional benefits to keep your pet happy and healthy.

Clinic reviews

4.6 Stars - 03-01-2018 - Lillian

1.4 Stars - 16-12-2017 - K

After years of wanting a dog, we finally got the most gorgeous puppy. Within just a few days of having her, she suddenly became very weak and was unable to hold fluid or foods down so we took her to MediVet as they were the only place closest to us that were open on a Sunday. The vet that saw us then picked up the puppy and the puppy’s head just fell back because she was that weak. This was completely new and she wasn’t like this at home or on the journey there. Obviously seeing this we all got so so scared and the vet immediately gasped and gave us such a judgemental look as if we had neglected the puppy. She continued carrying the puppy like that with the puppy’s head tilted back and gave us a horrible look asking us how long she’s been like this. Though the question was valid, the manner in which it was asked definitely wasn’t but most of all, the fact that she didn’t even think to support the puppy’s head or put her back into her bed was shocking; I had to put my hand out to support the poor thing’s head. From that action alone, I felt that this vet had no compassion or genuine care for the animal. Who does that? When we explained that she wasn’t this bad at all and that she was just very lethargic and so we called in as soon as it happened. The vet then understood the situation but in my opinion, the worst thing she could have done was just gasp and say "oh my god" repeatedly and pass judgement and not treat the pet with compassion or even start treatment immediately just to stabilise the puppy. Despite it being an emergency appointment, it took 20 minutes to be called in when there were no other patients in the waiting room, and it took a further hour or so before treatment was started. Why? Because we had to discuss prices. So many unnecessary tests were being added to this long list, kidney checks, liver tests, blood tests for viruses etc. when the puppy had no indication of an infection. The poor thing was suffering and all this vet could do was pull up a list of prices without trying to stabilise the puppy or start treatment. We had to beg her to start treatment and tell her that we’d definitely pay but please just stabilise her. We had to keep telling them to take all these unnecessary tests out and even then, you could see the clear disappointment on the vet's face because she wanted us to do it. She was saying how she’d have to discuss with seniors if they could take these tests off the list but then she finally admitted that actually those tests weren't even urgent to do. As I said, it took more than an hour for them to just begin to stabilise our puppy who perked up after a bit of glucose. But this was only done after we kept begging them to start because the longer it’s left, the more the puppy is deteriorating. Sadly because we only had our puppy for a few days, our insurance hadn't kicked in because of the 14 day delay so we were struggling to cough up £1100 on the spot so we paid the deposit. We were backed into a corner because there was no one else we could go to. After the puppy was given some treatment, she was looking good and alert and so we left her for an overnight stay. They said they'd call us in a few hours with an update should anything be wrong. Nothing. So we called them thinking “oh she'll be okay since there was no call” only for them to say her organs are failing and that she won't make it. Why did they not call us as promised? After they took our money, it’s like they stopped caring. Back we rushed and the poor thing looked so much worse. They said they checked on her before and she was asleep and then when they went to give her food, she hadn’t touched it and wasn’t responding. Even that comment was something I was a bit disturbed by. Surely they should have been checking on all the pets for progress throughout and not just noticing it when the food they left hadn’t been touched? I hope no one ever has to go through this. Sadly we had to put her down because she was just suffering and in pain. Even if she had recovered, I would still give the rating to be a 1 because I felt that this company were just money minded and had no compassion for the pets. We agreed to a two night stay which was an estimate of around £1100 which also included an extra fee because it was a Sunday. Is it fair to cash in on the fact that they may be the only clinic that is open 24/7? Is it fair to penalise people for their pets falling ill on a Sunday? Regardless, we paid around £500 upfront but we didn't get any money back despite our puppy being there for a mere 4/5 hours and therefore not receiving all the treatment that was paid for. Then we had to pay £100 extra to put her down. I honestly feel ripped off and cheated. I didn't get to focus on my puppy and her health because I was distracted by the fact we were getting ripped off so so badly. I would steer clear of this practice at all costs, unless you really have no other choice. We had other quotes for much less but we only stayed here because there were no other practices near us and we were scared our puppy wouldn’t have made the journey. The lack of compassion for our pet and even for us owners who were just in utter shock and just so distraught was honestly disgusting. I am honestly saddened to read similar reviews but I really hope that they change their ways real soon because their service was just appalling. I left my puppy with a vet clinic trusting that they would look after her but I feel like they failed my dog and they failed as a health service.

Vet Response

Dear K, We are saddened to hear that your experience at Medivet Enfield left you feeling this way and we are sorry for your loss of your puppy. A branch partner will be contacting you directly to discuss the concerns you raised as we would like to help you understand why we take certain procedures to ensure we are providing the best possible treatment. Kind regards, Medivet Enfield.

5 Stars - 08-12-2017 - Muggins

I wholeheartedly RECOMMEND MEDIVET. My cat Molly frightened a groomer a week ago. At MEDIVET, the staff were all excellent. Treatment was prompt. I am not looking forward to our next visit (not wishing Molly to be ill) but I know that should this happen she will get the very best treatment from caring staff.

5 Stars - 06-12-2017 - Sharon

Always greeted by pleasant smiling receptionists. Seen quickly. Our dog is always happy to see the vet. Vet took time to make a fuss of him.

5 Stars - 30-11-2017 - M. Ozdemir

5 Stars - 27-11-2017 - Izzy

Very friendly and truly care about animals

2.4 Stars - 03-11-2017 - monty

I took my pet dog to this vet to be put to sleep which was a extremely difficult for me to do. I asked for him to be sedated as he was very nervous and had to wait 10 minutes for it to take effect which was heartbreaking and then my pet was taken into another room to insert a line for the injection he was then carried back in with a few puncture wounds on both front legs and the line inserted in his back leg. of which this was carried out by all i can think was a trainee. you would have thought they would have then got someone who was properly trained to do this after the 2nd or 3rd attempt but no he must of had at least 6 punctures on his front legs and that was minimum. Then the trainee attempted to administer the injection into his back leg with such force that the syringe burst it's contents over my dog myself and wife. It was a horrendous experience that will haunt us for a very long time. NOW THAT'S THE SORT OF CARE YOU CAN EXPECT FROM THIS SURGERY APPALLING All of that experience could have been avoided if a trained vet would have and should have been in charge of a procedure of this importance THAT'S HOW MUCH THE CARE

Vet Response

Thank you for your feedback. We are aware of the events that took place and that you have already been sent a private communication from one of the Branch Partners at Medivet Enfield 24Hr Hospital. We are very sorry over the loss of your beautiful Monty, and we understand what a difficult time this must have been and again send our condolences. If there is anything further you wish to discuss then please contact the practice. Kind regards, Medivet

4.8 Stars - 25-10-2017 - Kevin Durbin

5 Stars - 21-10-2017 - Luna’s mum

Thank you to all of those who took care of my dog who unfortunately got very sick and died but their attempt to get my dog get well is very professional also I could not thank them enough how they support us through this unfortunate event. I recommend everyone to go to this vet. Thank you all in media vet.

5 Stars - 14-10-2017 - Patricia

I fully trusted Kelly and the team, they were always friendly and professional. Above all else they showed complete and utter compassion for my cat and for us as owners. Although it was a very sad ending I know they tried everything possible to try to resolve the problems.

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