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Our branches provide a dedicated local service to clients, offering a comprehensive, quality service at affordable prices.

As part of the Medivet family, your pet will have the benefit of the skills and experience of over 200 vets throughout the company.  Our staff aim to provide a welcoming and professional environment for both pet and client.

We offer both diagnostic and surgical care as well as a wealth of additional benefits to keep your pet happy and healthy.

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Monday 8:30 am 7:00 pm
Tuesday 8:30 am 7:00 pm
Wednesday 8:30 am 7:00 pm
Thursday 8:30 am 7:00 pm
Friday 8:30 am 7:00 pm
Saturday 8:30 am 1:00 pm
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Clinic reviews

5 Stars - 10-08-2017 - Sadie Mevlit

Excellent service. Alex and Chris and the whole team genuinely care for the animals they see. I have 100% trust my dogs are in the safest hands. I would highly recommend.

5 Stars - 27-07-2017 - Angela Henderson

The staff are always so friendly. The vets are amazing & so kind to my 2 dogs. No money making schemes just genuine concern for the dogs. Always on time, never made to wait. Chris is an absolute gem of a vet & has really helped me.

5 Stars - 24-06-2017 - S sacre

We have used Forest Lodge for a number of years now & are confident that our pets receive the very best care & attention every time. The staff are always very friendly & nothing is ever too much trouble & we are very grateful for the loving care that our pets have always received.

5 Stars - 22-06-2017 - Vet Patient

The vets are wonderful and the practice staff pleasant, courteous and extremely helpful. We love the practice and the fact we can have homeopathic/holistic treatment for our pets is the reason we joined in the first place. We feel listened to, taken care of and very fortunate to have such an excellent vet practice in the village. We are also very grateful for the out-of-hours/emergency service we have been provided by the practice. Please continue doing what you do so well.

5 Stars - 08-06-2017 - Cheryl Ann Sutherland

The staff were very friendly and professional, will definitely go back

5 Stars - 18-05-2017 - Linda

5 Stars - 06-03-2017 - May Esler

My elderly Labrador had a large lump removed by Alex. Because of her age and problems recovery was slow. Alex was very kind, caring committed and supportive throughout the whole time, even many visits out of hours. Chris helped with Homeopathy to support her recovery. Nothing too much trouble for either of them. Billy is now fully recovered and enjoying life thanks to Alex and Chris. They are two outstanding vets. The whole team is excellent, kind helpful and friendly always a welcome smile. Thank you all at Forest Row continue your good work.

5 Stars - 23-02-2017 - BassFrend

This is a long review, as we wanted to make it clear that the road to finding a decent and competent vet, has been a long one! When your dog has a chronic illness, and a rare one, which causes horrible symptoms, it can be challenging to find the right help, which we have now finally received from Dr Alex Llorens. Our basset hound has a rare disease called Eosinophilic Gastroenteritis, which was diagnosed after bowel surgery when he was a young puppy. After that we had trouble finding any food that suited him. We were advised to feed him Hills Prescription Z/D food. It didn't work. He liked the taste, but it clearly didn't agree with him, as his poo was rather soft on it. We tried a variety of different foods as he was picky about food when he was flaring up. He'd eat something happily for a few weeks, and then suddenly go right off it. The only time you ever see a basset hound turn down food or be fussy, is when they are ill, imo. Basset hounds are legendary gluttons, and many people indulge them, making them obese! One of the vets we dealt with thought that maybe our dog was just being manipulative! We absolutely did not agree. His behaviour also changed when he was having food issues; he was quite needy, and extremely restless. He'd ask to go out to the garden about 20 times a day, and then proceed to eat grass, try to vomit unsuccessfully, or just walk around aimlessly. He was miserable when his disease was flaring. Even his initial steroid dosage made his poo like treacle! His dosage was reduced considerably, and that issue stopped. We took advice from another vet, who also recommended the Hills Z/D diet. Then we found a holistic vet. Unfortunately, we found her work to be unsatisfactory, as our dog was worsening, rather than improving. She asked us to work with a canine nutritionist, who insisted we give him raw tripe. Understandably, raw tripe is often extremely therapeutic and helpful for many dogs. However it didn't work for our dog. As a puppy, despite loving tripe, he had bowel upsets from it. We had indeed explained this to the vet and to the nutritionist. We fed him raw tripe, but he began to have trembling periods. He'd tremble in the early hours of the morning. We mentioned this to the holistic vet numerous times. The trembling was becoming more frequent. Her bedside manner was inadequate, as she stressed him out so much at the last visit that he growled at her. He is a sensitive, sweet, and loving dog...typical basset. However, when he became anxious and dug his heels in, licked his lips nervously, she put more demands on him to do as she wanted, using physical pressure (i.e. pulling on his lead and trying to drag him forward). He then began to growl, and look rather distressed. I had offered to get him to move using food, or MY presence, which he responds well to, but she said no. Previously WE had always moved him around, as she actually said she was afraid of dogs! During the latter consultations, we found that she seemed to be trying to dismiss his issues as him being manipulative, or us being too indulgent. That was offensive, as we actually work quite hard to have rules in place for him, and to avoid mollycoddling our dog. This vet was also extremely expensive, and could be quite abrupt in how she spoke to us! Not a pleasant or healing experience in any way! Afterwards, we scrapped the raw tripe diet. We put him on another raw protein, which his body seemed to like. He stopped trembling. We were however still giving him DRIED lamb tripe as treats. His poo was mostly fine, but was sometimes a tiny bit soft. As a raw-fed dog, he should have firm poos consistently. We then searched for another vet, someone who could deal with us professionally, and with our dog's issues. Alex was recommended to me by a lovely lady whom I met whilst walking our dog. Like us, she had had negative experiences at past practices, and had been unable to secure the right help for her dog. Alex really is/was a breath of fresh air. He is cheerful, warm, exuberant and appears to genuinely want to help our pets, as well as, continously learn more about his work. We have personally found that the vets whom we dealt with previously, were conservative in their outlook and advice. We needed someone who wouldn't go on about the dreaded Hills Z/D diet! Also, the vets we had dealt with were quite keen to vaccinate frequently, use conventional dewormers and flea/tick agents. Our dog's body came out in crusty scabs the first and only time we used a conventional tick and flea remedy. It got rid of the fleas, but also caused irritation in him. Dewormers gave him diarrhea. Any kind of vaccination or injection did the same. The vets often forgot his disease, and gave him the bog-standard dried treat, meaning he would have diarrhea when we got home. This doesn't happen with Alex, who always remembers that he has to avoid other proteins. Alex listened to us, and gave us great and simple advice. No cheese for giving our dog his steroid, no more dried lamb tripe. Just one protein and nothing else, ever. We have followed his advice and our dog is finally stable. Providing he doesn't eat rubbish he finds on his walks, accepts treats from strangers, eats grasses, or consume anything other than just the one protein, he is fine. What a huge relief! Basically, Alex is happy to do what is needed for the animal, and in this case, it means minimal interference or change for our dog. As our basset is still intact/entire, he can become quite intense if there is a female in season at the local park. His disease can flare then, and Alex explained to us why this happens. We are eternally grateful to Alex for his excellent help and guidance. Life had been quite stressful thus far, and now our dog gets to have a stable and happy life. We then got a second dog, a french bulldog. She had behavioural issues, as she was never socialised by her previous owners. We sent her to a behaviourist, and after two weeks she was a new dog. She remained a happy, balanced dog, but late last year she had a season, and then shortly after, she began to react to other dogs again. It became more intense. We brought her to Alex, with a view to then taking her back to the behaviourist. He diagnosed an ovarian cyst immediately, and went ahead and operated on her. She did indeed have an ovarian cyst, and she was spayed. Three weeks later, she went back to the behaviourist. Sadly, she was very anxious, as she had been, since she had a season late last year, and was finding it hard to absorb the training. After a few chats with Alex, we finally took the huge step of trying out a drug to relieve her anxiety. She is not as bad now, but she is unfortunately, still reactive to dogs! She had lost weight as her diet was changed during that time. She had rejected her usual food, so she was given a different food. It clearly did not agree with her, as her coat was bone dry and rough. She used to have a super soft, silky coat. She also lost about 2kg, and had cystitis. Alex is currently helping us with all these issues, and has given us excellent dietary advice. She is slowly making progress. As Alex explained, if a dog is physically unwell, they can of course be unhappy in themselves and be reactive. So getting her to be 100% well physically is definitely part of the plan! We are beginning work with another behaviourist, as we are determined to have a balanced dog who can be off-lead and enjoy life, once again. The staff at Forest Row are excellent. The veterinary nurses are fantastic. Natasha has become a firm favourite with our basset hound, who generally loves the fairer sex more than men. LOL! Our french bulldog on the other hand, is besotted with Alex, absolutely loves being near him. The other vet Chris, has been helpful when we rang the out of hours helpline. Alex has been on hand to help us when Zola was stung by something in the late summer. Her muscle on her fore-leg swelled up. He was also very happy to help us when she was recovering from being spayed; we had some rough moments. We are truly grateful that we can get in touch with Alex when we need to. He is always on the ball. Alex is also willing to explain things to us, to listen, and to meet us halfway if we have differing ideas. Thank you Alex, and all the fantastic people who work at Medivet Forest Row/Forest Lodge. We have decided to now move the care of our cats over to the practice as well. Our cats are mostly rescue cats, so very timid and shy with strangers, and especially vets! For this reason we had stayed with their vet in Brighton who originally treated them after they were rescued. As we are happy with Alex and his ability to keep our pets healthy, and allow us to remain sane people, we think that having him look after our cats would be a sound choice. :)

5 Stars - 16-02-2017 - Sam and Gary burrows

My little boy maxi was taken poorly over Christmas/new year. Alex kept him in and very quickly diagnosed pancreatitis. Maxi was critical and Alex cared for him all day and night. Unfortunately this condition has left our boy with diabeties and we have had ups and downs with stabilising his blood sugar level. Every single step of the way Alex has supported us. Firstly seeing him daily and then every couple of days. He gave me the reassurance that I was able to provide the care needed at home. We have had a couple of moments of panick since first diagnosis but each time Alex is there to support us and do what is needed to help our baby. He is an angel. He has now lost his sight but once again we know that with alex' guidance that when the time is right he will have surgery to correct this. I know that I can call anytime, day or night and would be able to get the reassurance I need. We are at the start of our journey with diabeties and maxi is only six years old but I am confident we can give him a full and meaningful live with the help of Alex and the staff at medivet forest row. I wish I knew of an award or something I could nominate him for because what that man actually does for animals is above and beyond. We have all the love in the world for him. Fantastic human being.

5 Stars - 20-01-2017 - S.Clunie

The team at Forest lodge vetenary practice have over many years been compasionate professional and supportive to my pets . Alex and his colluegues always provide the highest standard of care treatment and advice possible. We trust them completely to ensure the safety and wellbeing. I have no hesitation in reccommending the individuals or team.

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