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Clinic reviews

5 Stars - 29-04-2019 - Fran Bussey

Our last visit was sadly to pts our spaniel. The vet was very caring, compassionate and professional. We had been attending regularly previously to this for blood tests and check ups and I cannot praise their staff and services highly enough. Thank you so very much for all your care and support. My other 3 dogs are also registered here.

5 Stars - 29-04-2019 - Carol

Recently attended for annual vaccinations for 2 of my cats. Excellent service from the team at The Mobile Vet as always. Highly recommended

4.8 Stars - 14-01-2019 - Genevieve

We spoke with Mobile Vet when one of our dogs really wasn't very well. She was a large dog and old (12) and her legs just gave up on her. She could no longer get up to even stand or empty her bowels. It became evident that we had to say goodbye. Being part of the family since she was 4 months old, and having young kids who loved her too, this was an incredibly difficult decision. John came to our house, checked out our dog and agreed that it was more humane to put her to sleep. He was incredibly kind and compassionate. This was one of the most horrible decisions of our lives, particularly as her brain was all there, it was just her body wasn't working. John's compassion made our dog's passing from this world much easier - firstly she was at home, with her dog sister and her human family who loved her. She didn't know it was happening and it was very quick. Still, incredibly painful to see part of your furry family pass away and to have made that decision but we knew we had no other choice. Thank you Mobile Vet for your compassion during our difficult time. John and the vets even sent us a sympathy card the following week which we found incredibly touching.

4.8 Stars - 01-01-2019 - Anna Bryant

I have two small dogs, one being a rescue with various health issues. I have visited the vets a few times this year with minor complaints for both dogs and I always get excellent care and treatment. I feel that the treatment my dogs receive here couldn’t be better. Knowledgeable and kind care is given taking time to get to the root of a problem. My rescue dog had an emergency out of hours operation recently which was very traumatic for me and her and I was so impressed by the staff and how efficient the whole thing went. Great follow up advice and support. They provide a great service.

5 Stars - 31-12-2018 - Jackie

Superb vets, very caring and compassionate.

5 Stars - 31-12-2018 - Caroline

I have been registered with the mobile vet since they began and all my animals are treated by them. Sadly just before Christmas one of my elderly cats came to the end of her life's journey and with a broken heart I phoned the mobile vet to come and see her. John came out in the early hours and with sadness agreed that it was time for her to leave. We of course were distraught but John was kind and compassionate as he too knew Fiddy. At 20 years old she had reached her time. My son and I sat stroking her with the dog by our side as John helped her slip away, the other two dogs paced around as she gently went to sleep. John waited for us to say our goodbyes and hold her one last time, we were not rushed or pushed and we cannot thank John and the team for the care they give. John took her away and arranged for the pets funeral home to collect her from them for us and we would pick her ashes up next day. We were emencly touched when just before Christmas we received a sympathy card from the mobile vet team for our loss. I have never had that before and was so touched. I cannot praise them highly enough. I wouldn't change vets ever.

5 Stars - 06-12-2018 - Lucy

With advice from the team, my 15 year old terrier had dental surgery, removing 13 teeth. He has recovered so well and is back playing with a ball. Very happy with the service and care provided by the Mobile Vet team.

5 Stars - 23-11-2018 - Georgina

A sincere thank you to John and the team. We had to make the awful decision to have our much loved elderly cat put to sleep. He was so kind and unhurried in his approach. The sympathy card received a few days later was a lovely gesture.

5 Stars - 19-10-2018 - Sheila

Rosie, my little terrier, was savagely attacked by another dog and required treatment for several bites around her neck. John, the vet who attended to her, was so understanding of the impact this had on me and Rosie. We had to revisit the vets 4 times to ensure that Rosie had recovered from her wounds and nothing was any trouble at all. We both appreciate the care and attention shown to us. Can't recommend the Mobile Vet enough.

4.8 Stars - 18-10-2018 - MOH

A very caring, knowledgeable in Sighthounds, experienced and efficient Practice which I have the pleasure of using for my two Lurchers.

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