Park Veterinary Practice

2 Grand Drive
Raynes Park
SW20 0JT


  • Independent, family-run practice serving Raynes Park for over 40 years
  • Personal service - you can see the same vet each time you come
  • We are proud to have been nominated for the prestigious Petplan "Vet Practice of the Year 2015", with two of our vets nominated as "Vet of the Year"
  • Runner up for Best Service Excellence Award and Best Business in Raynes Park
  • 15 minute appointments to ensure your pets are thoroughly examined so you never feel rushed
  • Convenient opening hours - extended hours for commuters!
  • Free parking on our forecourt


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Clinic reviews

4.4 Stars - 04-07-2016 - vanessa

Excellent staff and service. I took my rabbit to The Park Veterinary Practice after my local vet couldn't find what was wrong with him. Tim was extremely helpful and patient. I cannot recommend enough this practice specially if you have an exotic pet. They are the BEST. Thanks again. Vanessa

5 Stars - 14-02-2016 - AdG

I have always been very impressed with the care and service at Park Vets. The whole team are very friendly and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone. We have a couple of cats and Tim always treats them with such care which helps to keep them calm and makes the whole visit a lot less stressful for me too! Tim is always very thorough and explains the various treatment options and costs in terms that I can easily understand, which helps me to make an informed choice. I've used several vets before but when you find one where your pets are looked after so well, you want to stay put - so although we moved away from the area about five years ago we still travel back to use Park Vets.

4.8 Stars - 12-02-2016 - CN

Park Vets has looked after our (now long in the tooth) labrador since she was a puppy; I have moved around a bit and therefore have had to try other vets from time to time, I have never been to a veterinary practice that so obviously and genuinely cared for my dog as much as they did. Their advice is always very balanced and professional - I have never felt pressured to buy medication or submit to procedures - and I come away feeling fully informed. I would travel for miles to take our lab to them.

1.8 Stars - 02-02-2016 - LB

Aggressive sales tactics with an insulting and condescending attitude. I was over sold to and they under delivered. From the Vet to his nurses they are obviously massively incentivised by money not the welfare or satisfaction of their customers. To call my jack russet/whippet cross as large dog is ridiculous because she weighed 10.6kg (large dog is 10-25kg) therefore the bill as twice as much. All she had done was get her teeth cleaned and it cost over £500. What a joke - they obviously won't go out of business charging that kind of money but I will be taking mine elsewhere from now on. To top things off, in my opinion, she's had kennel cough since she returned. (not medically confirmed - YET!) need to find another Vet.

Vet Response

We're really sorry you feel you have had a bad experience here. Without further details, we can only assume this concerns Millie's dentistry on 29th Jan. At no point in our treatment of Millie in the past year and a half did you give any sign that you were unhappy with the level of service we provided. It is a pity you did not raise your complaint with us directly to give us the chance to clear up confusion and put things right. It's upsetting to think you feel we "use aggressive sales tactics". We pride ourselves on the level of service we offer, and go to a lot of trouble to make sure our clients are fully informed before they make any treatment decisions. On booking Millie's dentistry, we gave you an information sheet which explains what happens during anaesthesia, our recommendations and the associated costs and you were encouraged to contact us with any questions. We gave you a detailed estimate at Millies's admission, which you accepted. We also asked you before you left, and your partner when we discharged Millie, if you had any questions about the day's treatment, and neither of you did. For the record, the cost of Millie's dentistry including anaesthesia, pain relief and an antibiotic was £257.36. You chose to add some optional extras, which we recommended given Millie's age, which came to £153.27. The total was within our estimate, and not over £500.00 as you state. We are confused about your assertion that a "Large dog is 10-25kg". That terminology and weight band refers to a flea and worm medication, not our dentistry. It is decided by the manufacturers, not us. The cost difference is between "Medium" (4-9.9kg) and "Large" (10-25kg) is £3.49, not "double". We told you when we discharged Millie it is quite common for dogs to have a mild cough, which does not need treatment, for 2-5 days after anaesthesia. This is not Kennel Cough. We're upset that you feel we under-delivered. Millie received a full examination on admission, when we explained the procedure and costs. Millie's dentistry was thoroughly performed, the gum infection was cleared, and she recovered smoothly from anaesthesia. You chose not to bring her back for a free post-anaesthetic check-up. If you would like to raise your complaint to us directly, we'd be very happy to discuss it with you.

4.8 Stars - 27-08-2015 - Holly

I had only been with Park Vets for a few weeks when I had to make the very sad decision to have my pet put to sleep. After a number of consultations and investigations this was the best option to stop any further suffering. From the first appointment to the last nothing was too much to ask and I have never been so well informed, so I knew 100% that I was making the right decision. You could see/hear the genuine interest and care they put towards caring for my little pet. The way I was treated the whole time (from the front desk to the vets) was like I had been going to the practice for years. They were very respectful and considerate to my pet and myself. As someone else has put in their comment, I will remember this kindness for a very long time. I cannot recommend Park Vets highly enough. Fabulous work.

5 Stars - 23-12-2014 - Sophie

I can only add positive and warm comments about this practice, particularly Tim. The compassion and kindness they showed us for our cat stevie is something that I will remember for a long time. Your pet couldn't be in safer, more caring hands.

4.6 Stars - 17-12-2014 - murielle

Everything already said :)

5 Stars - 15-12-2014 - Wendy Meredith

If you have small furries e.g. Hamsters, Gerbils, Mice you will find an excellent service at Park Vets. I have Gerbils. Males quite often get Scent Gland tumours as they get older. I have heard horror stories of vets only giving the option of euthanasia. If you take your animal to Park they will, if possible operate. Four of my males have had the surgery and all have got through it successfully. If your small furries are sick in any way they will do their utmost to help. O.k. it's not cheap as they can't be insured but, they will make every effort to diagnose and if it's possible treat the animal. Peter is also very good with birds

5 Stars - 10-11-2014 - Jen Fisher

We've just moved into the area with our two house rabbits. I spent a lot of time researching the different local practices available to us as my experience of most previous vets hasn't been great (curt attitude, feeling like we were wasting the vet's time with our questions, just a general lack of interest in the animals being examined). Park Vets could not have been a more contrasting experience: - Kind and helpful reception staff - A personalised welcome letter telling us we can always call with any questions (this may seem like a small gesture but went a long way to create the feeling of a nurturing environment where we and our rabbits are appreciated!) - The LOVELIEST vet a warm, caring, thorough, extremely knowledgeable about rabbits. She was more than happy to answer our questions and offer extra advice. She was very reassuring to us that as first time rabbit owners we were doing a good job. And she was very complimentary and sweet towards that rabbits, praising their coats and good condition :) Her kind nature was greatly appreciated by us and very calming for the rabbits. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Park Vets to anyone, especially anyone who has a rabbit. With other vets I'd sometimes get the feeling that rabbits were seen as second rate patients next to cats and dogs, but Park Vets take a real interest in them in their own right. I couldn't be happier with the service we've received.

5 Stars - 20-09-2014 - Greebo

What can we say about this practice that so many haven't already said? Everyone is so friendly and without exception all treat my cat like their own and really care about his welfare. Nothing, but nothing is too much trouble and Tim especially is a pleasure to see each and every time we visit. Our cat seems to have thrived since we joined the practice, despite having an ongoing and incurable problem, due mainly because of the way Tim is handling his condition. Thank you everyone and thank you Tim. If you are looking at this review with a view to joining this practice, look no further - I can thoroughly and wholeheartedly recommend them. Vicki and Chris Murray

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