Park Vets - Pontypridd

19 Morgan Street
CF37 7DS


  • Mixed practice.
  • 24 hour emergency service provided by our own vets.
  • Established for over 100 years.


Clinic reviews

3.8 Stars - 07-08-2014 - Jan

Brought my sick cat to Park Vet Pontypridd Branch to find out what was going wrong with my cat. But endup the Vet said he can't find any problems to my cat just base on the simple checks, temperature check and hand check. Then the Vet said I have to bring my cat to the other branch of Park Vet in Cardiff for x-ray and ultra sound as in pontypridd branch does not has this kind of facilaties. However, when I approached the receptionist was going to make an appointment but she told me that must to bring the cat to the Cardiff branch at 08:30 on the weekday. I said no other hours option can be choiced? As I don't drive, it is very difficult for me to arrange it on that earlier time! Then the receptionist said unfortunately all the Rhondda budgets vets will only refer their clients to the cardiff to do the x-ray and ultra sound. Then I said this doesn't sound right at all! She also said if for emergency case which out of office hour, clients also only can bring their pets down to the Cardiff! So my conclusion, it is not convienent to visit Parkvets in Pontypridd Branch.

Vet Response

Firstly, can I apologise if you feel Park Vets have not supported you during your recent visit at our Pontypridd branch. We at Park Vets pride ourselves on delivering a first class service and take any complaints very seriously. Our Pontypridd branch carries out all first opinion consultations, routine surgery and supports our clients with general advice. For more complex cases we arrange for our clients to visit our Cardiff branch where more advanced diagnostics, treatment and 24hr care is available. It is unfortunate that we are unable to routinely transport cases on the behalf of clients. In future we will endeavour to do our upmost to help however we can. Clients are asked to bring animals to the surgery early in the morning to ensure they are settled and comfortable prior to any procedures and to ensure adequate time for aftercare post procedure prior to returning home. If you would like to further discuss your case with me in person please do not hesitate to give me a call at the Cardiff Branch.

5 Stars - 07-02-2014 - Karen

I joined the Pontypridd practise about a year and a half ago... they have all been amazing there. Jane on reception is very helpfull and will always sqeeze Mya in to see someone.. All the vets have who have treated Mya over this time have been fantastic...Nicola and Simon especially .

5 Stars - 18-01-2012 - Tess George

Park Vets are a fantastic Veterinary service, they provide the care and attention any animal and loving owner deserves, The vets are wonderful down there. Approximately 7 years ago my beloved Tess got injured by a car reversing onto my drive during a bank holiday weekend, I couldn\'t get hold of my local vet so I made a call and dashed down to Park Vets in Cardiff, they were fantastic they kept her in over night and she had emergency surgery when I collected her she was looking like her usual self except the very clean and neat scar on her face from where they had stitched her skin back together. In 2010 she was diagnosed with Bladder Cancer and Simon Moat was so caring and paid due attention to her during her regular visits. I would like to thank all the staff esp Simon Moat for their compassion towards Tess before she passed.