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5 Stars - 16-02-2016 - john

never have we been to a better vet practice and never have we and our pet been treated with such care, such professionalism and by people willing to go the extra mile brilliant vets and brilliant staff team.

1.4 Stars - 31-12-2015 - Ms dove

Brought a pair of what I was told were dog nail clippers from here. Had my dog with me and the receptionist advised on which ones to buy as I had no idea. Struggled to clip my dogs nails as they seemed too small and actually split one so googled the brand only to find they were cat clippers. When I returned them to the vet a different receptionist went through the system and very rudely told me I did not purchase them from there as they do not stock that brand and I got them from the pet shop down the road. To imply that I am too stupid to remember where I purcgased them is one thing, but the rude and condescending way I was spoken to was unnecessary. Not to mention I was advised and sold the wrong product for my dog and had I carried on trying to use them could have caused her some real damage. Safe to say I did bot get a refund and am stuck with cat clippers I have no use for. Complete shambles.

Vet Response

We are of course very concerned over your view of our receptionist, but we have looked into this matter and on the day you visited our clinic we can find no evidence of our receptionist being rude, and as we had another receptionist on duty at the time of your appointment, and they also recall your visit and conversation, which was not one of rudeness, in their view. However, we do accept that people interpret things in many different ways, from someone's accent to body language, and therefore can only apologise if you found / thought our receptionist was being rude, I can assure you it was not her intention and as she has been with us for many years, it is not our other clients view of her either. In respect of the nail clippers, our stock records show that we have never had the item you advise you purchased from us in our stock inventory, and therefore we have to reiterate you could not have purchased them from us. You told our receptionist that you purchased them about 3-4 months ago, however we have no record of that transaction, either under general sales or against your account, which again makes us believe you are mistaken as to where you purchased this item, coupled with the fact you were unable to provide / show our receipt as proof of purchase. The good news is the item you purchased elsewhere is not the wrong item as small dog nail clippers and cat nail clippers are the same just marketed as different products. The nail clippers you purchased are suitable for your little dog. We are sorry that this is your recollection of our clinic and that you have only visited us this once to get your dog nails clipped, should you wish to re visit us for a nail clipping we would be happy to provide this next nail clip free of charge, not in any away suggesting we made an error, as we have not, but to show goodwill to our pet loving community in the Fulham / Kensington area.

1 Stars - 02-12-2015 - KatieKat

I wanted to get some felliway any for my cat but had been caught at work (ironically because I had stopped to help someone) so I ran to make closing time They had literally just locked up when I got there at what was not more than a minute past 7 if that (I think it was 7) There were two people in their one of whom was wearing a vet or nurses coat I knocked the door as all I wanted was the felliway I know people need to get home but my cats normal vet would just ignor a knock at closing time and if they answered and told me they couldn't help it would have been fine but they just ignored me. They didn't need to open up but could have at least checked through the door The second time I knocked switched the lights off so I am pretty certain they heard (when there were also other passers by looking in who told me they had literally locked up as I ran up) If I was a vet and someone did this I'd at least check through the door what they needed even if I didn't open it...hence I would never take my elderly cat here as it makes me wonder how much they really care in their hearts rather than just looking concerned... I'm sure some do but whoever was there tonight didn't care enough to check Note if I'd had a response and it was a no even through the door I wouldn't be writing this

Vet Response

Firsty we would like to apologise for this apparent lack of service on our part. However as we have no actual day this incident took place, it is difficult to give too much of a detailed response. However, we do sincerely care for our clients and their pet's and in this instance we would like to point out the following, due to staff security and safety of dangerous drugs, our staff are advised to not re open the door to the practice once closed and all end of day procedures have taken place. In this instance we would agree that if it had just turned 7pm, the staff on duty during that evening shift should have acknowledged you through the door to check your situation, assuming that the nurse was not assisting the vet in the care of other animals. On occasion, our vets do continue their calls to clients after hours, which can at times appear that we are still open. Thank you for bringing this to our attention, even though we are unable to ascertain the full details of this occurrence, we have taken your comments on board and will continue to give our gold standard service to all our new and long standing clients, ensuring our team are informed and continuingly updated on best practice.

1.8 Stars - 29-11-2015 - mcda

I had a very bad experience with Paws in Dawes. I am trying to get pregnant so I wanted to be sure our new kitten doesn't have toxoplasmosis. Especially because he was born in the countryside and was surrounded by 18 other cats. I called Paws in Dawes in Fulham to ask about the blood test and they told me that the total cost will be £90. I thought it was expensive but it was worth for the benefit of having a peace of mind so I booked him the appointment. However when I hung up the phone I doubted if that was going to be the total cost or if there will be some additional things. I decided to call back and another person picked up the phone. I told her the whole thing again and she confirmed that £90 was the cost. When I took the kitten, the vet and the nurse were both very kind. She reviewed him very quickly and took the blood sample. The whole process last no more than 10 min. When I went to pay I was in shock when the receptionist gave me a bill of £170!!!!!!! Yes, £170 for a blood sample for a little kitten!!!! At the beginning I refused to pay. I told them there was a mistake, that they had tell me TWICE in the phone that the cost was £90 (which was already very expensive) etc. but they just didn't care.They argued that it had to do with the cost of the lab etc. but I told them that if I had known that was the price from the beginning I wouldn't have taken him there and would rather go somewhere else!. The message was basically that I had to pay or not blood test results. It was an awful experience. An abuse and a robbery. The irony was that a month after I took my kitten to "Stone Lion" in Wimbledon to be neutered. They where absolutely amazing and the whole surgery with general anesthesia cost me £60!!!!!. So clearly Paws in Dawes is taking advantage of people worried for their pets health. Avoid this place at all cost.

Vet Response

Thank you for your review. We are bitterly disappointed to hear that this was your experience with us on this occasion. It's difficult to comment on this review in full as we have not been provided with your full client details, including dates and times of when these call(s) and appointment took place. We do sincerely care about our clients and their pets and do our up most to control their costs. We would never take advantage, as implied, of our clients and their pets, otherwise we would have not been practising for over 25 years. However, in this instance we can see how this possible confusion has arisen, as you advise you were quoted on each separate call to the practice, that the blood test you requested would cost £90 and whoever you spoke to on both of these occasions failed to mention that a consultation and interpretation fee would need to be added, which would bring the cost to approximately £170. We can only apologise in this instance, that twice you were misinformed of the full blood collection cost including analysis and therefore could we suggest that if you would like to make yourself know to us at the practice, we will look to find a solution that is acceptable to yourself. By you highlighting this occurrence, we shall re tune our training for all staff, new and old, to incorporate all costs associated with blood tests are clearly communicated as one final figure.

5 Stars - 22-07-2014 - Ella

I took a wee dog I was caring for to this practice and saw Simon. The dog had been very unwell overnight with distended stomach, purple tongue, glassy eyes and very laboured breathing.Simon put us both at ease straight way. He explained exactly why the breed of dog would have presented with the symptoms in such a dramatic way and prescribed medication which resolved the problem. Subsequently he phoned to check that all was alright. What I particularly liked is that Simon really understood my additional concern as a temporary carer of the dog. He listened to my worries about the symptoms and explained them in a way that meant that if they recurred I understood them; could discern the gravity of them and knew what action to take. Simon's an excellent practitioner. Kind,concerned and highly professional.When I told the story to a couple of friends they immediately said that they thought he was a fantastic vet as well. Thanks Simon!

5 Stars - 25-05-2014 - Audrey

I took my 18 year old cat to paws in doors when he had a bad turn and my normal vet ( which I was not happy with as the staff were unhappy , unprofessional and it all seemed about money!) was closed by 12 on a sat, even though paws in Dawes were due to close 2.30 pm they were more than happy to help my cat and stayed nearly an hour more , the vet was brilliant and so professional I could not of faulted him at all, he gave my very unwell cat pain control after a proper checkup and lowdown from me on my cats health over his life! He'd only been given the antibiotics at the other place , and advised me very well and tactfully, as he is not getting better at all:( I may sadly have to put my best friend to sleep next week and will definitely be choosing paws on Dawes for this and his cremation as they are so good they can do a home visit to put him to sleep so I feel happy that he will go peacefully at home with me. I would highly recommend paws on doors as a great local professional and friendly veterinary clinic .

5 Stars - 30-09-2013 - anonymous

Viv & Jessica pure magic, can't thank them enough.

4.8 Stars - 20-08-2013 - Francesca

This has been a tough year for me. I have lost 2 of my beloved cats within 2 weeks of each other. One was very ill, the other one just couldn't bear to be without her sister, or at least I think that was the case. Throughout this utterly heartbreaking ordeal everyone at the practice has been absolutely delightful: professional, caring and helpful. Special mention to Emelie, Jess and Chantal who almost literally held my hand as I was going through such a tough time and helped me make the right choices when chances are my judgment may have been slightly clouded by my emotions. I always felt my babies received the best care and I the best advice. Thank you for being there, and here's hoping Calypso lives to 30! Francesca

4.6 Stars - 15-08-2013 - Judy Barrett

We have been several times recently with our cat and dog and can't praise the practice highly enough. All staff highly professional and responsive with excellent affinity with our animals.

4.8 Stars - 30-07-2013 - JAMIE

Very rapid appointment, very kind to dog, very quick treatment. Thank you

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