Prince Bishop Veterinary Hospital

1 Plantation Street
Co Durham


  • Immaculate purpose built veterinary hospital with 24hr onsite nursing
  • All types of surgery available plus In house lab for quicker results
  • Out of hours emergency service available
  • Special offers available, premium plan for pets
  • First vets in North East to offer Keyhole surgery
  • Branch practices

Opening times

Day Opens Closes
Monday 9:00 am 7:00 pm
Tuesday 9:00 am 7:00 pm
Wednesday 9:00 am 7:00 pm
Thursday 9:00 am 7:00 pm
Friday 9:00 am 7:00 pm
Saturday 9:00 am 3:00 pm
Sunday Closed Closed

Clinic reviews

5 Stars - 19-08-2016 - Andrew B

Jasper, the older of our two cats, was recently run over and received treatment for his injuries at PBVH. Although Jasper broke his tail, but no other bones, he did suffer damage and swelling to his nerves and the area around his rump. A consequence of this was that he was unable to pee for himself and this had to be done for him. We were shown how to do this before he came home - (the nurses were very patient with me as I took a long time to grasp the technique). Jasper stayed in the hospital for a week before he came home, then returned a week later to have his damaged tail removed, before coming home again to recover from his accident. Jasper has now had his stitches removed and can now pee for himself - much relief all round! His fur is still to grow back to its' original length though, so he still looks odd with no tail and a shaved bum! We are sure that the professional care and expert attention Jasper received from all the nursing staff and vets at Prince Bishops, made his recovery much quicker than it may otherwise have been. The staff were compassionate with Jaspers' needs at all times. During his stay in the hospital the nurses provided us with daily progress reports which were very welcome. The ability to get advice out of practice hours was also very reassuring. Prince Bishop has looked after all our various cats for nearly 30 years, and Jacqui and all her team can justifiably be proud of their work which is at all times professional, polite but at the same time friendly. We would have no problem at all with recommending this practice as outstanding for anyone looking for a Veterinary Practice to cater for their pets' needs.

2.6 Stars - 13-05-2016 - Roland

Not for the first time have I had an issue. This time it was over a simple request for a prescription so we can get tablets online cheaper. My request was not adhered to, and no confirmation was given despite having three opportunities to do so. However, payment is demanded immediately. This vet seems to put profit before anything else.

1.8 Stars - 20-04-2016 - Sasha

I changed to this vets due to last resource for an appointment. I have two cats who both have Corona Virus. I was told this disease can kill my cats in a matter of days, and to find out if they had this disease they would have to run tests for 6 weeks using their urine at the price of £60 per cat per sample, per week. Myself and my children were worried sick, and it resulted in me calling the breeder of the cats to inform her on this disease. I was than told that 99% of cats carry this disease all their lives and does not affect them (just like the cancer gene), and to examine if they had this gene at all, the vets should have just took a blood test at the price of £30 per cat. Therefore to get as much money as possible out of me, overall it should have only costed me £60, however it costed me £600 because i cancelled the last sample which was due in for the last week of testing. Another indecent was i had just bought a puppy and her tail was infected, again i though i'd give this vet another chance and because this was the quickest appointment as i was worried about my dogs wellbeing i took it. They tried to examine her tail which they couldn't due to her fur so they just randomly diagnosed her with a infection, supplied us with antibiotics and let us go. Due to scabbing, it is making my dog itch, therefore i wanted to give her some antihistamines to prevent the itching. Just to ensure this was safe i rang the vets to get some advice. They tried to pursued me in having to come back in and pay for another appointment before supplying us with this drug, even though they saw her less than 24 hours before hand, and they would have just looked at her, wasted time and than supplied us. The service they offer is not value for money and i do not recommend this vets to anyone who wants good service and care giving to their pets. There attitudes are disrespectful and i have never saw the same vet more than once. My overall experience here has made me feel victimised due to being robbed of my money and along as they get the cheque at the end of the appointment they do not care about the animals wellbeing or health.

Vet Response

I am sorry you have been disappointed with the service you have received on these two occasions. The need for repeat coronavirus testing in your cats was discussed after the first positive sample and, as is our practice policy to discuss costs as early as possible, the ongoing costs were detailed at this point. We specifically sought advice from a small animal specialist for this case and, due to the potential risk of a chronic coronavirus shedder developing life threatining feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) at some stage in their lifetime, we advised (in line with the specialist's advice) that four weekly faecal samples were tested to help determine the risk of developing FIP for each cat. More recently, it was difficult to examine your puppy's tail because of her thick coat but as there was a strong suspicion of infection, antibiotics were prescribed. Piriton is not licensed for use in dogs and therefore its' use must be subject to a risk:benefit analysis. It was not felt that piriton would be helpful in her case as the itching was most likely due to infection, not allergies. Since further investigations have been carried out, I am glad to hear that she is doing well on her new medication and I hope she goes on to make a full, and swift, recovery. In future, if you would like to see the same vet for repeat examinations, this can be requested at reception when making an appointment and we will always endeavour to ensure your request can be fulfilled.

5 Stars - 25-02-2016 - JACK SIMONS

My 14 year old greyhound is like a puppy again. Brilliant & thanks a million. :)

5 Stars - 25-02-2016 - Mechelle

Jacqui and her team are exceptional when it comes to care for your pet. They give honest advice and have some of the most up to date equipment available. They have saved the lives of several of my dogs over the years due to their exceptional out of hours service, allowing my dogs to have emergency surgery quickly and effectively. Many thanks

5 Stars - 25-02-2016 - Dawn

In December Alfie our 8 year old Shih Tzu was suddenly unable to use his back legs. After a visit to our regular vets we were told we had two options: one was to spend in excess of £1500 pounds to have an MRI scan to confirm a slipped disc, which would then mean another very expensive operation to correct; or to have him put to sleep. We were devastated to say the least. But after being referred to Prince Bishops Vets Alfie is still with us. The staff were wonderful and very freindly and we are forever in their debt for saving the life of our much loved little dog. He's our little Christmas Miracle. Thank you Prince Bishops.

5 Stars - 12-12-2015 - Gilly

Lotty is our 5 year old King Charles Cavalier Spaniel. In November she became very ill and desperate for help we took her to Prince Bishops at Leadgate. We will be forever grateful that we did. The dedication and care shown by all staff could not be surpassed, and the love that all of the team showed her was truly touching. Lotty was an inpatient for over a week and during that time we were kept fully up to date on her treatment and condition receiving morning and evening calls. As I write this, she is at home, curled up fast asleep next to our other dog Lily, loudly snoring .. the best Christmas present ever. All down to the dedication and love of a brilliant team.

2.6 Stars - 25-09-2015 - joan

5 Stars - 15-08-2015 - Mary T

Once again to the rescue. My pup Liah had managed to open my handbag, removed a bottle of tablets, chewed the top off and had the bottle of tablets in her mouth when I found her. I removed them but then she chewed and swallowed...yes my fault, I know. A quick call to the vets and a race up to the hospital, vets reacted and dealt very quickly. Thankfully Liah is fine. I need to carry meds with me so now my handbag will be kept up and out of reach! I have 3 dogs, bichon frises, I've used this practice for many years and will always do so. My dogs deserve the best....

1 Stars - 21-11-2014 - Tia

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