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Stanhope Park Veterinary Hospital - Cats & Exotics

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58 Duke Street , Darlington, Co Durham, DL3 7AN

The Healthy Pets Plan

Our Healthy Pets Plan is an ideal way to manage the cost of your pet’s health care whilst ensuring your beloved animal receives everything they need to live a long, healthy and happy life.

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At our dedicated Cats and Exotics Clinic, we are able to provide separate waiting areas and consultation rooms for cats and exotic species (exotics include small herbivores such as rabbits / guinea pigs / hamsters etc; birds; and reptiles which are becoming increasingly popular as pets). We also have 3 dedicated wards for the different species – cats, small mammals and birds, and reptiles. These wards have all been designed specifically with the individual needs of the patients in mind, and provide an ideal environment for your pet to recover and recuperate!

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