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The friendly team at your local Vets4Pets in Swindon are waiting to meet you!


Every Vets4Pets veterinary surgery is equipped with the latest in technology, which means we can offer your pets the personalised care they need.  At Vets4Pets our aim is to treat every pet we see like we would our own, but don’t take our word for it, come along and ask for a practice tour to see for yourself.

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Day Opens Closes
Monday 9:00 am 8:00 pm
Tuesday 9:00 am 8:00 pm
Wednesday 9:00 am 8:00 pm
Thursday 9:00 am 8:00 pm
Friday 9:00 am 8:00 pm
Saturday 9:00 am 6:00 pm
Sunday 10:30 am 4:00 pm

Clinic reviews

5 Stars - 11-09-2017 - Loz

During a very emotional day they cared for my dog as if there own. Amazingly thoughtful and very thorough in their treatment/care. I so very much appreciated how you looked after Jemma (and myself!) right to the end. Thank you . ❤️

5 Stars - 03-07-2017 - Katie

I couldn't be happier with the service received and provided by the staff. They always found above and beyond to help and are extremely knowledgeable.

5 Stars - 13-04-2017 - Georgina

I want to thank everyone for there support for last nearly 7 years I could have chosen a closer vets where I lived but you have always been amazing ! Rocky has now arrived in Cyprus and I know will miss your professionalism and friendly faces.. I would recommend you to anyone within a heartbeat All the best and maybe our paths will meet again Thank you loads Georgina

5 Stars - 10-01-2017 - Jules

I have attended this Veterinary practice for many years for my border collie Bugsy, he is 13 now. We used to live in Essex but spent a lot of time in Swindon visiting family so registered in Swindon too. After a post op complication in Essex I saw Tanya, the difference in care from the practices in which I was registered was remarkable from that point I preferred to have him seen by Tanya and her team (where it was possible obviously) and I have to say Bugsy does too. He is much more relaxed in the Swindon practice. Bugsy is currently having accupunture by Tanya for his Arthritis I wasn't sure whether it would help or not but have definately seen a difference in him. I can't praise Tanya and her team enough, the receptionists are friendly, the vets make a fuss of Bugsy before he gets seen so he is relaxed couldn't ask for more. Thanks to you all

5 Stars - 07-09-2016 - Zoe Rigden

The Swindon Surgery has treated all our pets for at least 7 years. The routine care has been excellent but what makes this surgery stand out is the love and care for the animals (and us) when the visits to them have been because of more complicated problems. When our dog had liver tests done, Tanya rang us at home and kept us totally in the loop and when we had our elderly cat put down last week, they were beyond kind. We even received a small sympathy card which was very touching. I couldn't recommend this practice more highly. Thank you

5 Stars - 01-08-2016 - Vic

My spaniel was out for a walk when he sat down, started whining and refused to husband phoned our vets who said to go somewhere else as there was no vet on site (18.55) He phoned companion care in Stratton, Swindon and they remembered us as we had been previously registered there before we moved. The receptionist spoke with Tanya the vet and she said to go straight away and she'd wait for him. On arrival she carefully removed 2 grass seeds from his ear that were lodged very deep in the ear canal and would have been causing him much discomfort. She could only see what looked like a tiny hair on examination but managed to get them both out.absolutely dedication and professionalism and so very caring. Thank you Tanya for seeing my baby at such short notice and so late in the day.He subsequently had a comfortable night thanks to you. We are very relieved to be registered back with you.

5 Stars - 09-06-2016 - Zorua's Dads

The standard and level of care provided to our cat Zorua by Tanya, Kelly and the entire team at Companion Care at Vets4pets Stratton (swindon) was second to none from the traumatic first emergency appointment through to his sign off check up. Zorua was cared for and treated with genuine passion and the team went out of their way to help Zorua and us through a difficult time and we will be forever grateful to them for saving our pet and bringing him back to us when things looked very bleak. We would highly recommend this practice and wouldn't dream of going elsewhere

5 Stars - 01-12-2015 - Mandy

We had to take our dog Harry to see the vet. He had a large horrible lump on his leg. Our appointment was with Ioanna (hope I got the name right!!). After a couple of visits she had to refer us to a specialist but stayed in touch with us throughout. She was brilliant and we always felt she loved Harry as much as we do. Thank you so much Ioanna and the rest of the team. And I am very pleased to say Harry is back to his old self once again.

5 Stars - 24-04-2015 - Kristina

We have a 14 year old Border Collie, Millie. She was a rescue dog who we've loved for over 10 years. She always hated going to the vets and would get extremely distressed - she would pant, her hair would fall out, and on occasion she would wet herself. Sadly Millie has been poorly - primarily due to her age - and I knew she needed to go to a vet but I did not want to make her distressed. A friend of the family recommended we try the Swindon Veterinary Clinic. The staff are very friendly and understanding. They really care about the animals they care for and it shows. They discuss costs clearly and do not undertake any unnecessary tests/ treatment. All the other pet owners I have met there say the much the same thing - it's a great vets. I just wish I had known about this place before. Millie is not exactly overjoyed about visiting, but she doesn't get distressed any more. The treatment they have given has meant my lovely old dog has a new lease of life and for that I cannot thank them enough.

5 Stars - 15-02-2015 - Stewart

Tanya and her team have always been there for our cats and our dog. During several unfortunate illnesses Tanya has worked tirelessly to keep our furry family together - even when the odds were against us! Tanya's advice can be trusted implicitly, there can be a suspicion that a vet may be more interested in their business than the animals, with Tanya and her team you can rest assured that her primary concern is the welfare of the animals and the owners. My wife and I would consider Tanya a trusted friend and we would not take our pets to any other practice. Sadly, despite Tanya's best efforts we were faced with a very difficult decision this week regarding our much loved dog Charlie, her advice and support during this very difficult time was greatly appreciated. If you are looking for a trusted, professional and friendly vets I would strongly recommend that you contact Companion Care in Swindon.

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