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Fair Oak
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Unicorn Vets have been in existence for 18 years although was previously known by its three separate surgeries of Park, Fairfield and Ashurst. Our vets are friendly and highly experienced, with an excellent support team of nurses and receptionist all of whom are dedicated and committed to providing a high-quality service. Our aim is to ensure that all our clients leave our surgeries feeling that both they and their pets have the best possible care and attentiion.

Pet Health Club

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Opening times

Day Opens Closes
Monday 8:00 am 9:00 pm
Tuesday 8:00 am 9:00 pm
Wednesday 8:00 am 7:00 pm
Thursday 8:00 am 9:00 pm
Friday 8:00 am 7:00 pm
Saturday Closed Closed
Sunday Closed Closed

Clinic reviews

5 Stars - 01-08-2017 - Anita

Boo had to have her tail amputated it was a very long healing time due to infections having more tail removed etc etc jo cassey was very calming and reassuring in a very stressful situation re money and apps. Harriet was amazing with visits and was fantastic with us and Boo. Thank you

1 Stars - 04-07-2017 - mark

Can't say I was impressed , arrived 5 mins early for our appointment , surgery was full / busy so asked to take a seat but half the people waiting were unwilling to put their pets in carriers on the floor so people could actually use the seats .....waited while the waiting room emptied & more people came & went , gave up after 25 mins & left

Vet Response

We thank the client for his feedback and we have offered our sincere apologies to the client for the wait he experienced. Regretfully we had an emergency patient present to us that day which unfortunately meant that our booked appointments were running behind, as priority needed to be given to the emergency. Having explained the situation to the client we hope that the situation has been resolved and the client will be returning to our practice in the future.

4.8 Stars - 27-05-2015 - Jo K

I have taken my pets to Unicorn Vets, Fair Oak since it opened and they have treated numerous pets belonging to my family over the years. For me the staff make this practice. They are incredibly helpful and friendly. Whenever I go there I don't feel rushed and they genuinely care. I generally see Sarah Dawkins ,who in my opinion is super woman. She can cope with me (usually flapping) and is very caring and experienced. I trust her judgement completely. My dogs are a huge part of my family and I will only ever have them treated here.

4.2 Stars - 02-05-2015 - martin

I went horse racing at Newbury last week, had a fantastic time even if was a bit chilly and I needed a Gillet to keep out the wind. I'm not a big gambler,maybe a couple of quid or a fiver if I really fancy it's chances. This day I was on a roll, I picked the first two winners had the second in the next and third in the fourth race at 25/1. So feeling flush and running out of pockets to stash my cash ( over a £100) I gambled £10 on a horse at 15/2. To my delight it won, another £85 but the bookie said one of the horses never ran so had to deduct some, still it came to £75.82. In my most flamboyant playboy manner said to the bookie 'don't worry about the 82p' I returned to my pal and told him my tale of success. 'What' he said aghast 'never give a bookie anything' . Ah rubbish I thought, I'm flush what's 82p. By now you must be thinking what on earth has this got to do with a vet's review. The following Saturday I had to get some tick treatment, frontline, so took a walk down down to Unicorn at Fair Oak, £30 should cover it,I'll get something from the bakers on the way back,another chilly day, so on went the Gillet. 'No frontline',they said 'have this new tablet lasts 3 months', they said. Ok great how much. £33.56. ' wow hope it's a big tablet' so handed over £30 searched my pockets for change, came up 76p short, 'ok if I pop that in later' 'no we can't do that have to pay for it now' I must have looked stunned 'sorry' she said. ' I been coming here for 9 years with 3 different dogs having spent thousands and you're getting sniffy over 76p' I THOUGHT, but far too polite to say anything other than ok. Guess my pal at the races may have had a point

Vet Response

We fully appreciate our loyal clients support for the wonderful work that we do at our surgery and respect that we have a duty to ensure fairness to all clients. We have a fantastic proactive Pet Health Club that helps people pay for their routine pet treatment monthly including flea treatment which would have been ideal in this circumstance. As a group we try and be understanding and accepting of any financial problems, however, our policy is a standard system of payment in full at the time of treatment. As a principle, there is no difference between pennies and pounds. Our staff members work diligently to ensure they offer a consistent and honest service. We are sorry that this matter may have caused an issue with our client and we will do what we can to rectify the situation

5 Stars - 14-02-2015 - francesca

After changing vets a few times for my dog neville, I'm so glad I ended up at fairfeild! I really can not recommend the team enough, my Nev was diagnosed with cancer shortly after Christmas 2014, Sarah researched into his treatment in her own time, and heidi and laura were great when we had to say are goodbyes to are boy! Really I am so pleased with the team at fairfeild, for there care and compassion for animals and outstanding work they do! Never would I take my pets anywhere else as I believe they are in the best hands! A big pat on the back for the fairfeild team as you are all truely so fab at your jobs!

5 Stars - 13-01-2015 - claire

My dog elvis, has been in and out of the vets for allergies etc but today he had a castration and all the staff at fairoak surgery have been amazing the care and support they have given is first class. Not nessasery the cheapest vet in the area however by far the best.we have tried other vets but none have been even close in the knowledge and service. Thank you for looking after elvis as if he was your own. X

5 Stars - 21-11-2014 - Alex

Me and my partner chose Unicorn Vets because of their excellent reviews on this site, and we really weren't disappointed. The staff are all very friendly, knowledgeable and actually care about the animals they treat. Always willing to give great advise and do what's right for the animals. Probably not as cheap as a larger chain, but not by much, and that extra makes all the difference.

4.8 Stars - 09-09-2014 - Jo K

I have used Fairfield vets since it opened. They are very good and always do everything possible. The staff are all kind and I have never felt rushed even though they are usually busy. I mainly see Douglas and Sarah (vets) and think they are excellent, normal people who explain things clearly and honestly! I won't take my two dogs and mad cat anywhere else.

5 Stars - 03-09-2014 - paula b

All the staff were helpful and kind especially the vet, who was firm and kind very helpful with our new dog. Giving excellent advice and support. I would recommend this vet to all my friends also the pet health care club which seems fair and good value as well as protecting your pet

5 Stars - 28-02-2014 - Dee

I have been with unicorn for at least 8 years and can't recommend these guys enough. The support and care I have had for my ridgebacks is outstanding. Last year when my beloved Ruby fell ill with lymphoma, they offered so much support and advice, unfortunately we caught it all too late and she passed in her sleep. They even offered to bring the ashes home for me as they knew how upset I was, and again this year when one of my other dogs had a few lumps, Douglas was very good and had her in within 2 days to have them removed only to end up removing more, keeping in touch with me to check to see all was well, even though I had to return twice after as it was in one of those places that is within chewing reach even with the flower pot on, but eventually we found a way to avoid repeat visits to be re-opened and stitched again. They are a very caring, friendly practice, and very professional and they are very quick to help in all matters, even when I came in with a poorly squirrel, they were quick enough to help. I recommend to all my customers the quality and care of unicorn vets

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