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Helping Families Say Goodbye to their Pet at Home

Gentle and professional in-home end-of-life veterinary care, palliative medicine and pet euthanasia 24/7.  Have time to say goodbye peacefully at home without stress, worry or travel when the time is right - not too soon nor too late.  A very peaceful goodbye in the comfort of home.
  • Run by the UKs leading Hospice Vet, Susan Gregersen and her caring team
  • 24/7 advice, support & urgent home visits for a peaceful end
  • Gentle & dignified in-home euthanasia - always with a sedation first
  • Family-run home visiting vet practice - established in 2005
  • Personalised medication and care plans for good quality-of-life for as long as possible
  • Pain and stress-free end-of-life and with respectful aftercare

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Clinic reviews

5 Stars - 04-01-2018 - Louise

Probably the hardest decision we have ever had to make and one we didn't want to; to say goodbye to our loyal, brave, old gentleman. Gunner was our 11 and half year old English Setter. Suzen, the vet was amazing. Calm, reassuring, understanding and compassionate. We had known for a while that this day would come, and thought we were prepared, but the heart ache and tears were, and still are, testament to how special Gunner was to us. Suzen was wonderful. We said our goodbyes as he happily enjoyed the treat of some cooked giblets from the Christmas turkey. His passing was so gentle, he just drifted off into a deep sleep. If death can be lovely, then Suzen certainly ensured that our gorgeous old man had a lovely one. We are extremely grateful to have found Vets2home, as Gunner was not a fan of the vets surgery. Being in his home, in his comfy bed, surrounded by all his family with love and cuddles was the right choice for him and is a 'good' memory for us. He has left an enormous void, but we know the final decision we made for our special friend was the best decision for him and us. Thank you Suzen.

5 Stars - 15-12-2017 - Jan Owen

5 Stars - 08-12-2017 - Mollie

I can recommend Suzen's service to anyone who really cares about the manner in which their pet is helped to end its distress. My cat Minnie was only ill for a few days but was dreadfuuly upset that her body was letting her down and became very anxious and tried to hide away. When Suzen arrived her gentle manner and voice comforted Minnie and she was calm and purring at the end. I was able to do two things for Minnie that I am proud of. One was to take her in when her owners, our neighbours, neglected her dreadfully and the other was contacting Peacefulpetgoodbyes after she had spent five happy years with us. She lived to be seventeen and a half, against all the odds, and deserved the best possible farewell. Thank you Suzen for the lovely memory I have of her looking so beautiful at the end.

5 Stars - 17-11-2017 - JAN DOYLE

The time we had been dreading arrived this week Rusty my wonderful Staffie who had given us all 16 amazing Years was clearly unwell.I contacted Vets 2Home having heard about and researched them 18 months ago.I met Susan on Tuesday my dog immediately took to her.Susan was wonderful she discussed every aspect of Rustys condition the best possible outcome and what lay ahead it was like talking to a trusted friend.I was hoping for palliative care but alas it was too late for Rusty we arranged the day for yesterday giving me time to consultant with family members first pain relief was administered for the interim period.We all had time to say our goodbyes when the time arrived Susan was just so kind and caring yes it was heartbreaking we knew it would be but Susan was there every second with us explaining what was happening.Rusty slipped into a deep painless sleep with her family surrounding her.Every aspect from beginning to the very end was dealt with a level of caring dignity and professionalism.Susan I can’t Thankyou enough for all you did to make the day we had all been dreading into a pure and uplifting experience.Any of you pet owners that want the best for your beloved pet contact this wonderful lady I’m so very thankful that I found Vets 2 Home and Thankyou Susan from myself and The Family you are a truly lovely caring person .

5 Stars - 16-08-2017 -

Having to say goodbye to my faithful best furry friend of 12.5 years was so painful. Although we knew we were on borrowed time when it came to the end it was very sudden from that first call I made to the end I felt supported and cared for my family and I were able to say goodbye in a quiet and calm place there was no stress for any of us. We are left with only positive shared memories and have been able to grieve knowing we did the best for him. My family and I cant thank you enough.

5 Stars - 06-08-2017 - Gill Sorrell

Thank you so much Suzen for helping Billie pass away in the comfort of her home you handled the very sensitive decision beautifully and professionally and we thank you so very much this was one of the hardest decisions we had to make. We will recommend you to all. Truly professional and caring.

5 Stars - 02-08-2017 - Cindy

We were so grateful to Susan for giving our beautiful dog Cindy such a calm and peaceful end to her life. It helped us so much too as it was lovely to say goodbye to her in her own home without the stress of going to a vets surgery. Thank you very much for providing such a wonderful service.

5 Stars - 19-07-2017 - Lady

My baby was diagnosed with bone cancer on the Tuesday. We thought we had a few days, a week even. Sadly, on the Wednesday when I awoke, I knew it was time and my heart broke. Perhaps she had been waiting for me to be ready. I called my vets, whom I have been with for 10 years (my family, probably closer to 30). Out of 4 surgeries and an emergency (after 7pm)service,the only time they could offer was 3.30pm. My son wouldn't be home form school and my husband was stuck at work. I wanted her to have a great day. To see the sun and her sister (next door),an ice cream from the the ice cream van. I wanted her friends to see her and her family here. I needed her to enjoy her last day. The pain was awful and the worry of making her wait until another day and perhaps not enjoy it was unbearable. I decided to consult another vet, Suzen from Vets2Home, I didn't believe in angels but I do now. Suzen, went out of her way to help my family and for that I will be eternally grateful. She was a Ray of light on my darkest day. My beautiful baby, had the best day and a peaceful passing at a time when she and the family were ready. The service was professional yet so kind and feeling and understanding. Thank you so much. Stephanie (Isis's mummy)

5 Stars - 07-07-2017 - Alexander

Our cat Mario came from a local animal rescue centre and he was blind and deaf. We later discovered that he had high blood pressure and arthritis and we looked after him with much love and to the best of our ability for four years. However when he was diagnosed with a rapidly spreading form of cancer we decided that we did not want him to suffer any more and that we needed to let him go. We wanted this to happen at home but our vets were unable to provide a home visit and we therefore contacted Vets2Home. Jo the vet who visited was extremely kind and patient and Mario had a very peaceful end as we held him in our arms. Vets2Home provided an excellent service and I would definitely use them again if needs be and would not hesitate to recommend them to other animal lovers.

5 Stars - 02-07-2017 - Margaret

Thank you Sarah, for your compassion and help, in making what was a painful, sad and distressing experience, just that bit easier. I felt so grateful that my best friend and doggy Daughter left this world in such a peaceful and loving way, and has now gone to join my loving Husband.

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