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Vets2Home Veterinary Service
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Helping Families Say Goodbye to their Pet at Home

Gentle and professional in-home end-of-life veterinary care, palliative medicine and pet euthanasia 24/7.  Have time to say goodbye peacefully at home without stress, worry or travel when the time is right - not too soon nor too late.  A very peaceful goodbye in the comfort of home.
  • Run by the UKs leading Hospice Vet, Susan Gregersen and her caring team
  • 24/7 advice, support & urgent home visits for a peaceful end
  • Gentle & dignified in-home euthanasia - always with a sedation first
  • Family-run home visiting vet practice - established in 2005
  • Personalised medication and care plans for good quality-of-life for as long as possible
  • Pain and stress-free end-of-life and with respectful aftercare

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Clinic reviews

5 Stars - 22-08-2016 - Christine Wells

Last week I lost my beloved Archie. We had spent 13 happy years together, he was my friend, not just my cat. Sadly he became poorly and I had to make the heart breaking decision to let him go. Susan from Vets2Home showed us such kindness and compassion.Archie passed away peacefully and with dignity in his favourite place, in the garden, in the sun. Susan is such a lovely lady, she made Archie's passing more bearable I will always remember her

5 Stars - 21-07-2016 - jo

Vets2home provided a caring and comforting service for which we were truly grateful.

5 Stars - 31-03-2016 - Claire

My beautiful Ginger Cat Spud was nearly 17yrs old and had a brilliant life. Sadly Spud had cancer and was half the tomcat he used to be. On Good Friday Spud took a turn for the worse, but thanks to Heath Vets in Burgess hill we had been given details for VETS2HOME. Susan from VETS4HOME supported me to make the difficult decision to end spuds pain. She demistified my fears about putting Spud to sleep and allowed us valuable time to say goodbye in familiar surroundings. Spud has left a big hole but Susan's words of wisdom and experience still gives me peace of mind when I feel sad.

5 Stars - 05-03-2016 - Linda

I was heart broken knowing It was time to say goodbye to my beautiful cat Amber aged 15yrs. On 2.3.16. Its never easy having to make that call. Sue arrived with care/compassion, and completely understood how hard it was for me. My dear Amber went peacefully in her favourite chair with me at her side. Thank goodness I found Vets2home. Anyone who is facing this difficult agonising decision I would sincerely recommend using Vets2home. Thank you Sue for everything plus the card with lovely poem which I received today.

5 Stars - 31-10-2015 - George

This week our beloved cat, George, became suddenly unwell and rapidly deteriorated. Having had contact with Susan before we were in no doubt that Vets2Home would give us the advice we needed. Susan was brilliant - informative, kind and caring and her presence helped enormously. George passed away very peacefully at home and we had the comfort of being reassured we had taken the right action. This situation is never easy but we have wonderful memories - not spoilt by his ending. We cannot recommend Vets2Home enough. A great service is provided in very difficult circumstances. THANK YOU Susan and Alex. Christine and Patrick Hosford

5 Stars - 24-09-2015 - Whitby..

Having to say goodbye to my pet cat Whitby was the hardest thing I have had to do for many many years. He was 12years old and had a few medical problems and had obviously had enough. Susan was very caring and made the whole thing a bit less traumatic and he passed very peacefully at home on the settee with me. When the time comes that I have to make the same decision for my other cat Fudge, I will definitely use vets2home again. I could not fault them.

5 Stars - 14-10-2014 - Ann-Marie Wade

Losing our pet was like losing a close member of our family. You never want them to go but you know a time will come when they must. Fella our 10 year old black Labrador let us know when it was time having been diagnosed with a very aggressive form of cancer 4 weeks earlier. We had pre arranged for Vets to Home to come to us when the time was right. Susan was absolutely amazing and hugely compassionate, calm and reassuring. She talked us through everything that was going to happen and gave us time to be with him both before, during and after. Every aspect was handled in a dignified and respectful manner and we were totally reassured that he would be well cared for until the crematorium service we had also engaged could collect him from Susan. We would unreservedly recommend this company; we are heartbroken without him but have no regrets about his final hours.

5 Stars - 01-08-2014 - LISA IN LANCING

Two years ago, myself & my Family lost 3 of our babies in a row, first our dearest Rescue Yorkie with cussions disease at 6yrs then 3 weeks later our beloved Battersea rescue German shepherd/collie we had loved for 14 years collapsed of old age and three weeks after that our adorable boy Pointer/Labrador that was found in a dust bin a three weeks old by the RSPCA who we cherished for 13 years also was unwell as age and the shock of losing his friends was just too much, we were just devastated, it was the worst time of my life, and each time the "Angel" Susan came out to help, she was Kindness itself and so patient, nothing was too much trouble, I couldn't have got through it without her, my only wish is that she could be our vet in all things but I realise that she cannot do everything. I wish that there were more Susan's out there, who really care for our pets and understand as she does that they are part of the family, SUSAN, It has taken me over two years to be able to leave you this message, but here goes : Thank you !!!! Thank you!!! Thank you !!! from the bottom of my heart, your an amazing Angel, Lisa xxxx

5 Stars - 22-07-2014 - Mavis

I can't thank Susan enough for coming out to my cat Prudence when I knew I had to end her suffering. It was very peaceful, no hurry, Susan stay with us for over an hour and gave me so much time to come to terms with what I knew I had to do. I cannot praise the service highly enough.