Vets2Home - Peaceful Pet Goodbyes is founded and run by UKs leading and certified Hospice Vet, Dr Suzen Gregersen, CHPV MRCVS and her small, caring team of home visit vets in Sussex, since 2005. They offer professional at home end-of-life veterinary care, palliative medicine and home pet euthanasia 24/7 and are mobile vets that come to you, specialising in a peaceful goodbye for your pet at home - without stress, worry or travel. A very peaceful goodbye in the safe comfort of your pet’s home.

  • The Loving Choice” - gentle pet euthanasia at home by caring, mobile vets
  • 24/7 advice, support & urgent home vet visits for a peaceful pet goodbye
  • Gentle & dignified home pet euthanasia - always with a pain-free sedation first
  • Personalised medication and care plans for a good quality-of-life for as long as possible
  • We believe putting a pet to sleep at home, is the very last gesture of love

Clinic reviews

5 Stars - 16-06-2019 - Sally

After a heartbreaking decision to have my dear border terrier put to sleep, Suzen of Vets2Home reassured and supported me throughout the procedure, providing clear direction in a calm environment, enabling a peaceful passing for Ted. Thank you

5 Stars - 16-06-2019 - Sally

After a heartbreaking decision to have my dear border terrier put to sleep, Suzen of Vets2Home supported and reassured me throughout the procedure, explaining each step clearly to ensure a peaceful end to Ted's wonderful life. Thank you

5 Stars - 04-06-2019 - R & P Smith

A wonderful service, caring for both dog and owners late in the evening and at short notice.

5 Stars - 30-05-2019 - Stewart

The call you never want to make but know your dog deserves. Susan came to my house within an hour of calling her, she's amazing and so in tune with you and your emotions abd more importantly your pet and theirs. She very humanely helped my best friend Millie (19yrs+) have a very dignified and peaceful end to her life which meant the world to me as she did and always will. The whole service is so professional and caring from first phonecall, the visit, the aftercare and special touches that I know my beautiful was well worth. I would only ever choose Vets2Home if ever in the same position in the future. I really cannot recommend them more highly. Much love. Thank you from Millie, Stewart and Dave.

5 Stars - 28-05-2019 - Ruth

It must always be a gut-wrenching decision to say good-bye to a much-loved pet. We found Suzen and Jo both very empathetic and helpful with advice. When the day arrived we knew it was the right decision (and haven't for one moment felt differently retrospectively either). Jo was here within 2.5 hours of our call. Our beautiful Kato was on the sofa with his head on my lap, he didn't move when Jo arrived nor throughout the procedure. Jo was discrete, giving us time with Kato throughout and explained thoroughly what would happen. It was incredibly peaceful, Jo gifted a beautiful end to a beautiful dog. I can't see how it could have been any better. Of course, it was an awful day and we were in bits but Jo made it as good as it possibly could have been. I thoroughly recommend Jo if you find yourself in this unenviable, sad situation.

5 Stars - 01-05-2019 - Jeff

I can’t express enough, how grateful I am for the way you conducted my beloved Milo’s final goodbye. Completely respectful and dignified without any rush, I would always choose you in the future, rather than as in previous years, carting my pet to a surgery. Thank you again

5 Stars - 23-04-2019 - Sue

Dr Suzen Gregerson came to our home in the evening of the day that we called and was informative, sensitive and warm. My husband and elder son had gone away that morning so it was myself and my younger son at home with our 14 year old Labrador, Sidney. She supported us whilst giving us space to say goodbye to our beloved family pet. I couldn't have asked for a more caring experience for our dog but also for ourselves. Thank you so much - I never imagined it could feel so 'right' in every aspect.

5 Stars - 11-04-2019 - Bridget

Dr Suzen provided an outstanding service from start to finish with nothing to fault. It was an emergency euthanasia for our golden oldie bestie furry friend little ol Lilly. Of all times-on a bank holiday Monday ( in Surrey) A review or how many thank you's will never cut it as we will be eternally grateful for everything this amazing lady did to help us from the very first sad phone call we had to make to notifying our vets afterwards. The card was a thoughtful,lovely touch too. So-much respect,happiness & rainbows to you all!

5 Stars - 18-03-2019 - Elton

Dr Suzen showed compassion and care for our dog, she was calm and professional and treated us and our dog with dignity in her final moments

5 Stars - 13-03-2019 - Maggie

I can't praise Suzen highly enough. She came to us at the end of last year to advise about pain relief for my rescued greyhound Rocky. Three months later she came to the house within hours of my call, to put him to sleep. It was calm, totally professional and a pain free, gentle process - a complete contrast to the appalling mess of my last beloved hound's passing, courtesy of our local vet. At the time I swore nothing like that would ever happen to one of my dogs again, and thanks to Vets2home, it won't. I can't say enough good things about this organisation - I wish we could all end our lives this way. My beloved Rocky, such a huge presence in our lives, big, bold,courageous and always happy - I was dreading the time when I knew his arthritis would be too bad -a local friend recommended this wonderful company in the nick of time. Thank you Suzen from the bottom of my heart. xx

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