Vets2Home - Peaceful Pet Goodbyes is founded and run by UKs leading and certified Hospice Vet, Dr Suzen Gregersen, CHPV MRCVS and her small, caring team of home visit vets in Sussex, since 2005. They offer professional at home end-of-life veterinary care, palliative medicine and home pet euthanasia 24/7 and are mobile vets that come to you, specialising in a peaceful goodbye for your pet at home - without stress, worry or travel. A very peaceful goodbye in the safe comfort of your pet’s home.

  • The Loving Choice” - gentle pet euthanasia at home by caring, mobile vets
  • 24/7 advice, support & urgent home vet visits for a peaceful pet goodbye
  • Gentle & dignified home pet euthanasia - always with a pain-free sedation first
  • Personalised medication and care plans for a good quality-of-life for as long as possible
  • We believe putting a pet to sleep at home, is the very last gesture of love

Clinic reviews

4.8 Stars - 23-08-2019 - Maureen Smith

I had come to the difficult decision to have the family PTS Rem was 15 years old and the best dog ever. Dr Suzan came to the house so that there was no stress for Rem or myself. She was very professional explain the process and what was happening as well as being very compassionate. I cannot recommend the service highly enough when the time comes for someone else's beloved pet.

4.6 Stars - 21-08-2019 - Hooch

This is certainly the best way to give your companion the way out they deserve and I was able to prepare and plan for this spending precious time with my beloved dog beforehand. My only criticism was we were expected to pay the full cost before it was carried out and I felt violated at a very vulnerable moment...I've known vets to say its fine and come back tomorrow or even if we had been asked for a deposit when the appointment had been booked might have been a way round it.

Vet Response

Thank you very much for your feed back about our special home vet service. It was an honour to personally be able to help you say goodbye in such a peaceful and calm manner in your boy’s favourite spot at home. However, I am so sorry to read that you have felt violated regarding our normal payment policy for non-registered clients at a time that should only be a very special memory of a peaceful goodbye for Hooch. I can reassure you that our long-standing practice policy (15 years) is to help anyone who reaches out to us at any time (24/7) who has a poorly animal in need of a gentle home goodbye. As such, and unlike many normal vet practices, we also welcome non-registered clients at a very difficult time. To ensure there are no confusion as to our pricing and what’s included or aftercare requests or left over reminders of a very sad day, we always take care of the practicalities and paperwork beforehand. This also ensures that we on the sad day, can give our full attention to helping the animals and families who we are there to help. To enable this smooth process, we take the payment details and explain our prices before (when there is less stress and upheaval unlike when in the home) and at the time of the booking. If you checked with your bank you would see, we actually rarely process the payment until just before the appointment as we did with you. After 15 years of helping thousands of animal lovers around Sussex, we have learned that this approach simply causes the least upheaval and confusion at what we know is a very upsetting time. Additionally we know sometimes the animal or family may suddenly need our service sooner than what was arranged or may even have passed naturally before we were meant to go out (natural death for animals is VERY rare) and this makes this sudden urgent event much easier to make as nice as possible. I am only sorry if following our normal procedure for settling all paperwork beforehand has caused you any unduly stress at this special time. However I hope this clarifies your raised issue and may give you a bit of solace at this difficult time after your sad loss of your beautiful boy. Sending you all my healing thoughts at this difficult time

5 Stars - 21-08-2019 - Dorothy Burt

Suzan Came to put my Cat Cleo to sleep very happy with the service at this very sad time thank you for caring

5 Stars - 14-08-2019 - liz

Suzan helped us all through the difficult emergency situation of our beloved Maisie’s passing - she made a tough life event into something truly beautiful and made a memory for my children that will be with them forever - I cannot recommend her enough - an angel

5 Stars - 12-08-2019 - Susanne

We found Jo gentle, unobtrusive and efficient when he helped our Tammy cross the Rainbow Bridge. This is never a happy experience and an event we all dread, but he made it very peaceful and the best it could be. What you get from Vets2Home as opposed to a busy veterinary surgery is time. No long list of clients waiting, and the environment you choose for saying good-bye (we did it in our garden, where Tammy loved to sit in the sun). Vets2Home also gave us the reassurance that we were doing the right thing.

5 Stars - 10-08-2019 - Heather

Suzen brought empathy, professionalism and compassion to help us through one of the saddest times: saying goodbye to our beloved cat Tiger. I hope we never have to do this again - but if we do, we'll ask for her help. Hugely grateful for her support.

5 Stars - 03-08-2019 - Dan & Marie

Absolute outstanding service and respect for out beloved Pepsi. We were able to be with her through her final moments as she peacefully went to sleep. Thank you so much.

5 Stars - 24-07-2019 - Tracy Garry01273

When I knew that my treasured friend Molly was so very ill and was in terrible pain dr Suzan came and was so incredible. She reassured me it was the right thing to do, she gave us time,, she never rushed us at all! She made the whole dreadful experience the very best it could be! Molly died in my arms in her home and filled with love! I couldn’t thank dr Suzan enough!

5 Stars - 11-07-2019 - Danielle

I would just like to thank suzen and her team for the help I was given in ending my elderly dog Honeys life,Honey hated cars and going to the vets so for a vet to come to my home where she was calm and relaxed was an absolute godsend, Honey was 13 and my angel I loved her so so much but knew her time had come to go to the bridge, suzen is an amazing vet and made it so much easier for me to let go,she’s kind calm and compassionate, an absolute professional, my heart is shattered but Suzen made it much more bearable and for that I’m eternally grateful xxxx

5 Stars - 09-07-2019 - HELEN

Suzen thank you for your kindness and gentleness, advise and support with our beloved dog. It much appreciated at such a hard time and enabled a peaceful death.

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