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Beech House Veterinary Centre is one of the only veterinary practices based in Warrington that has staff on site around the clock, providing constant quality care for your pet. We are here for you and your four-legged companion whenever you need us, be it for 24 hour care or just some friendly advice. We also believe in minimising any stress that our patients may feel when at our surgery and so we have separate cat and dog wards to aid this.

We are a Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Tier 2 Approved Hospital and are an approved training practice for veterinary nurses, we are very proud of this accreditation and status as it results in us being a determined and hard working team to maintain them. Beech House Veterinary Centre are proud supporters of local animal charities including Cheshire Dogs Home and Warrington AnimalWelfare.

Here at Beech House we boast an extensive list of services and facilities from routine vaccinations and check ups right through to more complex surgery. We are widely experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of conditions in Shar Peis - eye tacking, entropian surgery, dislocating patellas, dermatology, ear surgery, Shar Pei fever and Shar Pei syndrome.

Opening times

Day Opens Closes
Monday 8:00 am 7:00 pm
Tuesday 8:00 am 7:00 pm
Wednesday 8:00 am 7:00 pm
Thursday 8:00 am 7:00 pm
Friday 8:00 am 7:00 pm
Saturday 8:30 am 4:30 pm
Sunday 9:00 am 4:30 pm

We provide a 24 hour emergency vets service

Clinic reviews

5 Stars - 08-12-2017 - Karen Hietschold

My visit was a one off through fit and fertile on my Newfoundland. All your staff that I met were very friendly and professional and lovely with my dog, Thankyou

5 Stars - 06-12-2017 - Andrew Guy

2 Stars - 23-11-2017 - Steve Bosworth

Have been a customer of Beech House Veterinary Centre for nearly 20 years, but will not be using them again following a dog/colitis mis-diagnosis a few months back and after waiting 45 minutes to see a vet on last visit. Receptionists basically ignored me (trying to check in/waiting to see vet) and two other customers who were waiting for post-examination tablets/cream. I have always arrived in advance or at least on time for appointments but have always had to wait to see a vet (often 15 - 20 minutes after the appointment time). I will take my pets elsewhere in future.

Vet Response

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. We are really sorry that you have had too long a wait for your appointments on your recent visits to our practice. We are aware that the reception area is busy and are working hard to ensure that appointments are kept to time and everyone is dealt with in a timely manner. I think that everyone understands that emergencies take priority and are generally very understanding about these situations but if you have had to wait on numerous occasions it would appear that this was not due to emergencies. Please accept our apologies and I assure you that behind the scenes we are trying to resolve this issue.

5 Stars - 27-10-2017 - Angela

My dog reggie was in today. We was seen by a lovely nurse Heather. She was Brilliant with him, so friendly and kind. She is a real credit to your team!

5 Stars - 03-07-2017 - AGNES

Sandy our cocker spaniel

4.8 Stars - 03-06-2017 - Stewart Thompson

We have been using Beech House for about 4 years now to treat our Shar Pei who had awful skin problems, which thanks to the team at Warrington are now 99% clear, well done.

5 Stars - 19-03-2017 - Denise holt

I would like to thank michelle coward for the time she gave us with the passing of my dog mojo. Great team to.

1.8 Stars - 16-03-2017 - Mark

The beeches looked after my French bulldog ERNIE when he was suspected to have idiopathic epilepsy which resulted in seizures. He was referred to a sister practice called Oakwood who I can only praise for there help. However whilst in beech care ERNIE didn't show any signs of improvement at all which was very saddening. When he was taken to Oakwood to the referral vet he said ' he couldn't believe how much or quickly he had detiorated' . This has left me very annoyed ! Why the beeches haven't relayed this info to the referral vet when his symptoms and overall condition was so poor is beyond me. When I asked how my dog was whilst in the beeches care I was informed ' very sleepy and twitchy due to meds'. When Infact he was far worse and basically lifeless hence the referral vets amazement when he was seen. When I asked beeches questions regarding to my dogs health and why the referral vet wasn't informed of his condition they told me to put it in writing and became very defensive. I was told there was no vets to discuss the matter with who had treated ERNIE. All this info was relayed to me by a nurse who went away and asked me to put it in writing to a PAULINE QUIRKE office manger. I merely wanted to know who had made decisions on my dogs health along the way as he was in a far worse condition than being 'sleepy' from meds. It took 4 days of him being like this which I think Is totally disgraceful from trained vetinary practitioners. I'm awaiting there response and will provide updates along the way.

Vet Response

We are very sorry the client had cause to complain. Ernie had brain swelling post seizure which got increasingly worse approaching his MRI scan. Most dogs post seizure can suffer transient confusion lasting several hours to days, also the drugs can cause some sedation/depression of brain function initially hence the initial confusion with his clinical signs. Ernie deteriorated markedly in the last 6-12 hours pre MRI scan, the scan showed marked cerebral swelling, much worse than we normally expect to see and until that scan we did not know the full cause and severity of Ernie's issues. We are pleased he is now recovering and hope and expect him to make a good recovery.

5 Stars - 09-01-2017 - Joyce

Sean had operated on my little jack Russell called Lady the day before Christmas eve she had been in a bad car accident which we thought we going to lose her but the vets done a fantastic job I cannot say enough thank you'd they were great many thanks again Joyce from Wallasey New Brighton

5 Stars - 11-11-2016 - Martin

We said goodbye to our beloved cat Jack yesterday. We were helped by Pieter de Villiers who stayed past his finishing time to allow my son and daughter to get there to say goodbye. Jack was not far off 20 but he was helped to another few monthe of quality life by Beech House and Piter. He was diagnosed with renal failure contributing to painful constipation in June and needed emergency admission and days of treatment. I was really glad Beech House was 24 hour and 7 days a week service. Pieter is without doubt an animal lover and it showed in his care for Jack. He never rushed us and made efforts to acomodate Jack even when busy with other patients, who I am sure would get the same treatment if they needed it. Pauline, at the desk, was friendly to owners and pets. We used Bridgefoot vets, part of the same Willows group for Jack until June ( and for our cat Amber before that). They were also excellent and Melanie has known Jack all of his life. She also dealt with the insurance claims as that surgery was where we started,and she has been a great help. We only used a different practice when we needed the emergency treatment. We asked for Pieter for appointments because we could see Jack had rallied under his care, and to maintain consistency. In time we will have another cat who will also be cared for by this practice. Thank you, Martin Connolly (on behalf of all our family)

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