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Opening times

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Monday 10:00 am 8:00 pm
Tuesday 10:00 am 8:00 pm
Wednesday 10:00 am 8:00 pm
Thursday 10:00 am 8:00 pm
Friday 10:00 am 8:00 pm
Saturday 9:00 am 4:00 pm
Sunday Closed Closed

Outside these hours we offer our own 24hr emergency service in Coventry

Clinic reviews

5 Stars - 10-01-2017 - Niki

Excellent service from César today. Explained our options and gave us clear, professional advice on what to do next with our puppy. Could not recommend highly enough! Thank you so much.

5 Stars - 07-01-2017 - Lou

My son's hamster had Cushing's and it was time for her to be put to sleep. The receptionist on the phone was very caring and said they would make a time for hamster to be seen, regardless of appointment availability. On arrival at the reception, the receptionist guessed who I was and arranged for me to wait in a private room. The vet nurse who then dealt with us was very professional and respectful. Once the procedure was finished she showed me out a side door (I was quite upset). I appreciated the caring, non-judgemental way I was treated by the staff at this emotional time. Thank you for allowing our much-loved pet to pass with dignity.

5 Stars - 06-01-2017 - pat& cliff

cannot thank you enough. for the fast biopsy results and immediate contact,on all phones & left messages. it put our minds at rest. thanks pat & cliff

5 Stars - 31-12-2016 - Kayleigh

Myself and my mum went for a checkup for our cat. On this ocassion we were in the waiting room and witnessed s student nurse (dark long hair) - didn't catch her name. She was tentative to two young children who were obviously very distressed whilst their parent was in with their pet and the vet. She offered tissues and chocolate to them and then bent down to their level to talk about a range of topics. The children responded so well to her approach and her kind nature seemed to soothe the situation. Working within health care myself I felt a review would be necessary to highlight the good work done. Often it is the bad press we see and hear about but not enough praise. This student nurse informed us she was only 18 years old and in her very first year of uni. It is impressive she was able to show such empathy at such an early stage in her career. My mum and I wish her every luck for the future.

4.4 Stars - 17-12-2016 - mick

After reading your reploy about my dog mick i know understand if that would have been explained to me when i phoned i would have understood so i apologize about my first review i must say the lady who looked at my dog was very good i have been using my vets for years and never had any problem before merry christmas to all

4 Stars - 10-12-2016 - mick

I took my dog to the vets made the appointment in the morning told them he was licking his backside.They expressed his anal glands i was charged £43.94 I went home then i thought that was a lot to pay so i phoned and said how much do you charge to express anal glands she said £11.44 I said well why did i pay £43.94 she said i will look at your appointment after an excuse she said we will but the extra i paid back on my card. But just shows you if i had not phoned i would have paid £43.94 As a pensioner who been going to the affordable vets would have been bad for me 3

Vet Response

Thanks for your review, we appreciate your time in giving us the feedback and I would like to offer some clarity on why you were charged £43.94. Your pet was booked in with a Vet for a consult, the vet took the history and performed a full “head to tail” physical exam, checking their mouth and teeth, lymph nodes, chest, pulses and peripheral perfusion, and abdomen, before checking his back end and expressing the anal glands. She then advised you on what to do to try and prevent this problem in the future and discussed about fibre supplement in the diet. For this reason you were charged a full consult. I appreciate your concerns as we do offer nurses clinics at our practice in order to avoid clients incurring vets fees for procedures that nurses could do, however Mick was not booked for "anal gland express" and therefore received a full consult. You received a refund as a gesture of goodwill and not as an admission of fault as we only charged for a service provided. Wishing you all the best Kind regards Thanks Dr Chiara Costanzo, DVM PhD MRCVS Clinical Director YourVets Wythalll

1.4 Stars - 05-11-2016 - michele

Incorrect information,missing medication from box, empty capsules in box. Staff impolite and inconsiderate making cats wait in dog area causing unnecessary stress.

5 Stars - 19-09-2016 - Mandy

We unfortunately had to say goodnight to our staffie recently , and cannot thank meg and her team enough for all the care and compassion they all showed. Even down to sending us a card a week later. It was a very kind and thoughtful gesture and was very welcoming. I would not hesitate in recommending this vets to anyone who has a pet as they understand that the pet is part of your family. A massive heartfelt thanks to all of you.

5 Stars - 21-08-2016 - Bartie

1.8 Stars - 26-07-2016 - Simon

I contacted Yourvets after my dog Xena had become lethargic and was not eating properly for a week. I went in the same day and had a consult with a lady vet who's name escapes me. i advised of my concerns, loss of appetite, lethargy and excessive panting. I also advised of the amount of slugs and snails in my garden and Xena's fondness for grass eating and suspecting lungworm. After a brief visual exam including temperature check and a listen to her heart and lungs, the vet went on to tell me that Pyometrea was her main concern and recommended a scan. I agreed to this and xena was scanned and no Pyometrea was found. Upon completing the scan the vet returned xena to me approached the receptionist to say job done and left. I was glad that one thing was ruled out (despite lack of symptoms, the closeness of a previous heat was main reason for scan) but disappointed no explanation was offered as to why my dog was unwell, and not eating. I was advised should it carry on to bring her back for a blood test. Where i would be charged a further consultation fee (despite not offering a diagnosis on this visit) Why were the blood samples not taken at this consult why was my dog returned to me with no diagnosis and a £90 bill. Why did the vet have nothing to offer in the way of advice etc to get her eating again? Very poor service and a blatant attempt to charge more money for further consults with in 48 hours of a previous one that did not provide answer. I found the service to be lacking and have made a formal complaint, I shall be using another vets from now on! One very sad and upset customer and one poorly dog.

Vet Response

Thank you for letting us know your concerns and thank you for your patience while I have reviewed your pet’s case and investigated your concerns. In your pet’s case, your dedication and attention led you pick signs of her being unwell - in fact well before her uterus distended due to the infection, for this reason the first ultrasound was negative for pyometra. You voiced your concerns to our head nurse, with regards to costs and the previous consultation and scan which did not show the presence of a pyometra. We have already deducted those costs from the price of the surgery and I understand you are satisfied with this. I’m sorry you felt Emily was not caring but I can guarantee that was not her intention, all of us here have our patient’s health and welfare as our first priority. Emily felt your pet’s presenting signs were not specific and for that reason she recommended monitoring her at home in the first instance rather than performing further diagnostic tests. Your pet had her operation performed at our Coventry clinic and I am pleased to hear that she is now recovering well. I appreciate your concerns and thank you for voicing them to me as this allow me to monitor our service. Kind Regards Chiara Costanzo DVM PhD MRCVS Senior Veterinary Surgeon YourVets Wythall
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