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    Why is my dog stinking?

    Smell is a very powerful sense. Smells can evoke memories, influence your mood, affect your hunger levels, relationships and work performance. We tend to be captivated by things or people who smell good whilst shy away from foul and pungent “smellies”. To put this into context, we would be less inclined to interact with a smelly dog. To prevent your dog’s smell from driving everyone crazy and away, we have to get to the bottom of the causes of offensive smells. 

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    Why does my vet always want to take blood samples?

    A common association people have with a visit to the doctors is getting pricked by needles. And perhaps this is how your pet associates going to the vet as well. We as humans understand that being stabbed by needles in order to draw blood is an unpleasant experience and yet must decide whether we would subject our pets to the same. So are vets perhaps vampires in disguise? Why does your vet always request permission to obtain blood samples and what is the obsession with blood tests?

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    Help – how do I stop my cat from destroying my furniture?

    Tired of having to patch up your sofas? Thinking of locking up your “purrpetrator(s)” after catching them red-pawed? Look no further for the solution(s) to your problems…

    BUT FIRST! In order to stop this claw-ry behaviour, we need to understand why our furry felines like to use the furniture to scratch in the first place!

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    Common worms and how to protect your cat

    Parasites are creatures that can live on or inside your body and take nourishment from you to survive, including fleas, lice, worms, and single-celled organisms called protozoa. Parasites can infect many different species, including humans, cats and dogs, and some can even be shared between species so it’s very important to avoid anyone in the family from becoming infected with these critters! 

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    Is heartworm such a big deal?

    As you enter the vet to get your pet up to date with their annual vaccination (which sometimes slips our mind till we get a text message reminder from our vet), you might have been asked whether you would like your pet to be protected against heartworm as well. As this question is brought up year after year, a thought might creep up and you might even think to yourself, so what actually is heartworm and is it such a serious issue for it to crop up every year?

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    My rabbit isn’t eating, is that a bad sign?

    This one is an emergency. Larger animals, particularly carnivores and omnivores, can go for a few days without eating. But rabbits are different.

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