4.8 Stars - 16-08-2016 - Tel<\/h4>

I was devastated to find my 9 year old little girl (dog) had gone blind, but took her to Vets4Pets in Somercotes to see Chris, he'd only been there a few weeks but couldn't do enough for us.\r\nWe found out Susie has cataracts developed from diabetes and without expensive operations her sight couldn't be saved, we're not the wealthiest of families so we elected to treat the diabetes and Susie would be fine with her 4 remaining excellent senses.\r\nWithin 2 days she was in for her initialisation onto insulin and Chris showed us how to inject Susie, we became his colleagues in this respect!!\r\nSusie has taken to her new life so well (better than me) and other than the odd bump she knows her way around (she always knows where her daddy is!!!).\r\nVets4Pets did right by us, had I read the some reviews before hand they might not have had the chance but I'm glad I went there with Susie, they gave good advice about getting the insulin cheaper too!!\r\nI would recommend them, particularly Chris without question!<\/p><\/div>