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Featured in Your Dog, so thought I’d try it as my pup is a bit lame at the moment. Very useful as I’m a first time dog owner and as soon as anything looks amiss, I get a bit panicky. Great idea – J Robertson 7/10/09

This looks a really useful site. I saw it mentioned in my ComputerActive magazine. Are you planning to extend to small furries – Pam 27/8/09

A superb site – particularly invaluable when it’s ‘out-of-hours’ – Frances Turner 7/8/9

Thank you good advice and web site – Jean 21/6/09

This site is fantastic – Learoyd 10/06/09

Just to say thanks for such a great site. I lost my 1st budgie because i didn\’t realise he was ill, never mind finding aid. books are some help but don’t help much in emergencies – Gail 23/5/09

This is a fantastic service – thank you so much for putting my mind at rest. My cat thanks you too! I’ll definitely use this again. – Emma 26/2/09

Unfortunately just spent half hour on *** website that tried to charge me minimum of 8 pound to tell me what u have told me in 30secs. Thank you. Shall donate to charity. Keep up the good work guys xxx – Shaz 16/1/09

Very good service and easy to use – Sandra B 26/11/08

Appears to be sound advice,site mechanics very good. – Colin Barber 05/10/08

I just wanted to thankyou for the advice i recieved on your web site, my dog were coughing after a wekend at kennels, (not the ones they usually go to?), and they were found to have caught kennel cough treatment by my own vet was given, Many Thanks Tracy McShane 3/9/07

I love it! It’s so intuitive and simply presented – Alison 4/7/07

A bird section would be really useful as these are probably the most sensitive of the common pets! – Perky Pets, Bridgford

Good Job. Excellent idea, great help – Richard 01/03/07