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Why does my cat stare at me?

Have you ever tried to win a staring contest with a cat? Well, trust me, you can’t! Cats have a marvellous unblinking gaze, and this post will shed some light on why, and what that fixed stare might mean for you.

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Why is my cat always hungry?

Cats have a reputation for their insistent behaviour around feeding. They are individuals so it’s important to learn what is normal for each of them. If they appear hungrier than usual, there may be a simple reason, but it could be a sign of a medical condition and should be checked out.  

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Is my Dog Sleeping Too Much?

Dogs seem to have a great ability to nod off and grab some shut-eye at any time of the day or night! But how do you know if your dog’s sleeping patterns are normal? Especially with a lot of us being at home with our pets more than usual just now, we may notice their day to day sleep patterns more. It can be easy to wonder whether they are sleeping too much. 

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Why does my dog keep licking?

What is ‘excessive’ licking?

“Dogs lick, it’s what they do”. This remark is generally true and the action of licking whether it be for grooming or checking out surfaces in their environment is typically normal behaviour. However, just like anything in life, sometimes normal behaviours can stray into being inappropriate, especially when exaggerated or done too much. The same is true for dogs with licking and it is not unusual to see licking becoming excessive or abnormal for many different reasons.

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My rabbit isn’t eating, is that a bad sign?

This one is an emergency. Larger animals, particularly carnivores and omnivores, can go for a few days without eating. But rabbits are different.

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Do dogs get food allergies?

Dogs do indeed get food allergies, however, the terminology in this area can be confusing. In this blog, we’ll break down what a food allergy is, what signs your dog may have, and what can be done. 

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