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What happens when the vet’s removing a lump?

What is a lump?

A lump is a swelling or growth that can appear on or under your pet’s skin. Finding a lump on your pet can be a worrying time but try not to panic – not all lumps are nasty. Lumps and bumps are more common in older pets but they can be found in younger animals too. Swellings or growths can simply be caused by a bruise or even an abscess so is not always a cause of concern. Whilst some dogs can develop cancerous growths please remember that there are many treatment options available. If caught early most cancers are treatable; just keep an eye on your pet for any new lumps and get them checked by your vet as soon as you notice them. 


Is skin disease in dogs inherited?

Within Veterinary Medicine it is well accepted that allergic skin disease in dogs has a hereditary basis. Or at least, there exists predisposition towards allergic skin disease with certain breeds of dogs. This underlying inherited basis may have a complex pattern of inheritance however. That is to say, multiple genes may be involved. 

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Is Seawater Good for my Dog’s Wound?

Picture the scene: you’re happily running with your dog along a sunny beach somewhere, when suddenly you hear a yelp! Running over, you see he has cut his paw on a rock. It’s not serious but what should you do next? Is it a good idea to wash his paw off in the sea? Seawater is good for wounds... isn’t it?

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How Often Do Dogs Need Grooming?

In the first part, we looked at WHY dog’s need grooming. Finally we can now move on to how often you should be grooming your dog!

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When should I worry about my dog not eating?

It can be a really worrying time when your dog is off their food. Unfortunately ‘anorexia’ or loss of appetite can be caused by a whole host of reasons. In order to determine the treatment to give to your dog, it is important to identify what the underlying cause of the reluctance to eat is.


Newsflash: Joint disease risk in dogs neutered early

In recent years there’s been a lot of debate as to what the risks and benefits are from neutering. This is especially true of larger breed dogs, and how best to manage them is a perennial debate. The benefits of neutering are pretty obvious, but some of the risks are subtle and harder to study. This week, new research has added more weight to the argument that neutering earlier can increase the risk of some joint problems, in some dogs.

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