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Seizures in an older dog

Gail Looker-Williams asked:

I have a 4th generation 13yr old Ridgeback girl (not neutered) who has had 3 occasions of panic & 2 seizures lasting under 1 min each time, these have all occurred in the last 8 - 10 months. The only common factor was that her stress levels were up. There is no history I her lines. No big change food wise etc... not had access to any chemicals etc..... since her last one 10 days ago we have noticed her eye sight is not as good and her attention span is a lit shorter....
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Blood pressure problems in dogs and cats

We know what pressure is, it's the feeling of being leaned on, or pushed on, by some external force. And of course, we know that blood travels in biological pipes called vessels.

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All You Need to Know About Joint Supplements

You may have heard about joint supplements and be curious about whether they might be of benefit to your pet. Joint supplements are products designed to maintain normal joint health, or to aid in the treatment of joint disease. They can be formulated in various ways, such as tablets or capsules, liquid solutions or in special diets. 

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Should I give my cat cow’s milk?

The iconic image of a kitty with milk-stained whiskers, licking its lips with delight, has to be one of the most stereotypical animal-food relationships, among other joys such as a donkey with a carrot, a cow with a buttercup or a safe of ducks harassing the elderly for a loaf of bread. (Yes I did have to check the term for “a group of ducks on land”…). However, is milk good for cats? Or, of even greater concern, is it bad for cats?

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Why does my dog snore?

Whether you find the sound of your dog’s snoring adorable or irritating, you may have wondered what is causing it. And whether you need to be concerned. Here we explain the many reasons for these musical efforts. Some are completely normal and some more worrying, with some simple tips for when you need to seek veterinary advice. 


Do Dogs Get Strokes?

The short answer to this question is: yes, they do, although not as commonly as humans. However, there is often some misunderstanding about what exactly strokes look like in dogs. There can be some confusion with other neurological problems. In this blog we’ll look at what a stroke actually is, and some other potential suspects that can mimic the signs.

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