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Is my cat anxious?

Just like us humans, cats can also suffer with anxiety. They will experience anxiety if they perceive a situation as dangerous (regardless of whether it actually is or not). Although they can’t tell us, there are a few telltale signs they may show to indicate that they may be suffering with stress and anxiety. 

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When should I take my dog to see a behaviourist?

Behavioural problems in dogs are common, and often misunderstood. They are also sadly one of the most common reasons for dogs to be given up for rehoming. Perhaps you need help for your own dog with a challenging behaviour, or perhaps you are new to pet ownership and just want some pointers for prevention. In this blog we explain how normal dog behaviour can veer into the problematic. Also give some tips on how to start tackling these issues.

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Can an Old Dog get on with a New Baby?

While a new baby brings much joy it’s also a time of big change. This can be daunting for our aging pets, used to a routine and unrivalled attention. It’s possible to reduce stress to a minimum but it takes planning, time and a lot of patience. If you are expecting, you have some warning to get yourself prepared. Your dog needs the same.

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Why is my rabbit afraid of me?

You probably think Bugs Bunny is a pretty confident character, but I think we can all agree that real life rabbits are quite the opposite - timid and shy, rabbits often prefer to be left alone munching on hay over being cuddled. In fact, some rabbits may even be afraid of their surroundings, sudden noises or even their owners. So what causes fear in these anxious bunnies? In today’s article, we will discuss the causes of fear in rabbits and what you can do to help them be less afraid.
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Fireworks, Dogs and Cats: The ABC

November, November, the month to remember… ...but for too many of our dogs and cats, fireworks make it a month they want to forget! With Fireworks Season stretching from October to January nowadays, while it may be fun for us, it’s horrible for them. In this blog, we’re going to think about all the things we can do to help them.
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Why is my cat meowing?

Research has found some 19 different vocal patterns in cats, with individuals adding personal sounds only used with their owners. Most sounds fall into three groups: closed mouth greeting (purr or chirrup), fixed open mouth emotional sounds (hissing, growling or spitting), and open then closed mouth ‘meow’, which cats change depending on the circumstance. Kittens meow to communicate hunger, cold or fear to their mum. Adults communicate with each other by hissing, growling and using body language and scent. An exception is the ‘yowl’ (similar to a meow but more drawn out and melodic). Adult cats yowl at each other specifically during breeding season. Meowing in adults is usually reserved for communicating with humans.