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Fireworks, Dogs and Cats: The ABC

November, November, the month to remember… ...but for too many of our dogs and cats, fireworks make it a month they want to forget! With Fireworks Season stretching from October to January nowadays, while it may be fun for us, it’s horrible for them. In this blog, we’re going to think about all the things we can do to help them.
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Why is my cat meowing?

Research has found some 19 different vocal patterns in cats, with individuals adding personal sounds only used with their owners. Most sounds fall into three groups: closed mouth greeting (purr or chirrup), fixed open mouth emotional sounds (hissing, growling or spitting), and open then closed mouth ‘meow’, which cats change depending on the circumstance. Kittens meow to communicate hunger, cold or fear to their mum. Adults communicate with each other by hissing, growling and using body language and scent. An exception is the ‘yowl’ (similar to a meow but more drawn out and melodic). Adult cats yowl at each other specifically during breeding season. Meowing in adults is usually reserved for communicating with humans.

Back to School – But What About the Pets?

Ah, September. Brand new school uniforms still with creases from the packets; the excitement of buying new stationery; trying to find the book bag with the unfinished holiday homework; the inevitable discussions about which teacher will be taking which class. That last week of the school holidays and first week of the new term are more than slightly chaotic for even the most organised of families. But have you ever considered what this time of year does to our pets? Most animals thrive on having a set, predictable routine and even small disruptions can cause uncertainty. New smells can worry our more anxious pets, and some simply just miss the extra company. Consider the family cat that likes to sleep on your son’s bed - but this year he’s off to university. What can you do to help? We’ll discuss some symptoms of animals that are struggling with the change, and some ways of keeping things as comfortable as possible.
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The Romantic Lives of the Domestic Species

I’m no historian, but rumour has it that the origins of St. Valentine’s day are quite unromantic. Valentine was a Roman guy who helped Christian couples to get married. This was frowned upon in Rome at the time so the Emperor, Claudius Gothicus, had Valentine stoned and beheaded. Anyway, I thought I’d continue this soft, gooey theme and offer you some nuggets of information about the romantic lives of domestic animals. Brace yourselves.....
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How clever is your dog? A literature review sums up the evidence and if dogs were clever enough to understand, they wouldn’t be happy

A literature review carried out by researchers at the University of Exeter has reached a conclusion that may upset millions of pet owners: the combination of many different studies of animal intelligence suggest that dogs are no smarter than many other animals. You may think your pooch understands every word you say, you may believe that Rover knows exactly what is going on around him, and you may like to think that when he looks at you with his head cocked, that he has the intellectual ability of a super-smart mammal. The truth? He may be no smarter than a pigeon.
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