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Socialising your puppy in a socially distanced world

Since Covid-19 struck here in the UK in early 2020, we have been living in what feels like a whole new world. Terms like ‘pandemic’, ‘social distancing’, ‘self-isolating’ and ‘lockdown’ have become everyday terms, and many peoples’ lives have been turned upside down. 

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Do rabbits need friends?

Rabbits are highly social animals that thrive with a friend. Even with human interaction, companions offer benefits that no human ever can. If you are considering purchasing a rabbit, please consider a pair of bunny companions.

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Do dogs think we are dogs? What we know about the Human-Dog bond

Humans and dogs have coexisted for thousands of years. In fact, some scientists believe that the co-evolution of humans and dogs is one of the things that allowed early humans to survive and thrive to produce the humans of today. 

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Is my dog depressed?

The awareness of depression and mental illness in people is finally getting more attention and traction. It is now being treated as a true medical ailment with huge impacts on those affected. We are also realising just how prevalent it is across society. Like a virus it can touch everyone regardless of their social or economic status.

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Going Back to Work? How to Help Your Dog Cope With the Changes in Routine

Well, the start of this decade has certainly been... unique... It feels like we’re slowly getting back to normal (or the ‘new normal’) and many of us are finally returning to work (or preparing to). Depending what your job is, you may be jumping for joy or grumpily complaining as you get up early. However you feel about returning to work, we’re sure that many dogs are going to be confused and anxious with these changes. Today’s article is going to look into why dogs don’t like sudden changes, what can happen to stressed dogs, and how you can help your dog cope with the changes in routine.

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Do dogs get lonely being the only dog?

Are dogs capable of emotion? Most would say a definite yes! However, it’s difficult to determine exactly which emotions dogs can feel. Most of us who own dogs will be adamant that our pets can feel happy, sad, excited…. even guilty, embarrassed, smug or proud! But do they feel lonely? Do those in single-dog households feel sad because of their solitary state?

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