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Which is the best pet? Cat vs. Chicken

Well, what a question! At first glance, these two animals may seem worlds apart on the pet scale, but although they certainly have their differences, they also share a surprising number of qualities. Whether you’re a fan of fur or feathers, let’s see how they compare on the ‘best pet’ scale!

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Should I get a dog or a cat?

This is the first in a new series, taking a (slightly tongue in cheek!) look at different pets - their advantages and disadvantages to us, but also their needs and requirements. We asked one of our vet bloggers, Liz, to start us off with perhaps the pet oldest question of all… - Ed.

A new take on an ancient question: dog or cat? Cat or Dog? In my opinion, the answer is always the same. That is, 'dogs because I'm a dog person, and practical factors be blown.' But if you try to answer this question objectively, then what are the important factors?

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