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Why Is My Cat Losing Weight?

It can be very worrying when you notice your cat to start to lose weight, especially if they’re an older cat. Weight loss conjures up terrible thoughts and googling often makes things worse - a symptom as vague as weight loss can mean so many different things it’s bound to be a scary page of results. We tend to notice problems in cats slowly. They’re masters at hiding signs of illness and disease and often live very independent lifestyles, some even going for several days without being seen. The fact that most cats toilet outdoors, unaccompanied, means that you may not notice symptoms such as diarrhoea or producing large volumes of urine. And since many cats have dried food down all day, changes in appetite can be hard to spot at first. This means that weight loss is often the first symptom that people notice in their cats, with other symptoms only coming after you start to keep a closer eye.
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Why is my cat drinking so much?

While there may be a simple explanation for your cat’s apparent increased thirst (such as hot weather!), it should not be ignored. A true increased thirst (known as polydipsia) may be a symptom of an underlying problem.
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RIP Grumpy Cat… UTIs in cats

In case you hadn’t heard, the world’s most famous cat, Tardar Sauce, died on Friday. Beloved by millions (literally…) because of “her” Instagram account, her unique facial features were reportedly the result of a form of dwarfism. Some said that she was exploited, but her owners seem to have taken excellent care of her - I’m not going to explore that in this blog though. No, from a veterinary perspective, her death - as reported - was curious. She was seven years old, and according to the media, died of complications of a urinary tract infection. This is unusual, and worth commenting on.
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The sinister side of spring flowers

Springtime is a welcome sight for most Brits. We can put the winter behind us and it brings warmth and colour back into our gardens and homes. It’s also mostly good news for our pets as they’re hopefully able to enjoy more quality time outdoors. Many owners are aware of the dangers of spring treats such as chocolate easter eggs, or raisin filled hot cross buns, but dangers lurking in the form of plants and flowers are often unrecognised. We spend 2 billion pounds a year on cut flowers and indoor plants, with Mothering Sunday and Easter being at the pinnacle and the heart of spring. While lots of plants and flowers are safe, it’s important to be aware of those that are not.
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Car safety for Pets

With the Easter holidays about to start, our newest blogger Jo asks some serious questions... Are you one of the estimated 2.5 million UK drivers who travel with an unrestrained dog in the car? Or perhaps you are one of the 60% who admit being distracted by their dog whilst driving?
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