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What is Cushing’s Disease in dogs?

Today we will be discussing a relatively common disease of the endocrine system called Cushing’s disease. Mostly seen in dogs, Cushing’s disease is where the adrenal glands overproduce certain hormones leading to problems body-wide. We will discuss the types of Cushing’s disease, its symptoms, and how we diagnose and treat it.

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Why does my dog have warts?

Canine viral papillomatosis sounds like a very concerning illness; however, it is the technical description of warts. 

What are warts?

Warts are a benign type of tumour of the skin. They can be singular or multiple and can occur anywhere on a dog’s body. Warts are generally caused by viruses. There are numerous types of virus which each cause a slightly different presentation of warts in different areas of the body. Warts are very common in dogs and for the most part are not serious or problematic. 

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Is my dog having a false pregnancy?

False pregnancy is most commonly seen in the female dog (although cats may rarely be affected). Hormone changes after a ‘season’ or heat convince her and her body that she is pregnant. It is sometimes called phantom pregnancy or pseudopregnancy. The hormone changes that cause false pregnancy are normal in the dog but sometimes the symptoms get out of hand and are distressing for the dog and her owners. 

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Does my cat have high blood pressure?

You might have heard of hypertension as it is a common problem in humans. Hypertension is high arterial blood pressure. It is also a common condition seen in cats, particularly older cats. Some cases of hypertension occur without any other underlying problem; however, this is much more unusual. In most cases hypertension will be a secondary complication of another disease. The most common scenario is hypertension seen secondary to chronic kidney disease or hyperthyroidism. Other risk factors are heart disease, obesity or diabetes. Occasionally a tumour of the adrenal gland can also cause hypertension.

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Does my cat have heart disease?

Now there’s a good question! Albeit, not one with an easy answer…

Firstly, we should remember that there is a difference between heart disease (a structural or functional change to the heart) and heart failure (a state where they show clear symptoms, arising from inadequate blood flow from or towards the heart). 

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Do rabbits get ear mites?

Yes they do! Ear mites cause a disease called ‘ear canker’ in rabbits. The mites cause inflammation, irritation and discharge that can lead to infection spreading into the middle and inner ear. To prevent this, early identification and treatment is essential.  

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