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Does my dog have a skin infection?

Pyoderma literally means skin infection with the formation of pus. This can occur in all pets and is uncomfortable and irritating. The cause can be simple, for example a bite or scratch or more complicated and signify hidden disease.

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What’s an ulcer? And does my pet have one?

Why do animals get ulcers? A Very General Veterinary Guide

'Ulcer' is an ugly sort of word in my opinion. This is appropriate, because ulcers are painful and unpleasant. But what - exactly - is an ulcer, where are they found and how do they occur?

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Yeast and allergies – what’s the link in dogs?

Itchy skin is a very common problem, especially in dogs. Unfortunately it can be a very frustrating problem too. It’s not nice to see your dog uncomfortable and scratching, and sadly there’s not always a ‘quick fix’ treatment. This is because there are a host of conditions that can cause your dog to itch, and pinpointing the cause can be difficult. In order to figure out the cause of your pet’s itchy skin the vet will go through a step by step process to ensure the best care and treatment for your dog and to make sure as to not miss anything. 

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What is Canine Cushing’s Disease?

Today we will be discussing a relatively common disease of the endocrine system called Cushing’s disease. Mostly seen in dogs, Cushing’s disease is where the adrenal glands overproduce certain hormones leading to problems body-wide. We will discuss the types of Cushing’s disease, its symptoms, and how we diagnose and treat it.

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Does my dog have a “Hot Spot”?

Common Conditions: Hot Spots

Have you suddenly noticed your pet scratching or licking more than usual? Can you see a red, wet patch of skin? Your pet may be experiencing a common skin complaint known as a hot spot. In this post we’ll discuss what exactly these are, and what to do about them.

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Why is my dog being sick?

In the past, the wild ancestors of our pet dogs had to be opportunistic when it came to food in order to give themselves as much nutrition as possible. It wasn't certain when the next meal would be along! Perhaps this helps explain why our modern day canine friends are prone to eating… well, lots of things they shouldn’t! This can sometimes make them unwell - and "dog being sick" shows up with depressing frequency on every vet's waiting list! 

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