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10 First Steps for First time Puppy Owners

So you’ve got your first puppy? Congratulations! This is both a terribly exciting and scary time. It’s a little like having a child - you’re initially worried that every little bump or scratch will cause lasting damage, and every little mistake in training could produce a horror-dog. As you get to know your new family member, you’ll learn and grow along with them. But what of the first few days after bringing home your puppy? What should you be doing to give them the best start in life? What about puppy vet visits? And how can you handle the first cat-puppy encounter?
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Does Firework Fear really kill dogs?

Another fireworks season has begun, and already we’re seeing reports of dogs being “scared to death” by fireworks. This isn’t an isolated incident either - every year similar reports surface (for example, in 2018, 2017, and 2007). In many cases, this is put down to a “heart attack” or “fright”; in others, it’s the dog’s attempt to escape from the terrifying noises that kills them. But is this a real thing? Are fireworks really that dangerous?
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Fireworks, Dogs and Cats: The ABC

November, November, the month to remember… ...but for too many of our dogs and cats, fireworks make it a month they want to forget! With Fireworks Season stretching from October to January nowadays, while it may be fun for us, it’s horrible for them. In this blog, we’re going to think about all the things we can do to help them.
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10 things you need to know about puppy farming

Dear VetHelpDirect, I was planning on buying a new puppy, but since the recent media focus on Puppy Farms, I am concerned. How do I know that my puppy is coming from a responsible home, without it being too expensive? Can I trust the vets’ word for this? This enquiry follows the recent BBC documentary “Inside the UK Puppy Farm Capital”, which suggests that you are right to be concerned. The puppy-farming industry in the UK has been booming over recent years and the recent BBC exposé makes for harrowing viewing.
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Getting ready for winter walkies

The nights are drawing in now, and I’m quite enjoying the sunset being a little earlier- it means I’m more likely to see it whilst I go about my evening chores. My little dog, Pixie, is certainly enjoying the cooler weather as it means more (and longer!) walks without worrying about heatstroke. The winter weather, when it arrives, will come as a shock to her, though, and I’m not sure how she’ll feel about the early darkness- she’s a bit of a wuss! For those dogs of a stronger constitution, going out for winter walks in the dark and cold can be great fun. But it’s important to remember to tog up warm and keep safe.
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