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How and Why do vets Amputate Limbs?

Most people have, at some point, met a pet with only three legs. The reasons for amputating animals' limbs are as wide and varied as the reasons in humans.

Some pets develop tumours such as osteosarcomas, which sit in the bone and spread round the body. These can be painful and even when the tumour might have already spread, amputation may be the safest way to ensure future comfort. Other pets break their limbs and while most fractures can now be repaired, sometimes this is incredibly fiddly with a high risk of failure.

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Out of Hours Veterinary Clinics

Like us, our pets can suffer accidents and become ill on any day of the week and at any time of day or night. When this happens you will need to use an emergency or ‘out of hours’ vets. While you may be familiar with the costs of the standard daytime veterinary care for your pet, a trip to an emergency vet is likely to cost you a lot more (although remember there may be alternatives available, Ed.).

In this blog, I will explain what to do if your pet needs urgent veterinary care out of hours, why the associated costs are higher than standard veterinary care, and how you can prepare for an unexpected veterinary emergency.

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How are Vet Students Coping with Lockdown?

I think we can all agree that 2020 has been a pretty bad year for us all. As a veterinary student in my final year of education, in many ways I have escaped the worst of the lockdown restrictions. In others, I have missed out on a lot of experience, and it’s safe to say I did not expect my final year to go the way it did. 

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The Truth about Wellbeing within the Veterinary Profession

While the profession can be hugely varied, enjoyable, and extremely fulfilling, it comes with a dark side that is often hidden from clients and members of the public. People from outside the veterinary profession are often surprised and perplexed by this. How stressful can it be? Isn’t cuddling puppies and kittens all day a dream job?


Are all vets banning people from entering practice?

A colleague of mine recently took her dog to the vet, after a long illness. At the vets, the nursing staff came to her in the car park, and took him away. The next she heard was the vet giving her a phone call, as she sat in her car, and told her he thought it was time to put her dog to sleep. He was as supportive as he could be. But it wasn’t exactly the way to receive bad news that any of us would choose for our pets. And while my colleague was allowed into the practice for euthanasia, it seems that some practices aren’t even allowing that. It’s something that a lot of pet owners are finding very distressing at the moment. While pubs, and most shops, and even some beauty parlours are open, why are some vets still not allowing people inside?


My pet has been referred to a specialist, what happens next?

From time to time your pet’s illness or symptoms may fall outside the expertise that can be provided by your general practice vet. To offer your pet the best possible care your vet may ask your permission to refer your pet to a specialist or referral centre. 

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