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Have a Safe Christmas

Christmas time should be for the whole family. Although not human, pets are a valued part of the family. Changes in routines and people can unnerve our pets, but with a little extra thought, there is no reason they should not be able to join in the fun!
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What do I need to consider when I dress up my dog for Halloween?

Welcome (with a sinister witches laugh) to a controversial discussion that divides even the veterinary world. Brexit, my friends, is nothing compared to this! Within an hour of my bosses sending this possible blog topic to my inbox, two features had arrived on my social media feeds from different veterinary groups. One showed commercial pet Halloween costumes being deliberately set on fire. Some didn't burn but others did; one in particular was dripping hot plastic. The take home message was that purpose-sold dog costumes are unregulated and many can prove dangerous. The other piece was from a local vets, launching a social media Halloween fancy dress competition. So. What’s an owner to do?
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Autumn Hazards

As autumn arrives, the nights draw in and the weather changes. New hazards to our pets emerge for us to be aware of. Here are my top ten autumn dangers...
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Laundry liquids – a hidden killer?

We like our clothes and our bedding to be nice and clean, and smell appealing, so we tend to wash them very thoroughly. However, just soaking fabric in warm water does very little to remove stains and grease - so we use a wide range of cleaning products to help lift the dirt out of the fabric. The chemical components that lift the grease found in any laundry liquid are called detergents. Unfortunately, these are highly dangerous, and potentially fatal - especially to cats.
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Beware Summer Risks

As the days get warmer (and warmer and even warmer! - Ed.) we all want to be outside enjoying the sun with our pets, whether this means going out and about on day trips, going on holiday or enjoying time out in the garden with family and friends. However, it is important to consider that these activities can have risks for our pets, though there are precautions we can take to keeps our pets as safe as possible.
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