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When will my vet start neutering and spaying again?

The COVID lockdown brought ‘emergency-only’ appointments for veterinary practices across the UK. For the first 8 weeks, your pet would only be given an appointment if a delay in being seen would severely affect their health or welfare. Vaccinations were put on hold; neutering appointments were cancelled… But the lockdown is lifting - so can your vets spay your pets?

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The importance of routine preventative treatment, even now!

Ensuring your pet lives a long, healthy, and happy life with you and your family is a key goal for vets. While we are always there to help when your pet is sick, prevention of disease is better than trying to find a cure. Being aware of the risks to your pet and ensuring to seek veterinary assistance when needed helps to reduce stress and harm to you and your animal and help to lower costs. As every pet is different and unique, an individual preventative health plan can be tailored for you based on your location, your pet and what risks they may be exposed to. There are various aspects of your pets’ health that you should consider in routine preventative treatment, which are covered below.

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