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Why does my dog keep scooting?
Why does my dog keep scooting?
Scooting is used to describe the behaviour of a dog in the ‘sit’ position, who then uses his front legs to pull himself forwards, resulting in his bottom dragging across the floor. Now, this isn’t necessarily the most pl…
March 6, 2021 • 1 shares
Is your dog a stinker? - why your dog might be smelly!
All dogs smell, anyone who owns one knows that but there is a difference between ‘Eau de wet dog’ and a proper SMELL. Sometimes these can creep up on us unawares and it’s only after some time away from your pet or when v…
November 11, 2013
Ask a vet online - Why is my staffy rubbing his bum on carpet after his glands were done? - Anal gland problems in dogs.
Question from Jo Padfield Why is my staffy rubbing his bum on carpet after his glands were done? Answer from Shanika Winters (online vet) Hi Jo and thank you for your question about your dog’s anal glands. I will explain…
August 19, 2013 • 3 shares
The trouble with anal glands in dogs
One of the most common problems small animal vets see in dogs, almost daily, is anal gland trouble. Although cats have anal glands too, they rarely cause trouble. All dogs have two anal glands (or anal sacs) situated jus…
December 15, 2009 • 1 shares
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