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Do antihistamines work for atopy in dogs?
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Do antihistamines work for atopy in dogs?
Hmmm…This is a good question! It’s one as vets, that we often receive from clients. While antihistamines are effective for humans to treat allergies, do they work for dogs in the same way? Unsurprisingly, the answer isn'…
February 20, 2021 • 8 shares
Ask a vet online –‘2 yorkshire terriers sneezing for the last 2 days’
Question from Sharon Barrett: I think my 2 Yorkshire Terriers may have hay fever as the last 2 days they have been sneezing, they are 6yrs old can I give them antihistamines? Answer from Shanika Winters: Hi Sharon and th…
May 30, 2014 • 11 shares • 12 comments
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