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Is my cat anxious?

Just like us humans, cats can also suffer with anxiety. They will experience anxiety if they perceive a situation as dangerous (regardless of whether it actually is or not). Although they can’t tell us, there are a few telltale signs they may show to indicate that they may be suffering with stress and anxiety. 

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When should I take my dog to see a behaviourist?

Behavioural problems in dogs are common, and often misunderstood. They are also sadly one of the most common reasons for dogs to be given up for rehoming. Perhaps you need help for your own dog with a challenging behaviour, or perhaps you are new to pet ownership and just want some pointers for prevention. In this blog we explain how normal dog behaviour can veer into the problematic. Also give some tips on how to start tackling these issues.

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Managing Stress in Cats during the Pandemic

The current coronavirus pandemic has changed our everyday lives as we know it. Even though we seem to be past the worst of it, many of us are feeling stressed, anxious and overwhelmed. You are definitely not alone and someone else who might have similar emotions right now is your pet! Cats are very perceptive animals and can sense and reflect our stress or anxiety. While they might not understand the coronavirus itself, just like humans, animals can become stressed and overwhelmed when changes in their daily routine occur. 

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Why is my rabbit afraid of me?

You probably think Bugs Bunny is a pretty confident character, but I think we can all agree that real life rabbits are quite the opposite - timid and shy, rabbits often prefer to be left alone munching on hay over being cuddled. In fact, some rabbits may even be afraid of their surroundings, sudden noises or even their owners. So what causes fear in these anxious bunnies? In today’s article, we will discuss the causes of fear in rabbits and what you can do to help them be less afraid.

Have a Safe Christmas

Christmas time should be for the whole family. Although not human, pets are a valued part of the family. Changes in routines and people can unnerve our pets, but with a little extra thought, there is no reason they should not be able to join in the fun!
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