Does neutering dogs cause cancer?
Does neutering dogs cause cancer?
A surprising question…….  Since the 1970’s vets have advocated neutering for prevention of cancer in dogs and cats. There is evidence for a reduction in breast cancer in neutered female dogs(1) and cats (2). Surgica…
October 10, 2020 • 222 shares
Does neutering dogs prevent prostate disease?
Does neutering dogs prevent prostate disease?
When talking about neutering, vets often list a series of diseases that neutering can help prevent. Prostate disease is often near the top of that list - but is it true? What are the impacts of neutering on prostate dise…
October 7, 2020 • 140 shares
Was I wrong to castrate my young male dog? And is it wrong to spay young female dogs?
I knew I wasn't going to breed from my Hungarian Viszla so I made the decision to have him neutered which I did at six months old. Since then I have been told by the breeding fraternity that neutering at such an early ag…
May 24, 2013 • 2 shares • 16 comments
The Kinder Cut - Castration of horses
This is the time of year when people start to look at their cute little foals, and suddenly realise they're starting to grow up fast... As a result, it’s also when we start to get phone calls from people to talk about ge…
January 31, 2013 • 26 shares • 19 comments
Sedatives and Sedation in Horses
We routinely sedate horses in practice - after vaccination, it’s probably the most common "routine" job that we do. So, what are we doing? How do the drugs work - and why doesn't it always happen the same way? "Sedation…
January 8, 2013 • 74 shares • 10 comments
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