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Does my cat have heart disease?

Now there’s a good question! Albeit, not one with an easy answer…

Firstly, we should remember that there is a difference between heart disease (a structural or functional change to the heart) and heart failure (a state where they show clear symptoms, arising from inadequate blood flow from or towards the heart). 

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Can dogs and cats have blood transfusions?

In a nutshell, yes! 

Just as with human medicine, small animal vets offer high standards of intensive medical care for their canine and feline patients. In certain situations, a blood transfusion can be a lifesaving procedure for an acutely or critically ill animal.  

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Could my pet have internal bleeding?

We know about external bleeding because we can see it; we know how severe it can be. But hidden bleeding on the inside of our pets can be much more difficult to spot and just as serious.

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How much insurance cover should I get for my cat?

Not every cat has 9 lives and those that do can cost a lot getting through them. Being prepared for accident and illness gives you peace of mind and the freedom to choose the best treatment for your cat when the inevitable happens.

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Why is my cat wheezing?

Most cat owners will be familiar with the hacking sound that their cat will make before depositing a furball on the living room carpet! However sometimes cats make similar sounds for other reasons, for example if they are wheezing due to a respiratory condition. It can be difficult to tell whether there is a need for concern. 

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“Flank or midline? Should you care which way your vet spays your cat”

So, having bought or rescued a new female cat, you will find yourself with an array of bewildering decisions to make. You have: 

  1. Tackled the minefield that is settling on a name that reflects the personality of your miniature tiger.
  2. Chosen that flash diet that has subliminally been making an impression during commercial breaks of your favourite soap.
  3. Bought some designer cat furniture costing more than the average family sized 3-piece suite.

Now the day has come to take your bundle of fluff, teeth and sharp claws to see the local vet. Jabs for ‘X, Y & Z’, spot-on for this, tablets for that, and the inevitable questions regarding your pet’s family planning. The promiscuity of cats being what it is, the decision for most will be to have their cat spayed to avoid being inundated with hundreds of kittens.

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