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Mass surge in UK chicken ownership

It’s not just toilet roll that was running short at the beginning of the lockdown… some staple foods were quite hard to get hold of too, including eggs. And that might be why there seems to have been a massive run on rehomed chickens! 

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Which is the best pet? Cat vs. Chicken

Well, what a question! At first glance, these two animals may seem worlds apart on the pet scale, but although they certainly have their differences, they also share a surprising number of qualities. Whether you’re a fan of fur or feathers, let’s see how they compare on the ‘best pet’ scale!

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Caring for pet chickens in the time of coronavirus

The current COVID-19 pandemic is fuelling an upturn in the uptake of new hobbies by the UK population, with many of us turning to novel interests as a distraction from the worry of the coronavirus outbreak and as a way of filling the time during this period of isolation. It seems that one such hobby is the keeping of backyard chickens, which comes with the added advantage of producing freshly laid eggs without the need to brave the supermarket.

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